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The Psychopath

I adopted the name of my beloved creation and have been spreading the word of the Illogic since. Tell me, are Illogic and chaos the same thing? https://ko-fi.com/theworldofillogic


The old chapters won't have anything rewritten since that's how the owners of the characters wrote them, and I don't want to touch those.

I'm The Psychopath, and I'm here to interview everypony so YOU can learn more about them. If you want to try your hoof at it, check here for information. Everything will take place in the World of Illogic!

And sometimes, if you're unlucky, The Sociopath will interrogate you instead, and you'll be in the World of Insanity. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

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It's not all the bad, Cheesy baby Bready Eddy.... Can't help my self, its 6 in the mornin' fuck you. :rainbowkiss:
To make up for it: GERMAN DALEKS!

12:00 here, got paddling at 7 tomrrow and yet another new story to shove down myb throat.:ajsleepy:
Thnaks. I think I just put it on that long ass list for later:ajbemused:

Psycho suddenly exploded into a cloud of smoke, revealing a tiny version of him riding on a tiny hot-air balloon.

I demand someone draws this.
anywho. Nice start. Looks like its gonna be pretty good.

Yes. VHERE IZ DOCTOR?! Doctor! Mediiic!


"........No, I'm not making that joke."


"BLUGEONWARRIOR!!!!!" :flutterrage:


1556117 *appears behind The Psychopath with a blue formal suit on and a butterfly knife in one of his hoofs* I'm afraid not. *Stabs The Psychopath*

1556169 Hrngh! *bloobs right behind spy at the respawn* ...*click*

One shudders to imagine what inhumane thoughts lie in her head, what dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty...


Gotta run!

I think we've done pretty good. Dont you think Psycho?

1561844 I'm not even gonna dignify myself with a response to that.

1562265 NO USE FLAMINGOS COATED IN CARAMEL honk!!! or gerbils honk.


1556974 *blows everyone up* BOOM HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA honk!!!

1562410 Okay, you need to calm the f:derpyderp2:k down.

1562515 nope, i'm just insane SQUIRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL *changes into a squirrel* honk.

1562515 Well i wouldnt have a problem with that if she didnt decide it would be funny to PM me for no reason whatsoever.

1562531 NO not illogical, insane, i can still use logic, but i also HONK DEVOUR THE OWL!!!!!!!!!! DEVOUR IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HONK. react eirdly sometimes.

1562540 there was a reason honk. i wanted to meet you honk.

1562559 I'm sorry was i talking to you i was to busy not giving a s:pinkiecrazy:t.
and theres better ways to introduce youreself then acting like a nutbag.

1562593 *is colored like Psycho, hat and all* well i stole your colors.

1562571 who said anything about acting honk?

1562606 And i stole yours.
1562608 That 'Honk' thing isnt making you funny or random you know.

1562612 i know, but i look like a clown, so why not honk?

1562620 *knocks the clown nose off Tenshura*

1562629 HAH, it's facepaint honk. and i'm still a squirrel honk. *holding nova's nose* gotcher nooooooooooooooose :3 honk.

1562645 *Takes of Stetson hat, points it at Tenshura. an oceans worth of water comes jetting out*

1562652 *blocks it with your nose* SQUIRREL POWER HONK!!!! *honks your nose, sending the water back at you* and your lucky honk. i'm not my worst kind of insane honk honk.

1562663 ...*grabs a shot-gun, walks out of the room. A bang is heard*

1562666 *pokes head into next room* well that's ONE way to cut a cake honk

1562669 *shot a wall, has a look on his face that makes him seem like he's not even thinking*

1562670 mmhmm *holding a pipe* *sends out a puff or blue smoke that looks like an elephant* honk

1562674 *A 10000 pound weight falls on top of the place*

1562691 *GASP* FISHIE HONK!!! *hugs the weight and it turns into a fish*

1562699 sorry nova, but in a battle of insanity, i win, always. now i need to go though, seeya all later.

1562736 Be glad your not in my head.

1562915 there's no room for you in mine, though your small mind wouldn't take up much space it's FULL of ideas, insanity and OC's

1564820 If you have been up there, you havent really seen anything.

1564852 i have seen everything yet nothing... yet giraffe

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