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Rainbow Dash needs some advice on relationships, and decides to seek help from her friends.
Unfortunately AJ never had time for a relationship, so knows nothing
Fluttershy was too shy to get to know a Stallion,
Rarity was wearing a facade,
And Pinkie... Pinkie was Pinkie.

Except that only left the impossible,
Maybe, just maybe, the Librarian had a more complex social life than first thought.

A/N: Just a quick one-shot that has been around my head recently. Love it, hate it, or [some other action] it. But please give constructive criticism, as you see fit.

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Comments ( 3 )

That ending is great! Poor Twilly. :twilightsmile:

Rainbow needs to review what she's wrote, in case it hurts other ponies lol

Ah blissful ignorance...

(Incredibly late reply ftw) Don't feel too bad for Twilight, I'm sure Celestia took it in her stride...

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