• Published 15th Dec 2021
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King Sombra's Ponut Platoon - alCROWholic

King Sombra is struggling to hire ponies to work as his guards, as it turns out that he isn't too popular in his own Kingdom. The solution is simple, transport people from another world and turn them into stallions!

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Comments ( 6 )

I’m super excited to read this! Wish I could be one of those stallions hehe!

Very interesting it reminds of an old story with with a nearly identical premise from 2013, Wish Fulfillment by NeverClever, except the actual human wasn't pulled out randomly. I can't wait to see the other roles that need to be filled like a spy master, propaganda minster, and a budget secretary, maybe even an artists to art propaganda? I wonder if they get their cutie mark it cement them as Sombra's servants? would be fun to do the cover art for it.

Is it just male humans? female to male TG/TF is kinda rare.

Any m/m with sombra gets a like from me. Good work so far :D

I could add a chapter with a female to male tf, sounds interesting!

Awh, doesnt seem like this is being continued, what a shame too

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