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As the Keeper of Equestrian Tales, Rockhoof must maintain a professional appearance for the various locations he'd be visiting. And despite the stallion's ability to pull off his outfit, he always wears the same outfit. And this is where Rarity, Equestria's biggest name is fashion, comes in. What starts as an unexpected friendship evolves into more as Rarity realizes that her dream prince may be more real that she thought.

Entry for the Pillars Shipping Contest.

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Color me intrigued to see how this one plays out. I hope to see more soon. Don't fret about rushing the story, let it come to you as it will. This feels like one that would be worth letting build up. I look forward to more!

Definitely watching for this one. We definitely need more love for (most of) the Pillars.


1st thing that comes to mind.

Funny part is that I ship Rarity and Applejack together too 😆

Thanks for the submission! We look forward to reading this piece and wish you best of luck in judging!

This was a super interesting ship and you played up to it fairly well! I think the story had some cool and classic romantic moments between the two and you develop it pretty well. I think that I just wish the characterization was slightly stronger, as both Rarity and Rockhoof feel a bit on the weaker side when compared to their show selves and don't stand out as much as I think they can. Still, the conversations between them flowed well and their dynamic was quite nice. Thank you for participating!

Yeah, but not Starswirl. I’m personally not a big fan of him.

Yeah, no, Star Swirl can get out.

Aww this is actually a pretty nice story so far so it looks like rockhoof is invited to does party at Canterlot so he went to Rarity to help him with the suit that he had and even showed a lot of appreciation for her by giving her gifts after the last time they saw each other which that was pretty nice of him doing that and it's also he's doing good ever since the events of the Fiasco School of friendship but he did try but I'm glad he found his true calling of telling stories to every pony and creatures so Rarity got to work on the suits although she been kind of having feelings about him but she has to keep it professional so once she was done she made two suits with wow that takes a lot of dedication from her and he thanked her for all of the work that she's done even left the money there and even invited her to the party when she was surprised but she took the offer it looks like she got herself a date she didn't know how to feel about this but that feeling is back again

“Oh, forgive me, I’ve always dreamed of a prince to give me some escape from day to day life,” Rarity explained. “Although, I don’t need that. I’ve always had adventures with my friends, including Twilight’s assistant. He’s in love with a griffon now, thank Celestia. I wouldn’t want him to be longing after me forever.”

Which I think that's for the best because he needs to find somebody who's actually in his age I mean he's not a baby dragon but you still young and I always like Gabby and Spike together

Well this is a pretty short story but a really good one so the day has come and Rarity was ready to go but she's waiting for rockhoof to show up which he did and along the way he fell asleep but Rarity still having conflict feelings for him thinking this is could be like her Fairy Tail come true but knowing this is just a invitation just to go to a party that's about it but once they finally got their Princess Celestia and Luna greeted them and they were pretty surprised to see Rarity here and apparently she kind of dropped the ball that she kind of thinking they're not just dating and she got embarrassed about it and ran off and she was feeling a little sad that this is just what it is but then Rockhoof showed up and basically kissed her which dang he work really fast but she didn't care because he kind of felt the same way as well so they continued with their date nights again this was a pretty good story a very interesting shipping here which I like it keep up the good work

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