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...and her new ability to turn a mare into a bimbo with just a kiss.

I like the concept, but this part kinda threw me for a loop, as it wasn't established beforehand Twilight had this ability. Especially with this earlier sentence:

They didn't yet know what the effects of this might be, but they felt a rush of excitement and anticipation about the potential that the energy within them could hold.

You have a good start here, but you need to make it cohesive. Even using "porn logic," there has to be some sort of bridge between reality and fantasy, otherwise, there's no structure to the plot.

The magic of seduction can change individuals genders species, and how horny they are, through the seductive aura coming off of Twilight, this will be developed further in the next chapter, thank you for giving me advice!

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Deleting comments -- always a sign of maturity.

Seems interesting
I can see the Mane 6's lewdness will sow chaos for sure

Wonder whats planned for Spike too?

If you would like to see spike I am sure I can setup a poll to see whose targeted on these of course I need a group of people to give me confirmation just so I know; I won't be wasting my time making polls to see no one show up.

I figured he could get some sort of 7th Element representing males

I'll check out the poll

How do we post vote on polls?

This just feels like a bunch of vaguely horny ideas thrown at a page, like I'm just reading some slightly expanded bullet points. It's not tantalising or interesting to read.

https://strawpoll.com/wby5A8QjKyA I have created the poll here is your chance to choose who should be transformed in the next chapter!!!

In this story gonna be impregnationa nd pregnancy?

You guys are also free to suggest people you wanna see in the future on this story!!! Just let me know!!!

the polls said I already voted but I didn’t do anything when I first read this chapter and who is owlet?

Anyway where’s is AJ transformation?!

She turned into an obsessed person, her clothes will be different later in the story. She is now working with Twilight

Managed to see the poll and casted my vote

I wonder how handsome Spike looks if he shows up and if he becomes some sort of 7th Element of lust(like the male part) or can interact with the powers in some way to represent his bond with the girls?

Looking forward on what shall happen next

Definitely going to be a big shock

That dragoness sure surprised me.
Which is pretty hot

Wonder if Spike will be next since he tied with Fluttershy?

Well spike is the next on the voting poll unless someone votes the others, make sure to vote!

I casted my vote days ago actually

I'm leaving this up to you fans to decide who gets transformed in the next chapter cause it's a tie between rainbow Dash and Rarity at the moment!!!

https://strawpoll.com/wby5A8QjKyA/ make sure to cast your votes!!! So you will see who will get transformed next. Reminder you van also suggest characters to be added to the poll!!!

Where’s next chapter?!?

There're several moments where you've forgotten to capitalize Starlight's and Trixie's names.

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