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Just a fanfiction writer and artist for my fic The Fallout Equestria: Equestrian Wetgrave


An apathetic young man is pulled from his home during a storm to find himself contacted by an omnipotent being, a creator. He soon learns that his existence is and will be so insignificant that his removal from Earth won’t affect things in the slightest. His new purpose? To help the creator with the building a new world.

Dropped in the new world, the young man must find his own his goal in the budding world, all while caring for an infant princess Celestia.

art by: Beavernator
cover art source : http://beavernator.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=360#/d4mlfl8

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 72 )

Okay, it seems like a neat idea, but I found several errors. Would you like an editor? I'm sure I can help fix up your story.


I think I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

This could be a total flop, or the most awesome thing ever.

Alright. So what about the play about the founding of Equestria where Celestia didn't exist as the one to raise the sun and moon? If she was even alive at that time, canonically, it wasn't her job and likely not her cutie mark. Did the god drop this human off at a time after ponies had been around for a little? How does this all fit?

Or are you rewriting the canon in a way that's not obvious? Shouldn't that require an alternate universe tag maybe?

Another minor critique, the tags. A comedy but also a sad story? Adventure and also slice of life? :unsuresweetie:
The tags are for the overall themes. A comedy can have a slow moment or too if it fits, a sad story can have some happy moments, adventure and slice of life can contain elements of each other, and that is all good because they provides contrast. A sad story isn't so sad if it's that way all the way through, an adventure needs to take a breather now and then. So when picking a tag just tell us, what are the main themes of the story?


Congratulations, you just made my heart explode out of shear cuteness in the cover pic.

1498538 Sure thing good sir, :D
1499226 You're absolutely correct, I really hope I can please everyone with my story.
1499476 I plan to :D

1499569 Those are all really good questions to ask me, and I thank you for it as it will help me to explain how it all roll together in the future. I wish I could tell you all about it, but the thing is I wouldn't want to spoil anything too much, or get anyponies hopes up in the process. And you're absolutely correct about the tag selection, I'll be looking to change that soon, so that it's more clear.

1500045 The real cuteness has yet to come :P
1500284 I really wish this was my drawing, but alas it is a place holder from an artist I have yet to credit, (it was late and I wanted to post the story) So excuse me while I go fetch the image link and through it in my description, and thank the artist on their DA page until I can make my own cover picture.

Alright you, *Takes the author by the shoulders* ...Don't let us down.
No pressure! :derpytongue2:

Hey guys I hope you enjoy chapter 1 :D

I shall look forward to the next chapter with great anticipation! :eeyup:

1523041 Lemme know what you think at every step of the way good sir.
1540610 Hehe, I'm glad I've managed to make your time worth it :D






So, Where's the lake monster at that filly-Celestia is going to turn into her b*tch?

1542119 Oh come now, we've yet to actually start :P
1542188 collecting tree fitty from a pour unfortunate soul.

:trixieshiftright: You have my attention sir.

Eugh, sorry about the problems. Hope it gets better.


Oh they're much better now, which is why I've finally posted. :D

Thank you kindly for asking.


Yeah! Sorry about the wait XD. Next chapter should be coming along sooner than that by far. So long as my infrastructure holds out.

This looks like a fun read! Faved! :scootangel:


Thank you kindly, Nightfury. I hope I can make a cute enough Celestia to match a 'Toothless' dragon. :D

I'll admit it was the image that caused me to click on this fic. What made me decide not to read was the errors all over the description. You're gonna want to clean that up or people will close their tabs before even opening the story. There is a fragment in there that is especially bothersome.

If you need help identifying the errors shoot me a pm. There are quite a few.


Much appreciated, I will defiantly pm you!

This is a great story, to say the least. Babies! :D:pinkiehappy:

this is great! keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

>2125537> Thank you so much for your kind words :D Every comment like this drives me forward to the next chapter.

>2125749> Honestly I cant thank you and people who comment things like yours enough. *sniffles* it makes me so happy!


This has to be one of the most original stories I have ever seen involving filly ponies!

No, seriously. Like, Watch, and a favorite!

It was an amazing. Can't wait to read the rest. Stay tastical


Thank you so much for your kind words good sir! If only I had a way to repay you for them :(

2128020 Oh boy! When you say things like these, I can't help to wonder how I can improve my writing and storytelling for you fellows!

Just take your awesomeness, and put it in the story.
The image didn't work -_-

Jeez those are some serious issues my condolences, but on a happier note I LOVE THIS STORY :pinkiehappy:

2128283: Will do, will freaking do :D

2130294: They're no problem anymore, I recently got an amazing job working at my old primary to highschool school. Its part time easy, fun, and best of all I do often work with cute adorable children and can use that to help write. But yeah life is all good right now and much better. Thanks for the concern, and I'm glad you love the story! :)

Is Luna ever going to appear in this story?


I'm not confirming it, not denying, you may make up your expectations now, and I'll promise no to kill them too quickly. ;D


2165049 But in all seriousness damned fine work you have here! Gonna like and fav cause that is just how it is!:moustache:


It's people and ponies like you that make writing these this story worth while :D

2165404 Its writers such as your self that make me say that even if MLP:FiM were to end as a TV series the fandom would still hold strong because of good pieces of work right here. Hell I've paid more attention to this site then have to the TV series for the last two months(don't get me wrong still watch it and will continue to do so) because of stories such as this.

Great story like the comment from PickleSuprise you are making a great story. Definitely liking it like Cog in the macine keep doing great (high five to editor).

2165447 : I am so very flattered to hear you say that. When I began progenitor I never could have expected the feedback you guys have been giving me, it makes me lust for more feedback and appreciation. Surely to become a driving factor in the writing and planning of the story. I really do hope that I can write a story strong enough that it will be looked at by many, because hopefully then the messages I'm trying to convey in all my stories will give people something else to think about. I have many ideas for many different stories where different themes will likely be explored with interesting questions I would hope to ask to each reader.

2165663 Hehe, you have no idea how wrong/right you are :D Also I'll let griffin know not to leave you hanging!

Alternative title:
Advenntures of Captain Pussy Wipe

Just kidding!mostly


Thats not fair to mr. pussywipe, he does have the rank of Major. So if you do address him, call him Major pussywipe!

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