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"But you,/My brother in arms,/I'd rather I'd lose my limbs,/Than let you come to harm." -The Decemberists, 'The Soldiering Life'

With the world at war, Sandbar is a timid pony soldier trying to help wherever he can. As he looked out on to the quiet battlefield, the stallion thought he saw something move. Upon investigating, he discovers an ensnared yak. Together, the two do what they can to survive in an hostile war zone. And there, something between them begins to bloom.

Cover art commissioned from MaoDoodles.
Pre-read and edited by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

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Alright, you sold me. Ultra niche AU? Checked. Niche and less popular pairing? Checked. Great cover art that's the show's style? Checked. This is gonna be good.

Less popular pairing? Not with me at least!

No, really, the story hooked me as well. First I thought it Was a one-shot, but if it is a series...I cant wait for ALL OF THE BACKSTORY

Okay so this is another type of a war story not really a big fan of it but the story is pretty interesting so far so it looks like Sandbar is getting ready for his Patrol since now he has to be the lookout once he was up there he swear he saw somebody out there but he felt like it's just playing tricks on him but then on the radio saying that it will be radio silent for a while which that's never a good sign but then saw the figure again and this time he's not imagining but it disappeared again but he saw it so he tried to investigate knowing for a fact that he is in a open field but it looks like he tripped into a hole but he wasn't alone and it turns out it was a yak a female one to be exact and he tried to tell her that he come in peace but she didn't believe him but it looks like love at first sight moments but then he saw that she's injured so he decided to help her and despite that she's willing to trust him the yak name yona was confused why is Sandbar helping him after hearing so much stories about ponies basically it's a misunderstanding situation but somehow they both trust each other despite the only first met and I got to say this one's a pretty sweet one I wonder how this will go

This was something that Sandbar didn’t have an easy answer to. “I dunno, actually. I’m told we have an inert connection with nature, like plant-life, animals, geological stuff, but sometimes it just doesn’t click. Maybe it has to do with how things have been going on with pony society for a while.”

I know this is probably just an alternate universe but in a few years Earth Ponies are going to adapt new ability very soon

“Not at all. These were just sliced up canned apples. If my squad leader was forced to eat these all the time, she’d go crazy. She comes from an apple farm back in Ponyville, and her family supplied apples all over Equestria before the war.” Sandbar realized he was getting off topic, “But her family grew all sorts of apples. I think those were golden delicious or maybe gala apples.”

So this is during the time when the Crystal Empire is on the warpath just like in the season 5 finale of what if scenario

Looking up at the sky above, Sandbar thought aloud, “We need to get you out of here before another raid starts. I might not know what they are doing, but we can’t stand another wave of mortars like that.”

They probably did not get the message of the ceasefire

Wow I got to say this was another very nice story so it looks like Sandbar and Yona are still stuck in the hole she's still recovering of her leg injury but then they heard the radio that everything will be in ceasefire and it looks like the war is over but unfortunately the news hasn't really reached that far because that bombers were dropping explosive and everything and both of them had to protect each other from the debris and the explosion so he decided to get her out of here back to her home describe how long the journey will be but he really wanted to help her so much and with that they did but they had to leave behind their weapons because it will carry too much weight after a few hours they finally made it but almost got them self killed luckily Yona told them to cease fire once they got there sandbar was about to be a prisoner but luckily yona protected him and told everybody what happened and even the general was pretty impressed How brave he is and that's a pretty huge honor but both of them had to say their goodbyes but maybe someday they will see each other again and maybe even their future friends who knows but anyway this was a pretty awesome story keep up the good work

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