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Everypony is Pinkie Pie. Disaster caused by Pinkie, solved by Pinkie, celebrated by Pinkie, Pinkie, Pinkie, Pinkie, Pinkie, and of course Pinkie Pie.
And now I'm writing more of it!

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 65 )

I managed to keep a straight face, but then I reached the letter at the end. Excellent work, this was crazy awesome.:pinkiehappy:

:applejackconfused: My brain broke but I loved it! So much Pinkie Pie!!! :pinkiegasp:

Amazing... so much parties... :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiesmile:

143838 Thanks, it's my first. I'm blushing a bit :twilightblush:
143991 Eeyup. :eeyup:
144045 This is what Pinkie dreams about... or other ponies, in nightmares. Funny, most people on ff.net thought this was scary as heck. I honestly wasn't expecting much, but this community is awesome! :pinkiehappy:
144082 I don't even

LOL! This probably Pinkie Pie's mind!:pinkiehappy::heart:

>In fact, when they had both tried to throw each other a party upon first meeting, they’d become the best of friends.

And the only law in the pinkieverse was a ban on surprise parties.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

I can't.
What is this, I don't even.
Why can I not stop smiling? :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


In a nutshell.

No, but this story was possibly the greatest thing I've ever laid my eyes on. Pink party pony is best pony. :pinkiehappy:

I don't even...

144833 I have never seen so many Pinkie emotes.
144802 :heart:
144313 That's just what I do :derpytongue2:
144141 *yay*
144168 Maybe she sees every other pony as herself, but with wings or a horn or something. Who knows?

and then they fu- no they didn't! YES! Finally a short commedy that wasn't ruined by those four bloody words or by grusome death! This story hurts my cheecks because i can't stop laughing. Consider it a success :heart::heart:

146821 :yay:
Seriously, when I got into this I didn't know I'd be writing comedy. But bringing a smile to people's faces is worth it, even if I never see you. *shrug*
I see it as spreading smiles to complete strangers. Thanks, internet!


I really do like your story , um excuse me if my latin is wrong, War(s) by/with state? no that doesn't sound right... but then again, Civille is in the ablative case? or is noun not 3rd declension? Oh how I wished I payed more attention in that class :facehoof:

146954 It just means Civil War. Honestly I got the translation from my friend who's studying latin. *shrug*
That should be an emote.


with the indicative ablative... thanks for clearing that up! :twilightblush:

Pinkie Pie is my favorite Pinkie Pie! Don't you agree, Pinkie Pie?

I love you Bellum-ahem-Pinkie Pie.

176661 I swear to god I just saw that username when I played LoL an hour ago. :pinkiecrazy:


:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy: I loveit when i do that. I might stalk people in my subconscious.

I have a casual acquaintance who absolutely despises Pinkie Pie. He chucks these cute little hissy fits every time she does something objectively awesome in an episode, because it conflicts with his carefully constructed viewpoint of the universe.
This story sent me into hysterics, imagining what it would be like if the acquaintance in question found himself in the universe you have constructed here. Actually... could outsiders even survive in this world, or would they be transformed into the form of our marvelous pink equine overlord?

189362 Eenope. They would be transformed without realizing it. So if your friend plopped into this universe, he would become Pinkie and enjoy it. :pinkiehappy: Now I have an urge, for the next chapter, to write about a big farm pony by the name of Pinkie Pie...

I for one welcome our new pink overlords :pinkiehappy:

This story is maddening! :pinkiecrazy:

They must be asexual reproducers if :pinkiehappy: + :pinkiehappy: = :pinkiesmile:

Just imagine :rainbowderp: in this world...... why is society so random!

Why do I find this so entertaining.

It's a bit more complex.
It's more :pinkiecrazy: + :heart: / :pinkiegasp: * :pinkiesad2: - :pinkiesick: + the square root of :pinkiesmile: =:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
Because Pinkie.

:rainbowhuh: ?!?!

295497 It's all explained in later chapters.

Never mind, it's totally not. :trollestia:


Oh so it isn't

[(:pinkiegasp: + :pinkiegasp:) / (:pinkiecrazy:)] + [(:pinkiesick: - :pinkiesmile:) ^ :pinkiehappy:] = :pinkiehappy:

298194 You're popping up everywhere, Fleet. Stalking me?
Sweet :twilightsmile:

298653 No, I just like to comment on stories and not read them.

Yeah, let's go with that....

299532 I don't understand...
What's the point in that?

:yay: more chapters :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

For the sake of what little sanity some of the other reader have left (mine having gone out to lunch one day, never to return:pinkiecrazy:) nickname your Pinkie Pies.

This was pretty hilarious and only made better by the surprise crossover with The Games We Play, my favorite fanfic. Strange that the "Everyone is Trixie" story was featured on EQDaily while this one wasn't. I sense bias..

My brain is so full of fuck.

...well played.

511121 You have a dirty mind if it's full of that! For shame!
Fluttershy rages at you for your filthy perverted thoughts! :flutterrage:

I hide mine, so nopony knows! :pinkiecrazy:

My mind's desperate attempt to apply logic to the story finally caused a complete blue cortex of death right around the middle of chapter 4. I'm now going to run off into the world to follow my dream of teaching lobsters to dance the lambada! :pinkiecrazy:

520299 O___________0 Am I seeing this, or is it part of the hallucinations? :pinkiecrazy:

520590 *rolls around all over the place laughing manically until the men in the clean white suits come to take him away to the funny farm, where life is wonderful all the time* :pinkiecrazy:

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