• Published 20th Jan 2013
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Doubly Mared - TheTwerp

Twilight Sparkle uses an experiment on the mirror pool creating an evil counterpart bent on seducing the folks of Ponyville.

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Twilight meets Evil Twilight

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The Everfree forest is a place not many ponies are willing to enter. A section of land coated with dark vines and twisting trees making it difficult to cross the ground unhindered. The untamed winds often playing amongst the leaves high in the canopy creating an eerie howl that never ceases. The ground is treacherous and can often give way to pot holes underneath leading to an untimely demise. Then you have the myriad of plants that can cause all manner of rashes, coughs and magical jokes.

All in all not quite the place you'd take the family.

It is here that a distressed purple unicorn known as Twilight Sparkle would be found trudging through the mud, grime and unpleasantness towards the last known location of the Mirror Pool entrance.

"Oh I know its here somewhere." She muttered as she drew another breath of the forests stale air. There was no breeze this far down as the foliage was much to thick. Still the light of the morning sun managed to pierce the dark canopy in places leaving shafts of gold to illuminate her path.

"Ugh, stupid plants." Cursing under her breath she stumbled over another tangle of roots and thicket. The very ground itself seemed to resent her presence making every effort to hinder her journey. Pushing past the growth of plants she continued toward the goal. Again she found her mind wandering to the very reason for her being here in the first place. A few days ago she had received a letter from the Princess of the sun.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

My faithful student,
I have read your latest friendship report on what happened to dear Pinkie Pie and I am glad that you could find a solution. However I feel that the magic of this place could be very useful to ponies everywhere. I would like you to go and see if you can create a working clone and if it is not dangerous please bring it to me at Canterlot.

I know this might seem strange and I wish I could tell you the purpose but I must ask that you trust me and perform this task with this much knowledge.

Whether you are successful or not please come to Canterlot in two weeks.

Be safe my faithful student,
Princess Celestia.


"Princess, I hope you know what you're doing." Twilight uttered swatting another offering of branches away from her. She trudged on for what seemed like hours until finally reaching an odd looking boulder that no vine touched.

"Ah-Ha!" She cheered clopping her hooves together.

Summoning a great swath of magical energy she eased to boulder out of its place and pushed it over to the side. Grunting with the effort Twilight released her grasp and the rock fell into the soft dirt.


"There. Now lets see this cave." She tittered while gently lowering her hoof down the hole onto the first step. After clambering down the path she was greeted to a sight that stole her breath away. The cave was covered in a mesh of luminescent vines that showered the place in a rich blue hue of magical power. The water of the pool reflected the world and seemed to shine even brighter.

"Wow." She gasped. "It's gorgeous..."

She cantered down towards the waters edge stopping at every plant to inspect the species. The mare's inner nerd was gushing at the prospect of encountering rare magical plants. Upon reaching the water's edge she turned her attention to her reflection.

"Ugh, grass in my mane." Grumbling she began tugging at her unkempt mane. Once satisfied it was presentable she began to assemble camp.

"Right!" She began.

"Notebook, Check!"

"Quill, Check!"

"Spare Quills, Check!"

"Ok! Now lets do some tests!" Twilight finished with a happy chirp.


The purple mare sat with her notepad hovering beside her aglow with magical energy. She had spent the last two hours testing what could and could not be cloned from the pool. It was clear now that inanimate objects could not be copied as only living things would produce a clone. The mare was now sat amidst a large collection of flowers all bearing the same marks and colours.

"So in-conclusion only living objects can be cloned from the mirror pool." She spoke as her quill etched the words onto parchment. "Now after proving that, I Twilight Sparkle, will begin pony testing!"

Giggling the mare began to check her notes over what Pinkie had done to create the clones.

"Right, first recite the rhyme and then climb into the pool." Twilight cast a glance at the shimming waters. "Now the clone showed signs of been simple and could not contain its base instincts, which for Pinkie was the desire to have fun, Hmh."

"I need to be careful if I just use the pool I'll create a simple clone. I need to find a way to make a clone with perfect replication." She began to trot in a circle before settling down on her haunches to look into the waters themselves.

"When Pinkie entered the pool she chanted the rhyme which evoked the basic magic of this area. That brought forth a basic clone that could only function around fun." She began lecturing to the reflection in the water. "Mhm, so if I were to just pour more magical power into it the enchantment it would be more effective leaving a more perfect clone!"

Giggling she continued the lecture to the reflection. "So if I use a substance of pure magical energy I can increase the effects of the mirror pool!"

"Now the best things to use for this is either the blood of a powerful unicorn." She pointed to herself. "Or, the seminal fluid-"

A stream of perverse images assailed her mind as she quickly began to shake her head aware of an intense heat in her cheeks. "Well, I'm a mare and not a stallion, so we'll stick to blood."

Righting herself she brought forth a sharp blade of magical power that shimmered with the light of her immense store of mana. Bringing it across her right hoof she draw a quick line along her flesh, whimpering a little she allowed the blood to slip into the ethereal waters.

"Now, build up a charge." She uttered as her horn began to light up the very cave around her. "Allow the blood to mingle with the magic." Wind from the ether began to tear at her mane and ring in her ears. Feeling the time was right she chanted the rhyme, her voice tinged with magical echoes, releasing a booming cascade across the cavern.

"Where the brambles are thickest,
There you will find,
A pond beyond the most twisted of vines."

Her eyes glowed with magic, every single living plant began to thrum with power as she poured it into the enchantment. The waters below her began to churn with the drops of blood mixing and tainting the water a brilliant crimson. She lowered her gaze to stare at her reflection.

"And into her own reflection she stared,
Yearning for one whose reflection she shared,
And solemnly sweared not to be scared,
At the prospect of being doubly mared."

With the final word spoken Twilight Sparkle aglow with power and might stepped into the water, she felt gravity split, the music of life rumble around her and the very essence of magic shower her soul. It was ecstatic as if the very waters soothed and caressed her being. However all at once it ceased, disappointment filled her as she pulled herself from the pool.

"Wow..." She shuddered breathing ragged breaths. "That...that was interesting. Now Pinkie said as soon as she stepped through the clone emerged from the pool!"

Turning around she waited with baited breath for the being to stumble forth from the crimson water.

"Mhm, it isn't working..." She said after a few minutes bring her hooves to the edge. She peered into the depths and saw nothing, no reflection, not a glimmer of image from anything. "Huh?"

A sudden realization hit home. "Oh no. Did I break it?" Panicking and trotting on the spot she began to hyper ventilate.

"Oooh, Princess Celestia is going to be so mad with me!" She sniffled as tears built up behind her eyelids.



"Of course! She asked me to do this and I failed! No! Even worse than failed I ruined it for everypony!"

Aw, surely it isn't that bad.

"Are you crazy! This is Princess Celest-" Her breath caught as she felt something shift behind her. Nickering and scooting around she was greeted with the sight of her doppelgänger.

"Hello Twilight Sparkle."

The mare that stood before her was a creature of sublime beauty. A malicious smirk graced its lips as Twilight examined the mare. The coat was a vivid hue of violet, as if the night itself had been etched upon her form. The eyes held a harsh shimmer of crimson behind the lavender glow. The flesh was laced with muscles that showed through the shining coat revealing a sleek and powerful build.

The doppelgänger moved forward slowly as Twilight scooted back toward the edge of water. The mare possessed an almost unnatural movement with each step forward speaking of wonders and sensuality. Everything about her was harsh, angular, regal, it was like looking at a sharpened blade. It was her mane that stopped Twilights heart however. It was something from beyond, it glistened with a thousand stars of dusk. The very strands of hair seemed to bleed into the air around her creating a visage of ethereal grace and beauty.

"It isn't polite to stare my dear." The doppelgänger smirked revealing a pair of glittering fangs.

"W-Whuh, huh, I mean who are you!" Twilight stuttered as her face heated up.

"Why I'm you darling." The doppelgänger said bringing a sleek hoof to the shaking mares muzzle. "This is what you wanted isn't it? A perfect copy for your Princess?"

"B-B-But you l-look nothing like m-me!"

"Don't I?" The mare brought her muzzle to Twilight ear. "Isn't this how you want to look?"

"Wha- No! I- I mean, what! How could-" Lowering her lips to Twilights muzzle the mare brought her into a firm but gentle kiss. Twilight felt the press of lips, the heat in the mares breath, the taste of copper and lavender.


It was all to much as Twilight Sparkle proceeded to pass out.


Smirking the doppelgänger placed the sleeping mare upon a bed of flowers leaving her saddlebags as a pillow. Once confident her mistress was safe and comfortable she proceeded to peck her on the cheek before moving off out of the cave.

"Now, lets see this Ponyville."

Author's Note:


So here is a new story idea for use. Evil Twilight's have been done before but I want to do one so meh.

Anyway if you enjoy remember to fav and like!

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