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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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He's got a big friendship problem. Needs pony booty to fix it.

This is dumb, and I love it.:rainbowlaugh:
On another note, while the pacing is (intentionally) really wacky, it is a great read.:twilightsmile:

I enjoyed making this silly short story. Didn't have a profound plot. A human had a growing penis problem and needed some loving mares to take care of it.

“Yeah, I think I’ll skip the macro insanity. Let’s just get this over with, I guess.”

I never thought I would read this in a Bendy fic.

Bendy #6 · July 4th · · ·

I thought I'd make fun of my macro growth stories.

What gets you into the mindset to write these stories?
Every time I read one of your works my brain just melts by how absurd they are.

Bendy #8 · July 4th · · ·

For fun, I guess.

And the love of big fat pony booty.

... as always, your service to our:moustache: community is to be applauded

Tia provided the profound plot:trollestia:

I at first was like, "what the fuck is this?"

Then I saw the author name.

Typical of you to write a story like this, Bendy. Nice one though.

Glad to my part.

And yes, she does have a nice plot.

I needed to make fun of the human with a big penis trope in HIE.

Ah, makes sense. Way too much sense, every human in HiE seems to have a dick that's more that 8 inches when the human average is 5-6 inches which is actually smaller than the calculated average pony length lmao

In some stories the ponies help out the human by giving him a bigger dick with magic. Those are quite rare, however.

Others, the ponies simply don't care. Since their marehoods can squeeze down very tight. So, it does not matter for them.

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