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I HATE being bipolar. It's AWESOME!

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I'm liking where this is going. It was a little stilted at the start, but it's flowing better now.

Eagerly awaiting the main event!

No credits for that cover image? :fluttercry:

Definitely an interesting premise... though the adjustment period when Sunset gets back may be rough. Still, looking forward to more.

The whole “explain the world” feels so forced. Twilight is vary ooc there while still showing a glimmer of the former pony. Twight is dead, Sunset is dying and soon only Bimbo Sunset will remain. The horror elements are blended well into the porn.

I wonder if in a month just how much of old Sunset will resurface? Even if toned down I think she would, at least, remain a slut once back in her normal world.

Let's see how the month ends!!, Especially when she's back on the other side!!

This Friday, the 6th.

8th you mean 6th was Wednesday

Right! I knew that!

I agree whit 11295549. I thought their would be two more chapters one meeting and posably having fun whit Celestia and the last chapter beeing the return home and CHS reaktion to the new Sunset.

yeah that first chapter made a lot of set up for it all to end just two chapters after.

Will we have a sequel to this? I loved

Very abrupt ending, and a hesitance to go into the details past a certain point. Still, I hope you do more with the setting.

I appreciate the attempt, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bummed by the end result. All that build up, and then you finally get to the main thrust of my request, and then... almost nothing.

Still, the effort is appreciated. Good luck on your future writing endeavors!

Understood. Once I get some free time, I will expand on the story, but I can't give you a firm deadline. I see many commenters voicing the same opinion, and my readers are very important to me, but as this was your request I was waiting for your feedback.

I'll try to make it before the end of the month.


Really hope this gets continued!

this looks like it could go on longer as sunset dives deep into the perverse universe

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