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Come on, what did you think of it? Anything missing, or something you enjoyed about it..?

really enjoyed this here story, I would like to seem some more. but thats up to you. I liked the fact she was a vampony, havent read many stories like this before and it was nice. Good job, please keep it up.

2020907 Give it time man. Not many people look for clop with the "OC" or "Other" tags.

Yeah, I know... mainly for me, I look for subject rather than character (I love 'em all, to be quite honest ^w^), so that's probably where I differentiate. I probably would've gotten more view count with a vampony Twi, but I felt a new, mysterious character would've set the tone the best.

Loved the first part; second part is disturbing though, but I guess that's what you are going for so good job with that

Go out with her they said
She was not going to drink your blood they said

Sadly couldn't get into it after reading about 1/3, just felt too awkward.

2023387 No no, keep on reading. (It gets good, trust me...)

Wow. Disturbing :pinkiecrazy:

2024257 It wasn't easy making this either... kinda hurt to put the main character through all of that in mid-production.

I wonder how Cupcakes was...

I can live with that but if I live longer than human (or pony) vampires anyway they can only live for up to 10,000 years at most and ziolians can live to be a quadrillion years (the oldest was actually recorded to be exactaly 1,003,000,000,741,617 years old) so expanding my life by centuries would only be expanding my life for about .0000000000000001% of my life. Also ziolian skin is a million times stronger than human skin.

King Lazaro Sol Of Ziolia

2025642 Well, I'm sure Vanilla would've lengthened the dark magic spells to hundreds of centuries, but because it is Equestrian dark magic, it wouldn't be as effective on humans.

2026108 I'm not human and do not understand your response.

I enjoyed reading this. I am curious to see this epilogue.

I'm afraid not.

dammit man, im so paranoid right now:facehoof:! i dont want to lie though. this story was an ok one. sorry, i just hate being paranoid. that story is creepy, and my hand is shaking like
here: :to here. -sigh-:facehoof: DAMMIT I HATE BEING PARANOID!!!
:pinkiehappy: i'm not disliking this cuz i dont roll like that, k?:pinkiecrazy:

2038180 Good to hear you're not disliking just because of the mood you're in (Some people tend to do that, rather than vote on how good the story was) ^w^

It's okay to be a little paranoid, but you don't have to worry too much... I'm sure your neck'll be fine.

That was fun.

Although I'm not really a Big fan of Dark Stories, This was actually pretty Good. The ending does hurt hard, But it was Great Overall.

Good concept is good:coolphoto:

meh...a little too dark and twisted for my taste. i give it 6 out of 10.

Damn it, where the hell is Sam B when you need him!?!
I know he is only able to kill zombies but come on, he kicks ass in Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide

Im wearing more things to cover my neck from now on...

It was a lifestyle you slowly got used to. You stopped worrying about your friends, family, job...
and began your new life as Vanilla's slave... her pet for centuries to come.
And the sick part is, you loved her more than anything.
You loved it when she fed from you.

Well the heart wants what the hearts right, I mean she does legitimately love him so in a sense it's all good, even if her way of showing her affections are a little sick and twisted... Anyway the writing was excellent for something so short and though i try to avoid stuff like this I'd gladly read it again and recommend it to others. Keep up the good work and i hope any future fics are as good as if not better than this :twilightsmile:


Sad thing is this relationship could have properly worked if they'd agreed on feeding at specific times. They could have lived completely normal, well as normal as a pony and a human that is. Remember talk to your special somebody before you rip them away from their basic freedoms and put them in your basement.

The only things I hate worse than changelings and succubuses, are vampires, I would kill em on site if they existed

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