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A Triangle 69

Pretty sure putting three sixes in that formation is the Mark of the Beast. And it's not like people don't play up the lust angle of sex acts when they name them.


I've always heard that one being called a "Daisy Chain". Also, when I think "Mark of the Beast", I think of the symbol from Doom, since that's what Eternal's opening narration calls it.


I've never heard the term "Daisy Chain" before, so thanks for introducing me to a new term.


You're welcome, I suppose. Oh, also, "Daisy Chain" doesn't strictly have to apply to females. If it's more than 2, it's a Daisy Chain. A little tidbit for ya.

I'd call it a 999 because that's what all the German girls always say when I suggest it.

Surprised to see the older commissioned art of my OC girls pop up, the exotic club scene really has been a favourite and Keetch is damn good at what they do.

A shame it didn't go 'all the way', as I'd imagine a pair of exotic-dancer-ponies to be able to break a human the fuck in half, in a good way! You'd think gals who are into the exotic would be a bit more... wild in the bedroom. Or at least more explorative.

That's my only criticism, really. The whole 'exotic' aspect seems to be solely to progress the plot to the clop but then is dropped immediately once it's served its purpose. It would have been neat (and hot) to have them take turns at him, commenting on his taste/texture/performance, maybe even comparing him to other exotic things they've partaken in previously, etc.

Oof sorry my commentary seems to have become critique. I did enjoy it for what it is though! :twilightsmile:

I appreciate the criticism! I am willing to admit that I agree with your sentiment on being more...descriptive, with things. Considering the whole 'exotic' thing I was trying to have going on with these two mares (and our human). I do appreciate the critique, I am still fairly new to writing clop and am constantly looking to improve my skills. So, I appreciate your feedback, thank you.

They knew what they were doing with the locking room. Colt is going to need training. 😈

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