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LivingLibraryPlayers Made an Audio Recording for Haiku! · 3:00am Dec 28th, 2012

What a cool Christmas gift.
Happy holidays!

Yeah, I'm not dead.
But I don't think I'll be writing anymore. I've just had kind of a falling out with fanfiction in general. Sorry.
So... hi again, and then bye again.

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Just to get that other one off the front page · 2:01pm Sep 3rd, 2012

Here's a pretty picture to stare at.

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I'll be gone for the next four weeks · 3:17am Jul 21st, 2012

I'll be in Florida for a week at a flight camp, since I want to become a pilot once I'm fully grown.
I'll be spending two weeks at summer camp, and another week in Massachusetts with my family.
So... see you all in four weeks, when I'll have three thousand new notifications and a trillion unread updates.

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A Conversation with my Brony Friend Who Doesn't Read Fanfics · 1:41am Jul 20th, 2012

Describing what most fics are like:
[8:54:12 PM] leinaD: 'uhm tihs is my frist stry is abut me in equetria im alicrn who mrries ranbow desh'
[8:54:29 PM] leinaD: 'and descurd tries to frigth me btu i bet him'
[8:54:37 PM] leinaD: 'and im mre maguc thn twilat'
[8:54:44 PM] leinaD: 'bcuz i'm magc'
[8:54:47 PM] Madame: ok that inspired me
[8:54:52 PM] leinaD: no please
( psst I'm leinaD because that's my name backwards 0: )
I'm really sacred he's going to actually write that now

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Has Anyone Else Seen This? · 11:01am Jul 14th, 2012

A teaser of one of the next season's songs. And let me tell you, it's glorious.

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Two Pictures and a Question · 10:16pm Jul 7th, 2012

#1: A Picture

I don't know how old this is or what, but I thought it was worth sharing.
#2: A Question (With a Picture)

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The IRC! Who would've thought? · 2:39pm Jul 1st, 2012

So I went on there last night after some goading from Arby Works, and... it was actually pretty fun. I enjoyed it. Any of you who frequent it can now expect me on there more often, I guess.
And I suppose if any of you wanna talk in real time, send me a PM asking me to get on the IRC (if I'm not already) and we can talk there(if we aren't sidetracked by pretty much everything else that goes on there).

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Whoops, I did it again · 8:27pm Jun 26th, 2012

Hope you don't mind me dabbling in other mediums.

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Wow I'm Doing a Lot of Blog Posts · 10:39pm Jun 17th, 2012

But I think this one's worth it.

I just got this from my neighbor, who is this really cool guy and picks up these random books from tag sales for like a buck. This one in particular is from 1965, and the jokes are still funny as hell. My favorite so far?
"He keeps trying to drown his troubles, but his wife won't get anywhere near the water."
Or maybe
"The jeweler suggested smothering her in diamonds. He had a something a little cheaper in mind."

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A 2:00 A.M. Blog Post, for those watching 'Here's to Hope' · 6:28am Jun 16th, 2012

I've decided to make this a three parter with a definite ending. The second chapter is up now, if you'd like to take a look. If you are watching me and haven't read the story yet, you should go do that, so you can taste the suspense before I put up the ending.
I do always do my best writing at two in the morning

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