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A finnish guy who writes stuff for own fun.


Fluttershy is sad. Could you help in some way?

2nd person story with Fluttershy.

This story too, was quickly written for own fun. I'm still a beginner, so please no hard judgement. Please inform me if there is any typos (and there probably is because my english isn't very good) kthxbai

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Uhm... I kinda had this same exact idea, but in 1st person. I cancelled it though, so it's all good.

No you are new so I will expect Pen Stroke levels of writing.

Nah, just kidding. But seriously there's going to be some faggot who will say that an mean it so prepare your anus.

Boy, that escalated quickly.

nice touch.

hope to see more soon.

That Bu*king porridge

That was the cutest thing ever, and I mean really. Lemme help you with the typo's/grammer though.

I found a new bird specie yesterday''

That's surprisingly all I found. However, you need to remember to end your quotation-marked sentences with a period. Don't think I didn't find out about using these ' twice instead of using these " either.

I look forward to seeing what else you'll make. :twilightsmile:

That porridge....

SO... FUCKING... ADORABLE... :twilightangry2:

Her eyes slowly close and she falls asleep. You feel her breathe gently tickling your chest.
Should be breath not breathe

cute but again ur stories are to short

"That b*cking porridge is still on the table!" Oh, wait, I forgot. I don't even like porridge. {true story. In fact, I hate it} :rainbowlaugh:

Fluttershy was really forward with this guy who lives next door.

It was too quick... but still good.

The poridge is all alone... Waiting to be eaten.. :rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2:

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