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I have to say, this was one sexy story. Love the design of Starskipper and her personality is completely sexy, especially with her devious plan. Any chance for a sequel?

Either through coincidence, amazing timing, or sheer dumb luck, the big lug gave her just what she wanted. With a vehement plunge, the thick root of his cock Popped into her and gradually started to swell. As if the intrusion hadn’t been intense enough, feeling him expanding with her snug confines, seething ropes of his essence surged into her depths.


does the twist perchance have anything to do with that very obvious trans-flag hair coloring?
edit: not meaning any offense here, just asking

Hope it involves Starskipper using that long tongue of hers on a mare. Would love to see if her seduction strategies are just as effective on a mare.

That mare hit the jackpot ♡ The Studs sure had a great day/night to :twilightsmile:

Not even a little!

He's dummy thick where it counts

Good stuff leech!

Hope you do even more size difference in the future, it's definitely fetish fuel for me.

I'll definitely keep that in mind! :yay:

Wait, so Parallax is a real word? DC Comics didn't make it up?

It is indeed a real word, yes!

Sexy and wonderful! I hope that dad found somewhere to clean himself off before returning to his kid. Also, my visits to the planetarium were never that exciting.





I think someone might have forgotten something

Meanwhile by nerd horse....

"Geez, where's Dad? He's taking ages."

"Probably off rage fucking the gilded dock off that featherless be winged gash he was eye rutting from the first five seconds we dragged you and his free loading ass here with the rest of this pack of useless cunts."

At that, Etiam looked at the wren with a frown,

"Madam, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?"

"No, yours. Now get back to geeking before I come over there and fuck you."


"I am an adult,"

Going through stories and noted this one as it caught my attention. I know Sondy and have actually gotten art piece from them.

Though this is going in my read list and will probably revive a like just as a previous story you wrote recieved.

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