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"Look upon the fields in which I grow my Fucks...and you will see that they are Barren..."

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Thank you very much for this beautiful sequel, I'm sure it will be another work of art and tell me, where do you get those images?

I had the source embedded in the picture, but for some reason, it isn't working. So now, I moved it to the long description.

Thank you very much, hero without a cape!!

she was a total bimbo!

And this bimbo was trained by the sluttiest whore in all of Equestria, Princess Mollestia.

Time for the sexiest bookworm to ever exist to showcase her talents.

This is going to be intresting. The Apples have the World to back them up, Twilight has Magic to back her up, and Spike, well, Dragon Greed means he just doesnt have to Stop. At All, Ever, unless he really wants to? :moustache:

When is rarity turn for her story you should make it so that she used to be the top slut of Ponyville but she retired to focus more on her shop but because of the girls actions, she comes out once more to claim her title

Patience, young Padawan...rest assured: I have subtle, devious plans for Rarity...


You're a true writing master, man 😝😝😝

Is this going to be a series with all of the Mane Six?

the infamous Flower Trio: Rose, Lily, and Minuette

How did Minuette end up replacing Daisy?

where foals and fillies might occasionally frequent

Pretty sure you mean "colts and fillies". Foals = children (both boys and girls).

Great work. Don't pay attention to that person. All they do is write questions and then leave and when you don't answer, they start to make a fuss.

You misunderstand me. I wasn't responding in anger, I was teasing. I thought it was a cute question.

[Edit] Added the emoji to my response to make my intent clearer.

Got it. Just giving you the lowdown that person is all. Anyways, great job with Twilight. I just got another reason why she's my favorite. Plus, she really is the sexist bookworm to exist.

Well, guys, rest in peace. you have entered the lair of a hungry beast.
After a visit to the library, these guys will not walk straight for a very long time. although, usually it should be with mares, not stallions.

Thanks, and not to worry...ever since I read Non-Aggression Pact and tracked down the accompanying video, Twislut has become my FAVORITE slut!

I. Am. Going. To. Have. LOADS of fun with her in this story! I have so many ideas it's affecting my sleep, but I don't care! Woo HOO!!

Picard:Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.

Kirk. Coffee. Hot. :trixieshiftright:

Spike verses Big Mac, Rodeo Buck Off? :eeyup:

I'm willing to bet Twilight is the way she is because Celestia trained her to be that way with her massive futa penis. Only explanation for how Twilight could be such a world class bronko bucker. I'd like to see Apple sister's overcome something Twilight has trained years for.

Spikes been slacking in his exercise if he already showing signs of effort. Maybe he need dualing with Smolder and Ember? Taking turns, nonstop? :trixieshiftright:

You know, I realized if twilight, each of her friends are out there being like semen Demons the male population locally will have their balls drained so much that theoretically, each of them will have less sex just because the male population is too tired and if they keep teaching the younger generation, they’ll be even less to go around, somehow by making everyone slutty You make everyone less of a whore

Ah, yes...but once you factor in the population of Ponyville, plus the ratio of males to females, PLUS new visitors to Town once word spreads, PLUS "porn-logic," I think the girls will be fine!

In other words, since this is pure fantasy, the pesky old rules of "reality" do not apply! We'll have no truck with such nonsense HERE, my good Sir! Harumph!

Don't suppose there's any more of this gem on the horizon? 👉👈

I do enjoy your particular brand of smut.

Heh....yes, indeed! I've got so many other projects with which I'm working I barely have time, but I'll dust this one off and see about releasing another chapter before the end of this month.

Pleased to hear it! By other projects, do you mean MLP-related ones, or something different?

Do you have other stories posted elsewhere perhaps? I am... intrigued :moustache:

Both. I write stories under a pen name, and this isn't my main account on this website.

I see what you did there...well played!

So, what are the rest of the mane six doing?


The Mane Six? Y'know, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity and Pinkie Pie, alongside Twilight and Applejack?

You need to get your 'sarcasm detector' checked. Of COURSE I know who they are, but you obviously missed both the Alt Universe tag and the clues provided in this tale showing this version of Equestria is slightly different from the regular one.

Sorry! Yes, I know it's an Alternate Universe, but since you've already established a lot of existing characters, I was wondering what you had planned for the others.

No need to snap at me, I was just curious. Still love your work.

My apologies! I wasn't trying to snap, I just thought it was obvious given the way the story has progressed so far, in that no mention has been made of Rarity, Pinkie, or Rainbow.


We'll have to see what roles they'll play, as they'll be vastly different from those with which we've been familiar.

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