• Published 28th Aug 2012
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Me, You, and a Library for Two - Dull Mist

A story about a stallion meeting his childhood crush for the first time in years.

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A Few Weeks Later

A Few Weeks Later

Two ponies lay in front of a cheerfully crackling brick lined fireplace, sharing a single soft woollen blanket that had been draped over their backs and each cradling a mug of hot cocoa in between their front hooves. The light flickered across their faces as they conversed quietly, not necessarily having any need to lower their voices, but feeling that it was appropriate anyway.

“You can't be serious.” Twilight said, her face expressionless and her voice flat.

Silver smiled and sipped at his mug of cocoa. “I am.” he replied without a hint of sarcasm.

“So you're telling me that not only did we go to the same school, but we we've actually met each other once before?”

Silver bobbed his head noncommittally. “Well...it wasn't so much of a meeting as it was a head on collision due to neither of us paying attention, but yes, that's the gist of it.”

Twilight stared at him. “Wow...that's really...wow.” she thought for a moment. “How do you remember all of that?”

Silver blinked. “Oh, y'know, it's just one of those things that stick with you for no real reason, heh...” He grinned at the mare laying by his side.

She scrutinized him blankly for a few seconds before smiling and shrugging.

“To be completely honest though...” Silver continued sheepishly, the words slowly spilling out of his mouth. “for months since we bumped into each other in the hall, I had wanted to talk to you, but couldn't.”

She tilted her head in that adorable way she did when posed with an interesting question or tidbit of information. “Why not?”

He sighed and grinned ruefully. “I don't really remember to be honest. I guess I just wasn't very good at making friends.”

She blinked. “Oh.” she said simply, turning to stare into the fire. The two ponies were silent for a long moment, their attentions held by the flames as they sipped at their cocoa.

After a long moment, Twilight sighed. “Well, I wish you had.” she said frankly. Silver couldn't help but chuckle.

“I wish I had too.” he replied with a small smile, looking sideways at the mare to see that she had one of her own. “We would have made good friends, I think.”

Her smile grew wider as she slowly sunk into Silver Quill, leaning against his shoulder and neck. He felt a rush of giddiness at the feeling of her body pressing into his.

“Mhm.” she murmured in assent. “We could have talked about books and our favourites authors.”

“Yeah,” Silver said wistfully. “and you could have helped me with my homework.”

“And you would have been an excellent test subject for my spells.” she responded with a giggle, causing Silver to grimace slightly.

“We could have spent hours and hours talking...” Twilight continued

“And we could do each others hair...” Silver countered.

“And helped each other out when things were tough...”

“And painted our hooves...”

Twilight scowled and swatted at him. “Oh, be serious!”

Silver chuckled and fended her away. “I am!” he protested with a laugh, causing her to shake her head in mock dismay. He thought for a moment and smiled.

“I could have asked you out to prom.”

Twilight grinned slyly, shooting him a sideways glance. “And I could have said no because I would be too embarrassed.”

Silver raised his eyebrows. “Well...I could have suggested we go to the beach at night and look at the stars instead.”

Twilight hummed. “Well then, that I could have lived with.” she said quietly, nuzzling into his neck ever so gently.

“And then I could have confessed my undying devotion to you.” he replied, reciprocating the action and causing her to giggle.

“Devotion huh?” she asked softly.

“Yep...” he whispered, grasping on of her hooves in his. “And then I could have stammered my way through an awkward confession that would embarrass me for years to come.”

She chuckled brightly. “Oh, you don't give yourself enough credit” she said, shooting him a small wink. “You can actually be quite the sweet talker at times.”

Silver smiled and, before he knew it, leaned over to lightly kiss her on the cheek. “Only because you bring out the best in me.”

To his delight, she blushed slightly, her ears falling back against her head. She leaned into him a little more, drawing the blanket tighter around her as she looked into the fire. Minutes went by like this, the two ponies sitting in silence, simply revelling in one another's company and closeness. Taking infrequent sips of their cocoa which was starting to cool, the only sound from the room came fro the cheery crackling of the flames. The occasional glance or nuzzle was all that they needed.

Finally, Twilight set aside her half empty mug and looked at him expectantly. “Alright then, let's get started.”

Silver grinned at her and nodded. He reached behind him under the blanket, withdrew a thick stack of papers that held lines and lines of text and a freshly sharpened pencil.

“Alright, where did we leave off?” he asked, holding the sheaf of papers in his hooves and the pencil with his magic.

She tapped her chin in thought. “Hmmm...when she gave the inspirational speech to the peasants and commoners to rise up and revolt against the evil king, if I remember correctly.”

Silver nodded and leafed through the papers, knowing from memory which page he was supposed to stop on. After finding it, he spared one more glance to Twilight to see if she was ready.

This was their ritual. To the two bibliophilic ponies, there was nothing more enjoyable than reading a good book, and there was no better way for them to spend time together than for them to read together, often to one another. Either Silver or Twilight would pick out one of their favourite books to read, or Silver would read to her something that he was in the process of writing or had written and Twilight would give her input.

Silver enjoyed reading his work to Twilight, not only because she seemed to genuinely enjoy it, but her nearly encyclopedic knowledge of so many subjects proved to be invaluable in helping him write as well as possible. It was one of the perks to having her as his marefriend.

Twilight nodded, signifying that he could start, and settled in next to him. She crossed her hooves in front of her and laid her head on them, and Silver's heart couldn't help but flutter at the sight.

Straightening his papers and clearing his throat, Silver started reading and continued well into the night, Twilight occasionally interrupting with a suggestion or a a correction that he would jot down with his pencil. They read until his jaw ached from talking too much and until their eyes struggled to stay open until finally they fell asleep in front of the dying embers, their hooves holding onto each others and smiles on their faces.

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:rainbowkiss::raritystarry: Too. . . much. . . d'aww. . .

i :heart: this chapter cant wait for more i just love it :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

3295599 There is no more I'm afraid. It didn't change from incomplete to complete when I tried to change it earlier for some reason, but it's labeled properly now.

Very nicely done all around. The part about his mother really hit home; I know exactly how he feels and it is for that reason that the story was able to draw me in. Excellent! :twilightsmile:

WHY IS THEIR NO MORE :raritydespair:
Amazing story :twilightsmile: 100% Twilight Approved :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Silver Scrolls deleted Oct 4th, 2013

YOU WILL WRITE A SEQUEL NOW AND YOU WILL LIKE IT GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flutterrage: download.gamespotcdn.net/d4/user_images/1154/ermn41_2.gif

And thus, another great story comes to a close.

You my thanks for sharing your talents with us, and we hope to see more great things from you.

Comment posted by Mega Maniac deleted Oct 4th, 2013

And now I wonder what Shining has to say about this...

Good reason for a sequel Hint Hint

well damn :C , but still an excellent fanfic and has a good enough quality for an epilogue story which would be grate.

Hands down one of the best Twi stories I've read, and I've got really high standards so I don't say that often

Absolutely wonderful :twilightsmile:

*finds this story on the 3rd.* --- *Finishes on the 5th* --- I am amazed with how easily this story drew me in! I mean, I'm not much of romance guy. At least, I thought I wasn't. Turns out I'm an absolute sucker for it. Either way, aside from the occasional error in grammar, or a missing word or something like that, this story is brilliant. It isn't my favorite, but it DOES claim a really high spot on my list as my number 3. In any case, you did a fantastic job, and in the end, I couldn't be happier with how you handled it. It left me feeling warm and happy on so many levels.

Bravo good sir. You just made my weekend. :pinkiehappy:

I loved this story so much i had no time to comment in between chapters. I'm almost jealous of silverquill... almost.:twilightsmile:

They do that in Mexico. It's called the "Day of the Dead".


See? :twilightsmile:

please make a sequel to this story this would have so much potential for one :pinkiehappy:

It was physically painful for me to read this story; I was unable to get past chapter five since every single character besides Silver Quill annoyed me. I would only recommend reading this piece of literature as a method of mild psychological torture.

3619904 It seems that you are the only person who feels that way, so that tells us where you stand.

I thought it was a good romance story, the pacing was a tad slow in the middle of the story, but overall, it was a very well written work.

4096858 It's just an opinion. No need to get riled up about it.

4099932 Who is getting riled up?

I was simply making a semi-humorous statement about you being part of the small group who didn't like this fic, at your expense of course.

I was in no way getting riled up as you so bluntly put it.

4391399 Ah, my mistake. I reread this story on my phone and it incorrectly. My bad. :twilightblush:


Ah, I thought your username looked familiar. I'm glad to see you like it enough to read it again.

4698882 "I am a frequent commenter and I won't hesitate to be critical. Expect to hear from me every chapter."

Hah! My favourite kind!

Site Blogger

When I first started reading this, I half-expected a blatant self-insert that rushed into things. While it can be safely argued that things were still rushed into for Silver and Twilight – they only knew one another for a week, after all – you didn't rush into their relationship, which was a great relief. In the end I was rewarded with a pleasant little love story that I'm quite pleased to have found. The interaction between Twilight and Silver was well managed and Twilight in particular was fun to read about. There's a reason miss Awkward Bibliophile works so well in romances.

That being said, I saw quiet a few things that lessened my entertainment of this story. For starters, it felt like the first 1/3 of this tale was devoted to Silver walking around Ponyville meeting the Mane 6. I was starting to wonder where the conflict was and why I was being pulled through all of this. In the end it didn't serve all that much of a purpose. Perhaps if we had seen Silver having difficulty making friends or facing some sort of serious conundrum due to these events, but we didn't and it actually left me wondering if there was even going to be a conflict at all. You eventually pulled out of this lull, but it went on for way too long.

Another issue was a simple matter of saying too much to achieve things. You improved a good deal early on, but you never really pulled out of it. Needless saidisms, explaining things that didn't need to be explained, repeating the same explanations, telling me things that were blatantly obvious, telling me all over again things that I already knew from previous chapters. It was cringe-worthy every time I saw it, and I saw it with almost every paragraph in this story. This could be the poster child of why "show vs. tell" is so important. You could probably cut 5,000-10,000 words from this entire story, not lose a single scrap of information, vastly improve flow and instill the deep sense of emotion you were clearly going for but couldn't quite hit.

Perhaps the most annoying thing of all was Silver's blatant disregard of everything staring him in the face. I am an extremely logical person and I can tell you I wouldn't have missed 2/3 of the things Silver chose to "not let it bother him" (I wanted to punch him across the jaw every time he made that particular variety of decision). It felt as though you were forcing him to do things no reasonable individual would do just to keep the story going and maintain the drama. One of the things I am very critical about in every story I read is realistic character reactions and behavior, and what Silver was doing completely defied all sense of reality.

Despite all this, I have to hand it to you: this is really good for a first attempt at a story. With work and some practice, you could develop your writing to the next level. As harsh as my criticisms are, I think there is some promise in your words.


I appreciate how on point and forward you were with the criticism you gave, so thanks for that. I know this there's plenty of glaring mistakes in this story, and it's probably not the easiest on this site to read, but thank you for managing to get through it. I read all of your comments, and I found them to be quite helpful.

Site Blogger

And that's why I give them, to be helpful. :twilightsmile: If you can improve from my comments then I consider my time well spent. And like I said, for a first attempt at a story this is a really good showing.

Silver Quill's childhood crush was a simple, fleeting thing, although one that he didn't really understand. But when he finally meets the pony that interested him so many years ago, his normally calm and organized mind is thrown for a loop. Now he has to get his feelings under control and not make a complete fool of himself while trying his hardest to get rid of this cursed writers block that got him here in the first place. Easier said than done.

I haven't read this as of this comment, but The second I saw that name, I had to do a double take. This is a totaly unrelated character.... right?

either way, I'm a sucker for the OC X Twilight stories so i'm reading it regardless


A few flaws, but still a very nice read to undertake after all these years. Should you ever find the drive to further explore their budding relationship, I'd gladly be the first in line to read it. Thanks for this story, Mist.

This is adorable! I'm listening to a reading of the story.

Oh? Would that happen to be mine out of curiosity?

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