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dirty little secret

I tried so far... and got so hard... but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (Patreon)

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Fun story! I love the hidden version followed by the reveal, brilliant idea!
Look forward to reading more in the future.
All good things,

Um... Why a blindfold spell? Why not just use an actual blindfold?

Because a physical blindfold could be removed too easily and, if I am correct, shining armor probably was having too much fun to even cast the counter spell even if he wanted to.

To ensure no peeking! ^.^

^.^ Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! ^.^ What was your favorite part?


I didn't have a favorite part. I liked how you limited both perspectives.

Good stuff.

Thanks! ^.^ What’s your favorite part?


Aw man, I’ll admit, it woulda been way hot if he’d seen who they were at the end. Was kinda counting on it.

Still, this was quite good.

The blindfolded PoV descriptions. Good stuff.

After first description, I thought it were RD, AJ, Flutters and Cadence/Twilight. Then comes the unknow giggling, so there is at least one girl that shining may not know. Now I am sure that the person giving shing a hand job is not cadence (I am on that part right now), and that she is not doing anything to him, and probably will not and all of the treatment that he thinks he receives from his wife will be twilight


maybe even that new secret little fetish we'd been exploring lately, where she'd get a strap-on and peg me...

that was a perfect opportunity to call it dirty little secret

This is a very good story type, the one we have to guess. Now I had few simple thoughts about changlings, cadence copies, twilight copies (and after that "Oh, shi-" it seems as the best bet)


“Mind if I take a turn with that, Sunset?” she says.

so we have twiggles, sunny, and cadence. The last one, beeing like twin to twilight might be moondancer? Or one more fits here, glimmy.

Heh. Oh you...

Maybe he’ll find out later. ^.^


that was a perfect opportunity to call it dirty little secret

Haven’t I done that too much already in other stories?

so we have twiggles, sunny, and cadence. The last one, beeing like twin to twilight might be moondancer? Or one more fits here, glimmy.

Heh ... here’s a hint: Think of where Sunset must have come from, and who else might be like a twin to Twilight and from there...

Answer to first: no.

That wasn't even a hint, it was almost a fact.

I wondered how Twilight, Sparkle – as we'd dubbed Twilight's alternate dimension twin, and Sunset were doing in the next room over

so, sunset and twilight are from pony dinension? Probably not, because canon sunset used to be a pony, but is in the human world. The other explanation might be that there is one more anthro/nonanthro reality?

I've always thought that cadence in your stories is that seducive, manipulative type of person that plans everything ahead and doesn't make any mistakes. To my suprise cadence in this story is more normal than my past image of her. Very interesting.

I didn't expect cadence's pov on the last chapter (it doesn't mean that I don't like it). This line threw me on a wrong track

“I've tried it, and it's amazing.”

I expected a story where cadence gets her treatment.

Even I couldn't help but run my hand up between his thighs.
Sparkle was actually the first one to go for it. After holding herself back as long as she could, she simply reached out and blatantly grabbed Shining's cock.

here is a problem, he'd feel two pairs of hands go off of him and only one on his penis. Even if not, cadence had her hands between his thighs and sparkle was above his waist, so there would be at least one hand missing above and under his waist.

Heh, yeah. That’s partly due to being a commission, so it’ll have a slightly different flavor. But anyway, I think it’s good to vary characters a bit from story to story, as long as they’re not set in the same shared universe.

They often feel very alike tho

O i like this a grate story.

He groaned, and I felt the pulsing of his cock through his balls as they emptied themselves into Sparkle's waiting pussy.

Aaaaaand boom goes the dynamite.

Thanks! ^.^ What’s your favorite part?

There’s your incest, you filthy animal.
(And I mean that in the best way possible!)

all of chapter too i love to know how things really played out, or should that be in and out.

Favedddddd. Love it when Cadence, Shinning, and Twilight are together. Also love Shining getting fucked~

Heh, well this must be about the perfect fic, then!


What’s your favorite part?



Honestly, I'm partial to participants taking time to revel remains of their love-making, and you, sir, deliver on that so. Very. Well!


Excuse me a moment. I, uhhhh, need to go the thing about a thing.

^.^ It’s good to have a specialty!

My favorite part was how I didn't realize the twist even after I knew Sunset Shimmer was in on it.

Took me a moment, I think I'm just slow today.

tldr: 9/10 very accurate to the situation would love to see more
long version: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/851695/review-comment-love-is-blind

Oh, thanks! Always nice to get reviews, especially on clop, since those are very rare!

Edit: Kind of weird that 2/3 of your review is about drugs when there’s no drugs in this story, though...

Sorry about that its more of the effect of them and how it has similar effects to sense depravation and sense heightening while under those situations so people can understand how Cadance did a good job keeping him feeling safe (seen a few bad high's from people who first start and get panicky) thus showing an extreme. The same situation can actually happen while under the effects trance or for those who are prone to panic attacks if they feel they are unsafe though I don't experience that so it was hard for me to add a correlation to Shining's mental state in that situation I could only really get into Cadances shoes as it happens some times.

That said while under the effects of trance you can experience physical changes to the body that don't exist or actually happen (though truth be told there are what people call permanent "files" that with repeated or even a single listen can cause actual problems). Thus practicing "Safe" trance procedures: knowing what you are about to listen to or are about to meditate on yourself by repeating mantra's in your mind and/or out loud.

Is a good way to prepare your self mentally but I don't think shining had that in mind at the start. So like I said in the review and here she had to take the role of the "orchestrator" to keep him calm. Which is key when you lose your sense's or even if you get lost for example.

Sorry if that caused any confusion.

Reading this chapter after the first, I'm a bit disappointed at which "twin" was actually underneath him, and honestly a bit surprised that it wasn't some cloning spell (even after the reveal of sunset it didn't click, because i was rather stupidly imagining Starlight instead).

Well, can’t blame you for that!

umm... it says that the story contains twilight in the description...

I truly enjoyed this story alot:pinkiehappy: Though I was more interested in Shining finding out he was fucking his sister and her deminsional twin, made me sad that didn't happen:pinkiesad2: I really wanted to see shining reaction.

Heh, yeah. That would be fun to see. Maybe he’ll find out someday.

I know cadance gave some information about setting this up but I have to ask, I get that she knew Shining have the hots for sister (but will never act on them) and Twilight no doubt told Cadance about her feelings for him, so how does Sci-Twi and Sunset get involved in this.

I know they were invited and obviously Sci-Twi had the hots for her brother (but could not act on them as easily) and Sunset wanted to join the fun. I wish we got a POV chapter involving those 3 giving more detail on them agreeing on this in first place. (or if Cadance explain the whole story in her head while waiting for Shining to arrive)

Two more question, Sci-Twi not gonna get pregnant is she?, Cadance never once said they cast a spell to prevent it, so I wonder.

And do the Ponyville Spa actually give sexual services? or did Cadance pay them well, to enact her plans?

Heh ... this is actually going into more depth than I ever thought into it! ^.^ When it’s a commission, sometimes (for example) Sunset Shimmer is there because the commissioner likes Sunset Shimmer.

I do love Sunset Shimmer :twilightblush:

If its alright with you, I would like to write a side story about shining armor finding out that he had sex with his sister and her alternate dimensional twin.

Sure! When it's finished, send me a link so I can make a blog about it.

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