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“You can’t have rainbows without a storm.”
“You can with enough money to bribe the weather team.”

I do appreciate these little exchanges that only make sense in an Equestrian context.

I was expecting an Oxygen Factory-like scenario where this was the only way new ponies were born. I wasn't expecting a meditation on mortality with Celestia, nor a character origin story that explains more than a few thing in a most unexpected way. Fascinating stuff. Thank you for it.

That was a bit different. Interesting concept.

This is the weirdest origin story I've ever read and I love it.

I have no idea why, but I find it absolutely hilarious how Celestia tailor-made Sunset to be her successor... only for the role to ultimately go to Twilight. Best-laid plans, amirite?

Anyway, this was a fun read! Certainly offers an interesting explanation of why Sunset has no known EqG-verse counterpart, that's for sure.

Fascinating; thank you for writing. :)

I want to be buried after death-but if cremation worked like it does in this fanfic and my ashes could make new human life-then I would consider being cremated instead.

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