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This story is a sequel to Last of the Dragonlords

Fluttershy hoped she wouldn't have to take up her weapons for a long time. She hoped she could enjoy the time she had with her friends. She hoped she could live a life of peace and prosperity. That she could watch her friends be happy, get married, have foals, and watch them grow old, and be with them until the day they die.

She could never have been more wrong.

Now, nearly two years after she learnt who and what she was, she must take up her swords Firewing and Drage Bane and her wing blades once more, as Equestria is broken apart by a ruthless, determined, bitter, and insane enemy.

But how can she do that when her friends and loved ones have suddenly turned against her?

Sequel to 'Last of the Dragonlords'. (Not sure how well it works on its own, but informartion regarding the events of the first story is thrown through the story, allowing easier understanding to those who haven't read the prequel story.)

Cover art A by arkkukakku112 (Used with permission).

Rated Teen for violence. Some strong, but again not gory.

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Hallelujah! I was waiting for this! I haven't started reading it yet, but I know I'll get to it soon and I'll be loving every chapter.

I've been waiting for this! And boy did it live up to my expectations. MOAR!

2436657 How the HECK did you read it that fast!?

2436657 If you heard that, that was me, breathing a sigh of relief at your kind words. I hope you enjoy the rest as they come, which should be every month or less since I want to keep on track with my chapters (I've nearly finished chapter 5, and about to start chapter 6).

2436668 I'm just awesome like that.

Going to be honest, this is going to be a hard one for me to read. I'll do my best though, it's just the subject of turning on friends is always hard for someone like me.

2436681 You need some fan art of Fluttershy with her swords and wing blades!

2436739 Do you know how hard it was for me to write it? Very. I couldn't write that last scene out for a long time because it felt so painful in my head. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it for what it will be, there will be funny moments, there will be dark moments and there will be sad moments. I hope you will enjoy it.

2436746 I would love that soooo much, to see a part of my story(ies) become a piece of art. A friend is actually making a cover art that will have Fluttershy with the scar under her eye and her wing blades attached.

But what was that maniacal laughter on the wind? Heimdallr's ghost? Draconequus??? Evil Meteor Spirits???? Dare I say... THE SPANISH INQUISITION?!?!? must. Have. MOARRRR!!!!!!

2436819 NOPONY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITON! our chief weapon is surprise, surprise and fear, our two...

Don't worry, there will be more, and your answers will be revealed... in due time :trollestia:

oh my god it is here!!!! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:
The only bad thing is i have to go to classes! :applecry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2:


so, one chapter in and...................
ya. anyways i did notice one thing,

Rainbow gave her a small, sad smile. “Well you should do. I mean you were with him since you first came to Ponyville. But hay, you have his daughter to remember him by.”

i think you may want to fix that.

Hmmm... reminds me of The Day of The Triffids. All who watched the meteor shower got affected? Would make sense... Hugo was not affected cause he was asleep, Spike probably slumped down as well. Wonder what happened to Shy's nocturnal animals. Or why Luna is seemingly not affected... Celly probably watched it as well... Though it would mean quite a lot of ponies outside of Ponyville... maybe not? They might not be so many ponies to watch it... we shall see...
Darn, now that is A Story!


Said Applejack said they could use her barn for it.

I assume it's Twi said that AJ said?:rainbowhuh: Though it's Spike, so...

Oh, yeah and that "should do", too.

Edit 2:
Oh, look! I finish reading and commenting and the story gets approved!

That was an awesome chapter, While it was pretty "hard" to read, because I felt pretty bad for Fluttershy. But I hope some comeuppance will occur for whatever is causing this.

And did your title choice have any influence?



2436906 Will do, maybe tomorrow as it's getting late here

2436907 Yeah, it was partly inspired by that. Great story 'Day of the Triffids' But what caused it is not alien plants. And yeah it is Twi said what Applejack said.

2436922 Yes, yes it did. And I absolutely regret nothing. It is an awesome title, and was an awesome episode (in fact it's Doctor Who, it's always awesome).

You made some of my feels show, good job.

2436932 I had forgotten this one, If you think it was such an awesome episode arc, then you'll love this one. It is more centered around those episodes.

KatrinDepp and Liisakee are awesome. You need to look at more of their videos if you haven't seen them.

2436955 Thanks, I'll have a look tomorrow after work.

Never said it was. And if I recall correctly, they were not alien. Or, actually, it was heavily implied they were a genetic experiment that accidentally leaked out and adapted. Mostly because humans could use it. Plus that entire thing was a conjunction of plants and the whatever that was, as it was never said what blinded everyone. I think the theory by the narrator/protagonist said something about... secret government weapon went awry? I think so... plus Wikipedia says so. Derp, going on Wikipedia and memory... not good at all... ehh... a reread is in order, I suppose.

And yeah, figured it would be that. Spike can sometimes use such a mind-breaker of a sentence. Even if it wasn't that mind-breaking.
And now I think I need to close my windows... it's 11 PM and it's getting a bit chilly. Plus I feel like having a bit of a tiny fever.
Oh, that reminds me: Shy's illness was a precognitive warning, wasn't it? Why am I asking, it's obvious it was some sort of reaction to The Great and Unknown Evil!:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: Why are you looking at me like that?

2436973 Really? I always thought they were aliens. Hmm, another read is in order.

Edit: How on I remember now; they found the plants in Russia I believe, and, although unaware of where they came from, started to spread them out and use them for the fuel they possesed. At least, I think it was something like that.

It may have been a warning, or something else entirely.

Something like that, yes.
Hm... might as well be aliens. If the origin was never stated clearly... or not... yes, definitely a reread.

Saw this was up. Insta liked and faved.
Now, to read!

[Faves and thumbs up]
Derp, good thing I left this tab open...:facehoof:

First off, a big fat YAY would be appropriate for this release. I will be watching this story like a hawk!

Secondly, poor Fluttershy, as well as everyone else that wasn't affected by this curse. Man, things are looking ugly for the poor souls.

Lastly, great job with this chapter, keep up the great job.

Celestia turned from the window to look at her captain of the royal guard.
> Correction: ‘Captain of the Royal Guard’.
You did well, captain.
> Capitalize ‘captain’, since it takes place of the name of its owner.
...the royal guard...
> Capitalize ‘royal guard’.
They might be traitors, captain...
> Capitalize ‘captain’.
[For all ‘pegasus’, ‘earth pony’, and ‘unicorn’...]
> Capitalize them. I had previously research this on my own curiosity. Same goes for their plural form. The best technique to use for this is the ‘Find and Replace’ tool, either in Notepad, WordPad, and Microsoft Word. And, I’m sure other programs might have it as well.
No, the sonic rainboom is my move and no pony else’s.
> Capitalize ‘sonic rainboom’, since it is a name of a technique.

2437261 Typo alert! If it's in red, it needs to be added, and if it's bold it needs to be changed in a certain way.

“Well you should do. I mean you were with him since you first came to Ponyville. But hay, you have his daughter to remember him by.”

Remove the bold word.

“I’m as certain as I could ever be certain, Twilight,”

Redundant word is redundant.

Other then that, I couldn't find any typos. Well, stand by for my thoughts on the chapter.

My...my feels...






Not even one chapter in, and it's already a major Wham Episode! Something has sundered the bonds of friendship between Fluttershy and the rest of the Mane 6, causing them to turn on her like a pack of wolves!:fluttercry:

Stay strong, Fluttershy. You've known these ponies for such a long time. Rainbow Dash was your friend in Flight School, Rarity was one of your closest friends, Applejack has always been a mare who had your back, Pinkie Pie has always understood and accepted how shy you are, and as for Twilight, if the friendship you had with her wasn't real, Equestria would be shrouded in eternal night to this very day! And when you went to Horsca, all of them risked their lives to help you on your quest, because they're your friends! In short, there is no way they could have turned on you like that unless something was controlling them!

So you are not going to just sit in your house and cry! You are going to find out what has caused friends and lovers to turn against each other, and you are going to undo the damage it has caused and make sure it is never able to manipulate anyone else ever again!

You know, given the title of the story, a part of me expects Fluttershy to get some help from a certain earth pony who travels around in a little blue box that's bigger on the inside!

Also, I'm calling it: the elderly pony who told Fluttershy about how Rarity and Hugo broke up is actually the enemy that Fluttershy needs to defeat! Also, I'm guessing Princess Cadance will use the memory spell and/or her special talent to remind the Mane 6 about all of the good times they had with Fluttershy!

Also, I would like to see a certain griffon and showmare help Fluttershy...that is, if it's not too much trouble...

I'm still curious how they plan to use the Elements of Harmony without a bearer of Kindness, since the Elements of Harmony are meant to be used together...

Here, have some badges!








Comment posted by E3gner deleted Apr 16th, 2013

2437786 Indeed. I know for a fact that what happened could not have possibly happened by itself. Something or someone has been turning friends against each other and splitting lovers apart, and Fluttershy is the only one who can stop it.

This is just amazing! Just...wow.
A couple of typos, but otherwise, very good first chapter!

As for Fluttershy...good luck, she'll need it.

...I think she's mad...

Ah, sorry 'bout the deletion, had to find the right mood, ya see.

2437850 Huh? What deletion are you talking about?

Edit: Never mind, I figured it out.

Fluttershy, you must not give up! Even if you're alone, even if you're hurt, you keep going! That's what it means to be a Dragonlord!

I imagine I'm not the first to say/think this, but I read the description and just thought of Friendship is Witchcraft.

Remember kids, dragon-ness is recessive.

Last of the Dragonlords: A Good Mare Goes To War


Last of the Timelords: A Good Man Goes To War

:trixieshiftright: Am I the only one who "thunk it"?

Ooh, a new story that's somewhat long. *reads description*
"Sequel to..."

2438108 I'm a good thunker. At least my teachers always said so...images.wikia.com/aceattorney/images/7/79/Phoenix_Thinking_1.gif

About freaken time! Also you should probably warn your other viewers by adding a new chapter in the first story that links to this sequel. Just saying that it has worked wonders before.


I didn't realize this existed until now?





Demons run when a good mare goes to war. Night will fall and drown the sun when a good mare goes to war. Friendship dies and true love lies. Night will fall and the dark will rise when a good mare goes to war.

Whoever or whatever has turned friends and lovers against each other would do well to remember these words, because when this good mare has figured out that her friends are being manipulated (because let's face it, after the first story, they would not just turn against her like this), nothing will be able to protect whatever is behind this.

That's my favorite Doctor Who episode.

I'll be reading this (right after reading the prequel, of course).

2438449 How about some patience? Fluttershy20 wants to make sure that we get top quality chapters, and urging people to rush like that is a good way to make them give us crappy chapters instead.:ajbemused:

2438108 My question is, am I the only one hoping for Trixie and Gilda to help Fluttershy in her quest?

Also, I'm hoping to hear this exchange. And just so you know, ??? represents the force that's causing all this.

???: The anger of a good mare is not a problem. Good mares have too many rules.
Fluttershy: Good mares don't need rules. Today is not the day to find out why I have so many.

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