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Just a fanfiction writer and artist for my fic The Fallout Equestria: Equestrian Wetgrave

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An apathetic young man is pulled from his home during a storm to find himself contacted by an omnipotent being, a creator. He soon learns that his existence is and will be so insignificant that his removal from Earth won’t affect things in the slightest. His new purpose? To help the creator with the building a new world.

Dropped in the new world, the young man must find his own his goal in the budding world, all while caring for an infant princess Celestia.

art by: Beavernator
cover art source : http://beavernator.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=360#/d4mlfl8

Chapters (5)

A flightless pegasus pony from stable 22 finds his way out into the Equestrian wasteland. Armed with only his wits, intelligence, and mechanical genius; he will have to fend for himself, and do his best to avoid drowning.

Chapters (2)
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