• Published 28th Feb 2022
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Sunset Shimmer the teen no more - Kingcatalyst

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The first Encounter-Rewirte 1 done

As i found myself on the other side i found that i was taller then before,where before i was a good 5.6 in feet in height,now i felt like i was somewhere from 6 to 6.1 in feet,which i didnt mind but seriously i didn't realise just what a height diffrence does in term's to balance on my leg's

ok first thing's first need to get back to my apartment and figure out what to do from there i thought as i started walking towards it however 7 minute's later as i was a block away from it i saw the human version of celestia come round the corner as i was about to pass her she put a hard on my shoulder originally i thought i had been caught but what she said next surprised me "one of your jacket buttons are undone" She said as she smiled at me

i looked down and she was right i quickly buttoned it up aging "Thank you for telling me,my names sunny skies and your's"i said as held my hand out to her

"Celestia Everfree but you can call me celestia" She said as she shook my hand "are you new to town i know everyone here and i am quite sure i havent met you yet" She said warmly

"Yea just moved here in fact and you can call me sunny if im calling you celestia its only fair,i need to ask do you know where i could find a job anywhere around here"i asked knowing that the job i had before would most likey not belive me if i told them i was sunset

"Hmm well i do have a open consular position at the school i run" Celestia said ehich surprised me seeing as Luna was the consular

"Just curious what happened to the one before me seeing as a school always has a consular well most of the time anyway" i asked pretending to not know it was filled before i had left a couple days ago

"You see my sister who is also the vice-Principal was the consular as well unfortunately some account ran by a student exposed that she went to jail and that she was the gang member known as nightmare moon" She said with her voice ccracking before she broke down into tears going down her face i hugged her almost instantly and said "it's okay what happened in the past stay's in the pass and if these student's of yours can't understand that then they may need a lesson or two on forgiveness" Celestia looked up at me and just nooded

We stayed like that for 2 minutes before she spoke aging "Thank you and i know i shouldn't ask but how old are you since you look 18 and no offense 18 would be a bit young for a consular"

"I am 21 years old" i said flatly

"Yea i thought you were probably older just had to make sure,come to my school tomorrow and we can do a probably interview,you can also meet my sister,Im afraid i must be off but thank you i couldn't keep all of it inside me much longer until we meet aging Sunny" She said still a bit shoken up from her break down earlier thinking i hadnt noticed before she walked away

Well at least i know she thinks im not sunset since she would of most likey accused me of being anon-a-miss seeing as everyone else has blamed me even with having evidence myself,she didnt suspect that i was sunset at least as i rounded the corner i thought about what i had to do tomorrow okay first get some clothes for my new size,second go to canterlot high and meet with celestia to have a proper interview,third if i do get accepted i will have access to more areas to investigate as i settled in my bed i realised it was later the i thought and remembered i would ahve to get up earlier then usually to make sure i have everything,fourth make sure to get suppot from the other teachers to try and get forgiveness and acceptance to be done in classes hopefully preventing any rash decisions by an angry student i thought before i got into bed and went to sleep in mere minute's

Author's Note:

This had deleted itself after i finished it making it so i had to redo it-Rewrite coming soon since i realised i did this chapter with 2 hours of sleep and the celestai ripping sunsets head off makes no sense i know i will fix it when i have slept-rewrite number 1 done,most likey will come back and rewrite aging but i still have another chapter for this and my other story which i hadnt updated in a while