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Doubly Mared - TheTwerp

Twilight Sparkle uses an experiment on the mirror pool creating an evil counterpart bent on seducing the folks of Ponyville.

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Rarity Roundup

A strange two-toned blur the shades of sky and crimson was hurtling above Ponyville causing many windows to rattle and plant pots to shake. The sudden rush of air left many of the townsfolk clutching their hats and scowling at the trail of a red-tinted rainbow left in its wake.

"I've gotta move!" The blur panicked. "Faster!"

All the other times she felt like this, the great red dragon that hid on the mountain top, a white unicorn falling to certain doom in front of a audience, all of those times paled to this. The terror of this was nothing compared to anything else she had ever felt. She had been to the crystal empire, survived the trials Ghastly Gorge and fought off Nightmare Moon (with some help). Now she was running in pure fear of one of the best friends a mare could have.

"Who knows? Maybe the egghead could just...uh I dunno...teleport me!" Her mind reasoned as she banked around a clock tower.

"Yeah, just "Whoosh" and I'm back into those soft purple hooves!" She shouted her wings beats slowing.

"Or in some small dungeon with whips and honey...or just some separate dimension where everypony is just left in a state of ultimate pleasure." She began to mumble her blush worsening.

"Uh..." She blinked before scowling. "Stupid sexy Twilight!"

Shaking her head she carried on toward the tall ivory tower that her dressmaking friend called home. The painted windows that adorned the glittering spire shifted with the oncoming rumble of a very fast, very awesome and very upset pegasus.


Inside a showroom at the bottom of the ivory tower known as Carousel Boutique a pink mare sat as still as she could amidst the itchiness of the dress forced upon her.

"Pinkie Pie, darling." A alabaster unicorn huffed. "I know it's itchy but please stay still."

"Oh but Rarityy~" The fluffy baker whinnied.

Rarity merely sighed into her notepad as she watched the pink mare fidget. A giggle echoed quietly around the showroom as a demure yellow pegasus watched from a nearby table, a tea cup balanced on her hoof. "Hehe, oh Rarity how about we all have a nice quiet tea break?"

The small pegasus fluffed her wings and gestured to the empty seats beside her. "I'm sure Pinkie will feel better after a small break."

Rarity glanced at the fidgeting mare before relenting. "Yes of course Fluttershy. We have been at this all morning haven't we?"

Fluttershy nodded meekly as the pink baker rushed forward to the table. "Yippee!" She yelled while throwing off the itchy monstrosity.

"Pinkie! Be careful with my dress!" Rarity grumbled.

"Oops, sorry." Pinkie smiled awkwardly.

Huffing again the unicorn picked up the dress and placed it on a nearby ponyquin. "Honestly can't you be more careful we spent all morning making that. If you rip something then we have to start over."

"Sorry Rarity." Pinkie's ears splayed back as she shrunk down.

"Oh." A heavy sigh was breathed out of the unicorn. "Think nothing of it dear. I'm just exhausted from all this work."

"Come and have some tea then, Mhm?" Fluttershy offered with a gentle smile.

"Oh oh! I have snacky cakes!" Pinkie said perking up and pulling a box of sweets from the fluffy recesses of her mane.

"Oh Pinkie." The white unicorn said with a small giggle.

As the three friends sat quietly chatting and enjoying a moment of peace, a distant rumble began to rattle the windows.

"Is that thunder?" Fluttershy asked her voice quivering.

"Come now darling." Rarity moved toward the window. "The weather ponies promised no more unexpected storms."

Shifting the curtains to see outside she continued. "After seeing you that upset last time around you know they wouldn't do that again."

"Oh Oh!" Pinkie began to twitch. "My pinkie sense is acting up!"

Rarity turned around to see Pinkie tremble all over before her ears wiggled. "Ohhh this one is a doozy!"

Raising her voice to shout over the on-coming roar. "Well what does it mean?"

"Uh I think...someponies heart hurts?" Pinkie yelled back looking conflicted.

Just as Rarity was about to ask what that meant a large crash resounded the room with her door being blow almost off its hinges. Scowling in annoyance she turned her gaze to the intruder finding a pegasus with a swirl of rainbow for her mane.

"For Celestia's sake Rainbow Dash!" Rarity shouted at the weather pony. "Can you not enter my store like that!"

Just as she went to further berate her friend the unicorn stopped. The weather pony was red all over excluding her wings which fluttered with clear anguish. Her mane was frazzled leaving it poking out at random intervals. Her eyes were glazed with tears freshly spilled.

Any further inspection was washed away as Rarity found herself swept up in a lung crushing bear hug.

"Rarity!" Rainbow Dash whimpered loudly.

"R-Rainbow?" She tested gently while looking down to find her brash friend sniffling and shaking. "Darling, are you okay?"

"N-n-no!" Rainbow managed to stammer out between great gulps of air.

A smudge of yellow crossed Rarity vision as she noticed Fluttershy settle next to them. "W-what happened?" The butter mare asked urgently from Rarity's side.

Rainbow merely glanced up to find all three friends looking very worried. Ashamed and feeling conflicted she stammered gibberish until Pinkie placed a hoof on her wither.

"Just relax Dashie." Pinkie herself was beginning to tear up. "Just take a deep breath and tell us what's making you frown."

Rainbow trembled for a moment feeling Rarity pull her closer into a comforting embrace. She heard the shop door close and felt the three mares pull her toward the table. Settling into a seat with Rarity still holding her close she took a deep breath to clear her head.

"Rarity's mane smells like lavender." A stray thought rumbled through her distressed mind.

"Darling? P-Please, what's wrong?" Rarity said her voice shaking with worry.

The last time Rarity had seen Rainbow so upset was the time she had nearly dropped Scootaloo during flying practice. The brash mare had laughed it off with the young filly and everypony had gone home chuckling. After however Rainbow had returned to Rarity sobbing with worry, ashamed at putting the young girl in so much danger.

"Please let no pony be hurt." Rarity mentally prayed.

Rainbow took another calming breath before speaking. "I was n-napping you see. Out by golden meadow." The weather mare pointed toward the Everfree forest that the meadow bordered.

"I was just resting." She said voice steadying. "Thats when I s-saw Twilight coming out of the E-Everfree."

The quiver in her voice returned at the mention of the purple unicorn, air started to catch in her chest, the muzzle began to inflame with blush again. Trembling all over she continued. "When I went down to see her she..."

"Oh no!" Rarity panicked internally. "Twilights hurt! I told her not to go into the forest."

Looking up toward the others Rarity found Fluttershy eyes wide and hooves placed over her muzzle to hold back the on-coming sobs. Pinkie's eyes were pinpricks as she continued to tremble all over.

"Ohhh this one is a doozy!" The white unicorn replayed in her head. Seeing Rainbow had trailed off she braced herself for the worst.

"She what?" Rarity asked feeling tears stream her muzzle.



"...she started touching me-hee-heeeee!" The pegasus revealed breaking down into choking sobs.


"Whuh?" That was all the response she got.


The distressed pegasus had finally relayed her story in full. From waking up, to the attempt at pranking, to the quick escape to Carousel Boutique. The tale had left the whole group in a various array of emotions.

Rainbow just felt drained and ashamed. Her coat had returned to the natural sheen of sky blue.

Pinkie had adopted a very silly and creepy grin albeit remaining silent.

Fluttershy still had her blush and was desperately trying to think of other things while rapidly depleting the tea reserves of the Boutique.

Rarity just sat still and quiet her eyes closed and face drawn into a frown. A face often seen when she was concentrating deeply.

Fluttershy sat to her left gently caressing her back with a fluffy yellow wing. Rainbow would never admit it but she was intensely jealous of the butter pegasus. Her wings were always fluffy and pristine, that and she had the biggest wing span of any pegasus mare she had ever seen. She never had any trouble attracting attention from stallions or mares.

"Not that she even notices." Rainbow thought letting out a wistful sigh. "Flutters is just to innocent."


Turning away from the demure pegasus she found Rarity cantering away from the table.

"Why can I not be pretty like Rarity or you!" Twilights voice echoed.

"Pretty? Me? Rarity I understand, but me?" Rainbow thought with eyes following the white mare. "Does she really think I'm pretty?"

A giddy feeling waved over her before a much darker idea emerged. "Applejack isn't going to be happy." The sobering thought blazed behind her eyes.


All the mares jumped as Rarity returned and slammed a bottle down onto the table. Scowling at nopony in particular she undid the clasp and poured out a glass of clear brown liquid.

"I needed a drink." The dressmaker uttered downing the liquid in one blow, she winced like a foal when given medicine. Curious Pinkie Pie leaned over and examined the label.

"Drinking Post's Hay Whisky." Pinkie stated.


"Owpf!" A white hoof bopped the pink baker on the nose. She scurried away before the unicorn could land another blow.

"That's not for you." Rarity growled while pouring another shot.

"So uh...what now?" Rainbow prompted after the awkward moment passed.


"Isn't it obvious." Rarity spoke her tone laced with ice. "We go out, find this mare that attacked you and drag her to the jail house!"

"We can't do that to Twilight!" Fluttershy grimaced.

"Well it's a good thing it isn't Twilight Sparkle then isn't it?" Rarity smirked downing another shot.

"It isn't?" Pinkie said with a frown.


"Think about it girls since when does Twilight do that kind of thing? Going out and...molesting ponies." Rarity said with a shudder. "She is a good pony and would never try and force or trick somepony else into a relation. Certainly not in an open meadow where everypony could see!"

"Makes sense." Rainbow thought. "So wait, if that wasn't Twilight, then who was she?" She asked face contorting in confusion.

"Oh Oh! Maybe she was Twily's evil twin sister! Did she have a moustache?" Pinkie placed a black swirl of hair on her lip.

"Uh no." Rainbow said with a roll of her eyes.

"Take that moustache off! You'll ruin your make-up." Rarity finished another shot before putting the bottle away. "Besides I know who that was."

"Who?" The others called together.

"That was Twilight Sparkles evil clone created from the mirror pool!" She finished slamming her hooves down dramatically.

"The mirror pool?" Pinkie visibly winced at the mention of the place. "But Twilight said nopony should go back there ever again."

"Yeah and how did she get an evil clone?" Rainbow motioned toward the fluffy baker. "Pinkie didn't produce evil clones, just silly ones."

"Yes well Twilight told me this morning when she visited that she was going back to the mirror pool because Princess Celestia asked her to." Rarity settled back down at the table.

"Why?" Fluttershy asked.

"Well think about it darling if we could harness the copying spell we could do all kinds of things for ponies."

"Mhm, I guess." Rainbow shrugged

"Anyway!" Rarity continued. "We all know that Twilight can become a little panicked at unexpected tasks thrust upon her."

A nod resounded from the rest of the mares. "As such I expected something to happen. Just...not this kind of thing..." Her head swivelled to the weather pony who in turn meekly shied away.

"She must of tried to create a better clone and used her magic to help the process. Clearly something went wrong and now an Evil copy is wandering Equestria!"

A moment passed before Fluttershy raised a timid hoof. "But Rarity, Rainbow said she was really strong to over power her and if this clone is the same magical strength then who can stop her?"


"Ah." The white mare planted a hoof to her face. "I forgot about that."


"Wait!" Pinkie bellowed bouncing up and down. "If Evil Twilight has been wandering around then where is Good Twilight?"

"Maybe Evil Twilight locked her up?" Fluttershy ventured.

"Ah Ha!" Rarity giggled. "Yes Fluttershy, now all we need to do is get all the elements together and rescue our friend who has no doubt been trapped in the mirror pool cavern."

"Pinkie!" Rarity pointed.

"Yessir!" Pinkie shouted with a mock salute.

"You go and collect Spike and the elements!"

"Okie Doki!" She uttered before blasting off leaving a cloud of dust in her wake.

"Fluttershy you get some supplies ready for a trip in the Everfree!" Rarity pointed toward the kitchen.

"Oh um... all right then..." The yellow mare said with relief at such an easy task.

"Rainbow! You go and see if you can find this Evil Twilight and keep an eye on her." Rarity motioned toward the door.

"M-M-Me?" Rainbow suddenly began to shake all over. Rarity's gaze softened as she trotted over.

"Darling just find her. Your the fastest and the best chance at staying with her if she teleports. Just stay away from her Ok?" Rarity nuzzled the shaking mare's neck.

"O-Ok!" Rainbow nodded rubbing off her friends nuzzle. "What're you gonna do?"

"Me?" Rarity smirked.

"I'm going to go get Applejack. If anypony can match this clone for strength Applejack can."

Author's Note:


Chapter 3 took a lot longer than I expected as I suffer from a horrible disease known as *Procrastination* and it sucks. As for content I was going to have this a lot longer but decided to split it into two separate chapters. After the next chapter expect a short interlude again.

Disclaimer! Next chapter will contain 20% more Applejack! (Actual content may vary)

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