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I'm ugly and I'm proud.

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I kind of approve. :rainbowlaugh:

What's required of clop.
1. A backstory. you got a weak one, but MUCH better than nothing. Please try to sum it up with more than "shitty" next time. 1/2
2. A reason for the clop. You got that, even if i don't like that he uses RD as his sex slave (so to speak). 1
3. Having their reactions to it. It was primarilty focusing on the primal reactions of him, but i would stil say you got theri reactions. 1/2
so, you got 2 of 3. not to bad. try reaching 3 next time :pinkiehappy:

1391398 ACTUALLY, what you need for clop is clop.

Good day sir :moustache:


Yeah, it's too bad people only want something to shake their cock at. They don't care.

I read:
...shitty day... ...shitty job....
and then I noticed is shit under my table. Dafuq?

Guys like you kill the comunity (no offense).
It is like saying "all you need for a soarindash is soarin and dash falling in love". do you expect it to be believalbe or even readable if every author had that as a moto? This is a site for Stories of a certan quality, not for the random crap every jackass could whip up in 10 minutes.
Being porno (clop) does not justify OOC charracters, a complete lack of story, terrible grammar and no sense of punctuation. Don't even try to argue about that. I don't want to bring out the BIG guns!

To the author: i DID NOT reffer to YOUR story here. i simply reffered to the average clop. some are better and some are worse. yours is above average.

1391519 glad someone agrees. a great clop is not just persons (or ponies) in motion. to many authors and READERS fail to see that. i don't.

Just found your worst nightmare then.
Ok he's banned, but the horror!!!



Merci, dieu de la pornographie, pour votre sage jugement. Amen.

Histoire courte mignon. Short and cute. Not bad.

Not like any fanfiction (SFW or NSFW) needs a high quality set for it. It's all just something to pass time and express one's degree of artistic ability.

1392093 I am not a god, but i am glad that you appreciate it. You are one of those that have the capability to write some damn good stories. keep it up :twilightsmile:

fake and gay

Well:yay:I say this needs to go more then one chapter:flutterrage:I mean now like now if there is someone reading this make the second story now damn it :flutterrage::flutterrage:

Could use more. Felt like it ended pretty abruptly.

3413043 dude, really? Fake? I had no idea this wasn't real! Oh my god! And I didn't know it was gay to get head unless it was a guy! Learn something new everyday :pinkiehappy:


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