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Hoping to do commissions · 5:16pm May 11th, 2019

Hello, I'm hoping to start creating stories based on what you request and commission me for, my commission prices are usually 10 to 30 dollars per story.

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Update · 12:43am Sep 13th, 2018

Sooo, I haven't done this in a while.... But I'm going out to state this, I'm rewriting FoE SM again, I'm gonna change the name and am trying something different that might take a while. I'm gonna read as many stories as possible (FOE ones) so I can gain more knowledge of what people have done and what I can actually do in the wasteland still. I'd love to hear some ideas from people who still follow me on here, I might even do cadence as a MC. Unless someone has done that, I haven't read a lot

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Very excited · 10:55pm Apr 4th, 2018

Two updates, my account is going somewhere again I'm very happy about these two things. One of the two things is that I am going to my first comic con I really hope to get footage and put it onto my channel and the second update and the other is I have someone actually asking to audio read my story!!!! That shocks and excites me, I wouldn't have thought my stories were good.

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