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Buggy CYOA is an ongoing adventure involving caring for a changeling; one who you discovered trapped in a dire situation in the Everfree Forest.
Life may be simple now, but many secrets lurk within this world, and things can change at any moment...

This is a story directed by the readers comments and participation, and will be incrementally updated as such.
You have the ability to influence what the next chapter will hold.
What will you say? What will you do? Where will you go?
How will you navigate your way through the challenges you may face?
The answer to that is up to you.

Instructions on how to participate and direct how the story continues can be found in the Author's Notes section of both the first and the latest chapter.
Regarding the story rating: Events that have transpired up until this point are firmly T rated, but due to the nature of this being a reader-driven CYOA story, the rating may change to M in the future if necessary. Please be aware of this.

02/03/24: Due to a big change in my circumstances, this CYOA is to be considered on hiatus until June or July of this year.

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Hey nice story! It’s comment driven right? In that case I propose asking twilight about changing defectors if the canterlot invasion has happened or if not then if there is any precedent for friendly changlings. If she gets suspicious use her element against her and say you were curious about it and so asked the most knowledgeable person on friendship you knew.

It's comment driven, but this CYOA has already been running for a while now. The writer is current in the process is adapting the existing parts for Fimfic.

Hey there, I appreciate the enthusiasm! Marker is correct, there is a large amount of preexisting content for this story, which I am working on getting reformatted and added to here in chapters.
Once everything is up to date, reader participation will resume. There will be more information regarding that when it's time.

Sounds great can’t wait to see it!

Here's a thought, what if Notaulix shapeshift and follows?

more proof changelings are for cuddling, such an innocent little bug~

edit: did not see it was M rated, now i'm scared for the safety of the cuddle bug

B-but M category?
It should be in T only...

I would honestly expect the changeling to end up coming into his room to sleep with him cause of a nighqre or something XD. But I'd say ya, he could go to twilight and call her a hypocrite if she has animosity towards the changeling. Other than that I'd say have anon ask notaulix about how changeling society works more in depth.

"Either way, I'm glad you're doing well. You'll be ready to head out with me in to time." You continue.

The to should be no.

Came across this completely by accident.

Interesting so far. You got a follower.

The Monk

I'm sure it's because several of the regular participants have been wanting to steer it into a gay romance.


The M rating is just a safety blanket for any future content. Nothing explicit has happened yet, but that may change in the future since the readers choose how to progress.

Good catch, thanks! It's been fixed.

This is surprisingly cute. Loving your changebuggo character, too.

How cute!, i would love to see them cuddle at some point

I have this question in my head,
If male changeling transform into a mare, Have their genitals changed too to a female one?
I mean,
Are their transform more like only illusion or shape shifting one?

As you've quickly learned from your time spent in this world, it seems like nearly every creature appears to be sentient to one degree or another, including the cows. Because of that, you have had a lingering fear in the back of your mind that a material like leather may be considered a big taboo to the ponies.

The word sentient in this context should be sapient instead.

"Do you need anything else?" You ask the changeling as you walk across the room, activating magical lanterns that hang from the ceiling in anticipation for the sudden transition to nighttime.

I have never really considered the common life effects of having the sun just say "Well, I'm tired!" and everything going dark instantly.

"Oh! Your feet don't have socks anymore! May I please see them?" Notaulix asks in an excited tone.

Yuh just had to make him develop a foot fetish huh XD

Following in from Pone. Glad to see this continuing

So this is here until pony paste is back up?

Notaulix is getting better faster then expected. As Notaulix starts to realize that feeding's from a human is alote more potent then feeding from a pony's later on.

( I'm new to this so is this how u do it?)

The buggo gets the huggo. I approve.

He's posting the story from /mlp/ right now

"Oh! Yes, I haven't introduced myself have I? My name is Notaulix." He answers.

Notaulix: A longitudinal furrow in the anterior part of the mesonotum of various insects.

I like what you did there continuing idea of Changelings being named after types of insects or the parts of insects!

I hope that the leather for the boots are not made of changeling leather form them or there eggs. Like If they get it from the griffin territory. That would be messed up.


Pretty sure the common lore is changelings are genderfluid in that if they shapeshift to a mare, you can't tell the difference without an internal search-- the caveat being a very good infiltrator would also remember the internals as well making it even more difficult without something like xrays or bloodwork/dna sampling.

The TL;DR, they can shapeshift so well you couldn't tell the difference unless you were a doctor.


Mmm, I feel it's not so much more potent, just less influenced by that failed coup awhile back souring changeling-pony relationships. As stated ealier, since Anon has no preconceived knowledge of the changeling, his feelings are similarly pure. Question is, could a pony like and then love a changeling? Absolutely.

I'm just wondering if Anon is going to come home one day and start finding he's attracting more "strays", heh. When he gets older, just call him the crazy changeling guy, a house full of 'em. (At least they can look after themselves unlike a stinky house full of cats) :rainbowlaugh:

Dame dude. The crazy cat lady or ultimate twilight. LoL. Can be possible but can it make good story. It can but will it fit. I know I don't want it to.


"Does anybody feel a giggle when I say the name... Sussus Amogus."

-Julius C=aeser

I was happy to see so many new chapters when I got home today. But now you leave me with this cliffhanger... :raritycry:

Dud. I hope you take breaks. I know writing can be tuff. Plz don't give yourself burn out.

Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you're enjoying it.
What exactly do you like about what you've read thus far?

Gotta keep you on your toes.

I appreciate the concern.

Bro i love him he's so cute. Hes deserves so much more headpats.

The power of pizza compels you!

Makes me wonder if the little guy is hiding some ulterior motive and the guilt is getting to him? Either that or Anon is being so kind that he feels he doesn't deserve all this special treatment, a fit of overwhelming humility causing his sudden retreat. I'm certain a mean word from a pony will balance him back out quite well however. Heh. (No! That's an awful idea! Bad brain, bad)

I don't want to guess. It's boring to know what going to happening next. So I want to stay clueless. Life lesson. If your too smart. Life will seem boring if you can guess it right all the time. As for what draws me in. Best part. I don't look know. Keep doing it.

Good story, but kind of boring.

Still rather impressed at the common sense being displayed. Question is, when will some pony find out the truth? Being out in the boonies of Ponyville tends to make it a short list of close friends or the postal pony like Derpy. This is assuming Anon himself doesn't admit the truth to the girls at some point to "lessen the blow" as it were.

Knowing future events, I can only worry for changelings as a whole. It's established that they need a little magic just to stay alive, an analogy would be a lithium battery that also can never discharge completely or "bad things" happen. The magic-eating demon Tirek would be devastating to changeling society, possibly lethal on a nightmarish scale. That said it would probably be best if love rations were set up to counter the draining effects until Tirek passes by, allowing the local cuddlebug to bounce back and help those in need-- well, except for Anon, humans would be at an advantage here with nothing for Tirek to take.

(Still wondering if he starts attracting other exiles and outcasts in the vicinity before this story plays out)

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