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But did they withhold financial aid from The Uneigh unless they investigated Princess Twilight? :rainbowwild:

Kulpa #3 · Dec 4th, 2019 · · ·

Leech never disappoints! Good shit, man.

Reaching out, snatching it from her brother’s grip, Sele inspected the device. Looking it over, noting the additional components which had been soldered or bolted into place, she glanced over at him. “If you promise to get me a mango smoothie, fine…”

Oh, I think she may be getting a different smoothie:ajsmug:.

This story is set before the return of Nightmare Moon/Luna.

As a matter of fact, it is!

I probably should've noted that somewhere >n>

Filthy Rich, not Princess Twilight. :trollestia:

Every once in a while somepony in Equestria experiments with democracy and learns a terrible lesson.

Good grief! Haven't we had enough quid pro quos to last a whole year already?!

Statement: This has lewd batponies, instantly on my NSFW shelf.

You had me at hypnosis, and with batponies it became better.

That was entertaining. I was actually going to point out that hypnotism may make someone prone to suggestion, but can't make them do anything they don't actually want, but the story beat me to it.

However, I do believe there is at least one typo:

Nodding, sliding the contraction onto her head,

I'm guessing you meant "contraption"

Im sorry to tell you Leech, but I somehow managed not to be surprised in the slightest bit, whatsoever.

What happens when you put two nerdy siblings in a house together? The answer MAY surprise you...

As 9974759 pointed out, the answer would not surprise anyone familiar with the author.

Seriously though, with you the answer to "what happens next" is always "sex"

I'm sorry. Because of your avatar, I read anything you say in Eleven's voice.

I see nothing wrong with that. If anything it's a bonus!

This was hot, but with all stories like this I always wonder how they don't get pregnant. (Have I mentioned I find that hot, especially when unintentional?)

This is definitely going into my favourites. Thanks for the story!:twilightsmile:

Well. Veni Vidi. Not much Vici

“Calm down, you only made a few minor miscalculations,” Sele grumbled. Shoving him to the size, causing his softening stallionhood to escape from her, she rolled to the side of the bed.
Pretty sure that is supposed to be to the SIDE not to the SIZE correct?

We've only really had 2 come out. All the other ones are hidden behind paywalls.

In the news. Real Quid Pro Quos. All the news stations that talk about it (And supposedly give evidence supporting that it's happening) have paywalls, so you can't actually read the article unless you subscribe.)

you know there is a drug that is made from the seeds of a tree that makes someone extremely susceptible to commands, by deactivating higher brain functions and making you easy to convince (like a child) and the best part is that they won't remember what happened once the effects wear out.

Edit: went back to find the name of the drug, it is called scopolamine

Most of the time, the fic cuts off long before it could be proven one way or the other. In other words, who's to say they don't?

Question, what is the id on the image? (Also great story leech)

There's a few channels run by deranged anti-celestian lunatics that pretend that's what happened, but very few ponies are stupid enough to actually believe what they see on TV.

I'm not really into faking hypnosis, but this story actually made me laugh

Laughing and/or boners
That's the name of my literary game :trollestia:

If you're going to fuck your own sister raw, why not go the whole way, right?

This guy gets it! :raritywink:

Comment posted by Bingles the troll deleted Dec 24th, 2019

This was fun! Maybe someday you'll write a sequel...? One can only hope, hehe. :heart:

I fully intend to!

Fuck the Hell yes! Tell me he knocks her up! Do it!

Quid pro quo before you go?

my hand is now sore... Thanks Some Leech!

That means I did something right! :trollestia:

I am not trying to be rude when i say this, but the cover art kind of pushed me away. The way all your other stuff is drawn kind of makes this one stand out, and not in a good way

(Old comment I know but) Selenite is infertile. Means I cant give her foals but it comes with the bonus of having her be a consequence free slut in any lewd drawings or stories of her.


Sequel please :3

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