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This looks like it is up my alley. I cannot wait to see more.

Well, Sprout always was a mama's boy. This is just making it official. :pinkiecrazy:

Man why did you disable ratings? :pinkiegasp: Its nice to see how the fans see the popularity of the fic!

I've been disabling the ratings on my ageplayer stories for a few years now, and will happily explain why.

Kink-shamers rarely leave constructive feedback in the comment section, and since non-constructive feedback in the comment section is easily deleted, they almost always resort to blindly downvoting kink and fetish content merely for appearing on the front page.

I'm very proud of the high ratings my vanilla stories have received in the nearly ten years I have been creating content for this site, and it got to the point where the lower ratings on my fringe content was not fairly or accurately reflecting the quality of the content within.

In short, when disabling ratings became a thing, I opted to use it to take away the one and only avenue haters and kink-shamers almost always take; downvote spamming. Kink stories like this reach their intended audiences just by being placed in the appropriate ageplay-centric groups and story folders.

"Whether this is an effective treatment or not remains to be seen, but have you considered what could potentially happen in the aftermath? If this punishment works, his mind may start to latch on and begin to like it. I hope you've considered that; the ease of obtaining some of those items in his room has hopefully tipped you off to the fact that this is a fetish for some ponies."

"Alright, and lastly, I just hope you weren't planning on any outing in public, at least against his will. This kind of rehabilitation behind closed doors is one thing, but exhibitionism when he doesn't want it could do irreparable harm. That's also why I mentioned finding foalsitters who would be open to this; they need to be ponies who would treat him completely normal in the outside world when this is all said and done."

Y'know, I'm not usually a fan of these kinds of fetish stories, but the concern shown by Hitch here really shows how good of a friend he is, while also (possibly) hinting at past experience.

No big suggestions or criticism yet other than I like this. Although, seeing Sprout desperate for the bathroom would be nice.

I could foresee either Hitch or Izzy becoming a foalsitter for Sprout. Hitch because he's already aware of what's going on, and Izzy because I could easily see her playing up the "foal" aspect for Sprout, much to his humiliation. :eeyup:

Might also be interesting to see Sprout try to make a run for it, only to reconsider because he doesn't want anypony else to seem in his foalish state. :twilightsmile:

I think I would rather have less frequent longer chapters, but that is just me. Not sure about everyone else, though.

I think most people wouldn't mind this being on-hiatus while you focus on other priorities.

Whatever you need to do. I'm fine with whatever. I just don't want to see this story disappear and never be written on again. Also in terms of ideas for future chapters would love to see Hitch and also Izzy come over to take care of sprouted. Also in the movie on the shelf behind Alphabittle there is a pacifier next to the crystal. He probably has some experience.

Welp, there's my excuse for another re-watch.

Well, surprised that you were able to put out a good chapter this quickly considering the other stories you have to write. Don't rush it, though. I would rather have infrequent good chapters than to have frequent bad chapters.

I always try to put quality first.

Clearly I do not want to waste this creative rush I have been in for the last couple weeks. My gaming has decreased by about 85% ever since the G5 movie came out. It likely stay that way until Halo Infinite in December.

The first time using diapers is always the hardest.

great story so far! keep up the good work :D

Wonder how it'll be for Sprout when it's time for him to do a number two in his diaper. :trixieshiftright:

before reading i believe Phyllis Cloverleaf is just guilty as his son. in the reason she is the one put those idea to him and she was in charge of teaching others.

Izzy's coming over to foalsit?

Oh dear. He's probably not going to enjoy using his diaper in front of Izzy.

11036186 I'm sure Izzy will know what to do. I don't think she'll think any different of Sprout regardless of what he does in his diapers.

with magic now an availble option id have gone with unbirthing and regresing and a proper re rearing for the little guy but...to each there own.

One of those isn't exactly up my alley, sorry.

Well, that was an unexpected turn. But at least Izzy seemed okay with it.

It will be interesting to see how the show explores magic and flight. Because in my mind they have to relearn everything over again. Like seeing Izzy levitate sprout I'm kind of wondering could she do that? Would Sprout be too heavy?

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love this story! i like how its pretty Plausible and i can imagine the situations easly!
on of my Fav. Storys here! nice Work!

Should've figured Izzy would end up becoming a playmate as well. She's perfectly suited for the role. :pinkiesmile:

So Izzy and Hitch know about it? How long until the rest of the circle of friends out? Sunny at least probably can't be kept in the dark much longer with both Hitch and Izzy in the know. :trixieshiftright:

I honestly haven't given it much thought. You think I should get them involved?

11068443 Well, Sunny at least is likely to find out sooner or later with Hitch and Izzy both in the know. Plus, she's probably bound to have wondered by now what exactly's happened to Sprout since she hasn't seen him and likely will want an apology.

As for Zipp and Pipp, I think it'd be up to Sunny to decide if she should let them know.

Nice story, sorry for missing out on it, looking forward to see more of this story.

Looks like the secret's about to get out.

I’m curious to see how Sunny reacts to Sprouts situation. Hitch did say this is a common fetish so I’m hoping he gets a padded playmate!~

11072178 Wouldn't surprise me if Izzy was the one who got her into it.

"I hope this isn't too forward of me, but I was... I was wondering if you might tell me where you got Sprout his... Supplies..."

It would seem that Sunny wants to experience this herself.

Sounds like Sunny's about to get in on the fun with Sprout. Wonder if she'll also wanna be babied by Izzy. :rainbowkiss:

It there going to be an sequel. Of this story. And im liking this story Going So Far At all. And im really wanna see more of this

This story isn't even complete yet.


Oh my bad them also you doing an great job. On this

Absolutely incredible story! Cant wait for more 💙 Lil Sprout is SO cute!

And Sunny is on her way to be padded up! Looking forward to when Izzy had two padded ponies to look after!

This will be another interesting thing to see how the show handles that. I would assume Sonny would have paid with a card either debit or credit. And maybe even used some type of pay app on her phone tap to pay or something like that with her phone.

Looks like Sunny's gonna give the adult foal life a trial run, maybe even with Izzy to be her caretaker. :heart:

So, how long until Sunny becomes Sprout's playmate? :pinkiehappy:

Izzy is going to have some fun while she’s shopping tomorrow! Mayflower may even have advice for Izzy on how to take care of Sprout and Sunny together.
Looking forward to more!

Yo milesprower06 you've created a great story and I hope you continue doing so 15 chapters plus dudes

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