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Doubly Mared - TheTwerp

Twilight Sparkle uses an experiment on the mirror pool creating an evil counterpart bent on seducing the folks of Ponyville.

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Applejack meets Evil Twilight

She felt herself bristle as bright anger burned under her coat. The winds had died a quiet death only now lapping gently at her wondrous mane. She had continued the trek back to town after her encounter with the rainbow temptress.

"How could she just run?" She growled with menace.

"Am I not everything she ever wanted?" She felt her jaw snap in rage.

She had kept this state of mind since Rainbows escape, anger twisting her face into a horrendous visage. She had seen the rainbow trail leading to the ivory tower of Carousel Boutique. Not one to be beaten easily she made her way toward the escaped prey.

"When I get my hooves on you Dashie I'll make you regret breaking my heart!" She stomped her forelegs furiously.

Heading along the path her mind registered that she was almost upon the apple orchards of Sweet Apple Acres. The memories of her mistress informed her that it would be shorter to cut through the trees. Smiling a devilish smile she cantered over the fence and began the short trek to her prize.



A loud noise sounded amongst the trees slowing her to a halt. Reaching out with magic she sensed a life hidden in between the flora. The life force beat with strength, honesty and a warm simple kindness.




Moving again she shifted between the leafy giants keeping to the shade they offered. Gently stalking forward she rounded a tree to find the orange mare, her Stetson draped over her blonde mane. Evil Twilight froze drinking in the scene before her predatory gaze.

The farm mare was drenched in sweat, muscles taught and flexing as she delivered another thunderous buck to the apple tree. Her soft green eyes burned with determination as she smiled joyfully at another days work.

"Mhm, so this is the element of honesty." She murmured, tongue licking her fangs. "Ah, So cute."


Taking in a deep breath of the air she allowed her senses to taste the scent of the apple farmer. "Ah goddess, she smells so sweet and succulent."

"Whew." The apple farmer projected loudly. "You sure are given me a big bumper crop of apples this year Lawrence!"

Giggling the orange mare patted the tree in question before sidling over to the baskets now laden with bright red apples. "Granny Smith is gonna be happy with these."

With that the apple farmer made her way back to the tall red barn in the distance with the first batch of apples, whistling a tune as she went. Once she was out of range Evil Twilight moved toward the baskets. A low growl escaped her tummy as she looked at the image of the departing mare.

"Mm? Ah yes I haven't eaten in...well ever." She plucked a few apples from the nearby trees with her violet magic. "Oh my, how tasty!"

Giggling she devoured a few apples before another thought hit her. "Wait if I'm hungry..."

Deciding quickly she gathered up an apple laden basket and mentally focused on the cave of her birth. In a moment of power she placed a note made of magic amongst the delicious fruit before the basket blinked away.

"That should tide you over mistress." She thought with a smile.

Hearing hoofbeats she quickly retreated to the shadows. The apple farmer was returning for the next basket load of apples. Just as the approaching mare rounded the corner to the clearing a song began to slide through the trees.

"~Hush-a-bye, don't you cry.~"
"~Go to sleep, my little baby,~"
"~When you wake, you shall have,~"
"~All the pretty little ponies.~"

Applejack was singing an old lullaby.

It was something ethereal, a voice that echoed of heaven and light. Evil Twilight's mind almost shut-down upon hearing the haunting melancholy. Gone was the accent the mare usually carried in her songs leaving her to sing with such clear emotion. A blistering pain welled in Evil Twilight's heart.

"Her voice..." Her mind raced for action or some kind of thought.

She licked her fangs again as a shiver ran down her spine. "...I must have her!"


Applejack had been having a good day. The weather was perfect, all the trees were healthy and bearing lots of fruit and no pesky critters had made any trouble so far. Trotting back toward the orchard after dumping the laden baskets in the barn she passed her flower garden.

A common theme among Ponyville was that the apple family, Applejack in particular, just grew apples. Of course that was just silly, any farm, even a farm like Sweet Apple Acres needed other things to survive off. Alongside the vegetable patch that Big MacIntosh fanatically guarded, Applejack grew her own collection of flowers and berry plants. To an outsider it just looked like a wonderfully cared for flower garden, to Applejack it was a place of quiet and secrets. The garden was laced with nothing but purple flowers of various shapes and sizes.

Sighing happily she took an intake of a small lavender bush. The whole thing had been planted in the few months after a certain purple unicorn had arrived in her little town. Twilight Sparkle, the sun's favoured foal and one of her greatest friends, had stolen her heart.

She knew the mare was still a student and even though Applejack was not experienced with romance, she knew when to push something and when to be patient. It had been hard waiting, so to help her she had planted a flower garden dedicated to the mare of her heart.

The only pony to ever figure out its purpose was Rainbow Dash who had fallen out of the sky and crushed a large number of plants, something she never repeated again, Applejack made sure of that. Still it was kinda obvious what with the flowers all being purple and arranged in a star just like Twilight's cutie mark.

She suspected Big Mac knew but simply kept his mouth shut. That and Pinkie Pie who seemed to know a lot of things she shouldn't know.

Rainbow had called her out on her crush, something she never did again either. Still Applejack knew her friend was just trying to help. After a night of flower planting Applejack conveyed her idea to the weather mare.

"Rainbow ya know Twi ain't exactly the most...uh...wisest of mares?"

"You mean she's an egghead?"


"Yes Rainbow. Twi is still studying an' she ain't got no clue when somepony hits on her. Remember Blinker?"

"Oh yeah! That was hilarious! I wonder why he never tried that again?"

"Well ah saw to that..."

"...Uh AJ?"

"Nothin'. Look Twi is a nice mare but she is clueless, right?"


"Still she is a mare an' one day she'll want a special somepony, right?"

"I guess."

"Well when that day comes guess who'll be first in line to snap her up."

"Uh Blinker?"


"OW! Ok, Ok jeez it was just a joke. I know who you mean."


"So the flowers?"

"I need someit' to tide me over Rainbow. This helps."

"...I gotta admit I may not be a sappy mare like Rarity but...it is a nice garden AJ."

"Thanks Rainbow."

"...Uh AJ...what are you going to do if she finds somepony else?"


"Ah'll cross that bridge when ah get there RD."

Applejack sighed wistfully as she passed the garden on toward the orchard. Her mother had taught her to be patient and good things will come. Her father had taught her to not let to much time pass or a good thing will up and leave. It was a juggling act but Applejack had found a happy medium. Twilight was getting there, still full of wonder and willing to study long into the night, but she had seen the purple mare hiding a romance book last she visited.

"She'll be lookin' soon." The apple farmer giggled.

Thinking on the advice of her mother and father had given to her, she found her head pulled in the direction of a lonely looking tree. All day the need to sing had burned in her, she had whistled local songs, sung a few popular radio songs, yet the need still burned bright. She slowed to a halt upon looking at the tree, flowering with bright pink blossoms.

Her breath hitched as an old pain wormed its way into her chest. Looking left and right to make sure nopony was nearby she began to recite the lullaby her mother sung to her as a filly.

"~Hush-a-bye, don't you cry.~"
"~Go to sleep, my little baby,~"
"~When you wake, you shall have,~"
"~All the pretty little ponies.~"

Such a song brought warmth to the mare. Memories of evenings by the fire, the heat of her mothers breast, the smell of her fathers smoke, the sounds of filly's and colts playing. A sad smile brokered her lips as she hummed the haunting song.

Her mother had taken ill soon after birthing Applebloom and had been rushed to hospital along with her father. Along the way an accident had occurred leaving the couple trapped in an overturned carriage. Her mother had lost her life quickly as the carriage had broken apart and dashed her upon the floor. Her father had died much slower after being impaled by pieces of wood. Still he had been an Apple till the end and not once did he cry out in pain.

It was surprising but Big MacIntosh used to be such a cry baby until that day when her father passed on to the great beyond. He had pulled the crying colt aside in the hospital room and spoke for a while before leaving this world. Ever since Big MacIntosh had never cried, she had seen him tear up once or twice but that was natural he wasn't a machine. He never did tell her what had been said.

"It was Stallion business." Was all that was uttered when prompted, always with a kind but firm smile.

Of course Applejack had not known any of this until she was much older and even now Applebloom didn't know the extent of her parents demise. The flowering tree always reminded her of her mother and father. It had been the first tree she had ever planted and whenever she looked upon it she was brought back to the days of her youth.

Moving away from the memory she cantered back into the shade of the great apple trees. Tears began to well in her eyes as she finished the final verse. "Ah, silly mare. Gettin' all worked up over some song." She chuckled with a shake of head.

Wiping the moisture from her muzzle she chuckled again. "Ah'm gettin' as sappy as them stories Rarity reads!"

"What is wrong with that?" A sorrowful voice called out.


"Whah!" Applejack yelped twisting around to see the location of the voice. Her empty baskets tumbled from her back as she franticly scanned the tree line.

"Oh No!" She thought in a panic. "Somepony heard me!"

"W-Whose there!" She bellowed into the trees. "Ya'll better not be apple scrumping!

"Stealing apples from you?" The voice called out again with a slight mirth. "Well maybe only one or two."

"Varmint! Come on out here!" The apple mare returned angrily.


The sound of twigs breaking and shuffling turned Applejacks head. She watched a shaking bush to reveal a wondrous vision of violet. Her face flushed scarlet as she saw her best friend Twilight Sparkle emerge from the growth tears streaming her muzzle.

"Twi!" Applejack stammered.

"Such sorrow." The purple mare mumbled. "Such beauty."

"Twi? What're ya doin in my orchard?" Applejack asked shakily.

"Mhm? Ah, I was on my way to Rarity's I thought I would take a short cut." She said nonchalantly.

"Whew!" Applejack let out the breath she had been holding. "Well why didn't ya say so! Hehe, ya know I don't mind my friends walking the orchard."

"Or even taking a few apples." She finished with a wink and nod toward a few exposed apple cores.

"Forgive me Applejack." Twilight said with sudden conviction.

"Uh, well shoot Twi course ah do. It's just a few apples." Applejack rubbed her head in confusion. "Ya'll Ok sugarcube?"

"Are you?" Twilight spoke moving closer.

"W-What do ya mean?" Applejack stumbled back.

As the unicorn approached Applejack took note of something out of place with her friend. Muscles that weren't there before now flexed and inflamed her mind. A long purple horn glistened in the sun. A long violet mane that was awash with magic swirled and swished bleeding colours into the air.

"Oh my apples..." She thought with a shuddering breath. "Uh sugarcube?"

"Are you Ok Applejack?" Twilight moved closer sniffling a little bit. "Y-You sung such a sad thing."

"Aw Twi it was just a lullaby." She backed up bumped into the tree behind her. "Ya d-don't have to worry 'bout it."

"It wasn't just a lullaby!" Twilight barked with sudden anger. Applejack yelped as the tear stained mare moved closer growling. "Nopony sings with such conviction over a lullaby."

Bringing her muzzle to the farmers ear she whispered. "Don't lie to me Applejack."

Heat, blood and shame rushed to Applejacks face. "Ah'm sorry. It was a song my ma' used to sing. Before she...left..." A sad sniffle echoed from her mouth.

"I...see." Twilight said wiping tears from her eyes. "I'm sorry too, I didn't mean to eavesdrop but your singing was so wonderful."

"It's fine Twi." Applejack chuckled sadly. "Wait? Wonderful?"

Applejack took another look at her friend who now sat smiling warming at her. "Are those fangs? She has fangs!"

"Twi? What happened to you?" Applejack pointed at the extensions from the unicorns muzzle.

"Oh this?" She responded by licking her teeth.

"That'n all this other stuff. Like ya mane, since when does it sparkle?" Applejack asked ignoring the perfect white teeth.

"Since this morning. I tried a few magical tricks to improve a mares appearance." She stood up and twirled on the spot swishing her tail just the right way to reveal a little. "What do you think?" She finished with a smirk.

"Golly I saw..." Applejack gulped.

"U-Uh well it looks mighty nice." She stammered while looking away to hide her blush.

Evil Twilight let out a predatory smirk before moving close again. "Do you want to get more...acquainted with my new assets?"

The farmers mind began to suffer a spurt of lag as information from her ears failed to arrive in a timely manner. "W-w-what?!"

"You know that I'm quite sure a mare like you with all those...coiled muscles...must know a thing or to about flexibility. Care to show me?" The unicorn's voice became silky in tone.

"Ah my stars!" Applejack couldn't seem to move her hoofs. She began to shake all over as adrenaline flooded her veins.

"T-Twi are ya asking me out." Applejack stuttered and stammered as her heart thundered in her chest.

"Mhm?" Twilight blinked in confusion for a moment that Applejack feared sudden rejection. "Huh? I guess I am."

"Well...uh...golly I don't know..." Applejack's rant was silenced by a pair of lavender lips pressing into hers.

"Mmm, you taste divine." Twilight said as she broke away a trail of saliva shimmering between them.

"Wow." Was all Applejack managed to utter. Her mind blanked out with pure happiness. The feeling swelled in her twisting her muzzle into a dopey smile. Ever since she had laid eyes on the purple mare she had felt this longing to be with her and now it was finally fulfilled.

Just as Applejack began to lean forward for another taste a thunderous call sounded in the trees. "APPLEJACK!"


"Is that Rarity?" She wondered aloud turning away from Twilight. "What she doin' here?"

"Applejack!" The fashionista shouted again.

"Ugh, better she what she wants. Must be important if she came over in the mud. Over here Rarity!" Applejack called before turning back to the now vacant place where Twilight had been sat. "Twi?"

Hoofbeats echoed as a white, stately and sweating unicorn approached. "Applejack!" She let out with a wheeze.

"Gosh Rarity what'd do, run here?" Applejack said with a giggle.

"Applejack you have to come quick!" Rarity surged forward and grabbed the farmer by the hoof. "Something has happened to Twilight!"


"She is in terrible danger we have to find her quickly!" Rarity urged again.

"Danger? She ain't in no danger why she was right here a second ago." Applejack said turning back to the tree line. "Twi! Why'd you run off!"

"It's here?" Rarity said with a tremble in her voice.

"Hay now Twi ain't no It." Applejack uttered with indignation.

"Applejack that wasn't Twilight!" Rarity cried. "It is her clone from the mirror pool! Earlier she attacked Rainbow and started to...molest her..."

"What?!" Applejack stumbled back as if slapped.

"Such a filthy word." A dark voice whispered with a malicious giggle.


"Come on we have to go!" Rarity pulled the now stunned farmer.

"Oh you're not going anyway till I've had my fun!" The voice glowered from all around.

"Rarity's right! Oh gods she...it lied!"

"Ya'll lied to me!" Applejack began to shudder with anger. "Ya'll used my feelings for Twilight! Come out ya varmint and let me break those fangs of yours!"

"Temper, temper Jackie." A sudden rush of magic plastered both mares to the tree binding them solidly in rope made from the very void itself.

"Let us go!" Rarity cried out again.

"Nope!" The purple mare suddenly popped into existence in front of the now tightly bound mares. "I must say Rarity you looking ravishing tied up like that."

"Let us down you brute! You just wait till we get Twilight back and tell her what you did to Rainbow!" Rarity thundered.

"But I didn't get to do anything with Rainbow." Evil Twilight said with a faux look of sorrow.

"I'll kick your flank you hussy!" Applejack raged banging the tree with her hind legs.

"Quiet!" Evil Twilight growled before placing a magical rope around an orange muzzle. "Ah much better."

"Mmpf!" Applejack grunted.

The magical ropes tightened around the struggling mares. Evil Twilight licked her lips devilishly as she came closer and closer to the orange mare.

"Oh Applejack I'm looking forward to this." A sultry whisper oozed forth.

Bringing her muzzle to the bound farmers stomach she began to nuzzle and lovingly kiss her belly button. Applejack's tone changed from angry grunts to frightened whimpers in a matter of moments.

"Hush." Evil Twilight said between kisses. "Just relax and let me take care of you. Mhm?"

Giggling the mare lowered her head to the farmers hind hooves. "Mhm, the scent of dirt is intoxicating." She murmured as she began to kiss and nibble at her hooves.

"Ah! No somepony stop her please!" Applejack thought in an attempt a telepathy.

Each kiss the purple unicorn moved higher and higher up the whimpering mares leg. Just as she reached her hip she let out a single long breath against Applejacks navel before giggling and lowering to kiss the other leg.

"Ah-Ah can't t-t-t-take this-s-s!" She screamed internally.

Rarity had struggled at first, really struggled but when such an erotic display is right next to you its kind of hard to think straight.

"She's such a tease." Her mind suddenly uttered.

"What?! No forget that, I've got to get out of...her lips looks so smooth...Gah!" She mentally slapped herself. "FOCUS Rarity!"

Rarity turned her gaze away from the show and looked at Applejack. The farmer wasn't holding on for much longer, her eyes clouded with tears and pitiful whimpers of fright and lust squeaked out of her bound muzzle. Rarity felt eyes on her.

"What's the matter Rarity? Jealous?" Evil Twilight spoke as she rested her head against Applejacks tummy.

"J-J-Jealous! Never!" Rarity bellowed trying to sound convincing.

"Aww look Applejack she's jealous of you." Evil Twilight smirked. "Don't worry once I've taken care of her Rarity I'll give you what your after. Want me to use my horn?"


Her mind fogged red with sudden images of that wonderfully long purple horn moving closer to her lower regions. "W-w-w-what! Why I never...you can't..."

Evil Twilight moved lighting fast and placed a sensual kiss on the lips of the white stuttering mare. "Hehe, just be paitent, Mhm?"

Turning back she placed her lips to the farmers belly again. With a single motion she placed her fangs just above her belly button and began to drag then gently down the mare, leaving a pair a red welts behind. Applejack could no longer contain herself the mix of pain and intense pleasure was crippling her mind. A single desire now burned and she would do anything to have it relived.

"Mhm, I think your ready Applejack." Evil Twilight breathed as she relinquished her fangs grip.

Rarity shuddered as she watched the Apple farmer relent and began to ease into the purple unicorns motions and prompts. "Oh no Applejack has lost it! If I don't do anything soon then she'll come for me next...with that horn...GAH!"

"Think Rarity!" The struggling white unicorn thought of anything she could do to stop the mare. "Ugh she is just to powerful for my magic to counter and she knows it!"


Channelling all her magic into her horn she gathered all her magical strength before speaking. "I'm not going to let you do this monster!"

Evil Twilight stopped inches from her prize to look at Rarity with a degree of smug satisfaction. "Like you could rival my power."

"Yes I know I can't match your power but I can out pace your arrogance! Applejack I hope you've got a strong stomach I'm not very good at this!" With a sudden rush both the bound mares blinked away in a flash of pure white.



"RAGH!" A roar of pure malice and rage sundered what was left of the peace and quiet.

Author's Note:


New chapter! As promised more Applejack. I enjoyed writing this chapter a lot more than the last one. This now pretty much covers the beginning of the end for the story. Interlude up next with more Good Twilight.

Also the term Scrumping is a British thing involving apple stealing not what Urban Dictionary says.

Disclaimer! Next chapter will contain fight scenes. No ponies were harmed during the making of fight scenes. However three small sheep were crushed by flying rocks.

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