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Me, You, and a Library for Two - Dull Mist

A story about a stallion meeting his childhood crush for the first time in years.

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Kids Say the Darndest Things

Kids say the darndest things

What in the name of Celestia’s solar flank does a pony have to do to get a good night sleep around here?!

After another night interrupted by the nightmare of running through a forest with the sound of a rumbling earthquake and a monotonous cello, and falling into the bright depths of some strange pond, Silver Quill was very tempted to shout this out at the top of his lungs. Were he currently living alone, he would have done so, but unfortunately for him, he had to opt for a more considerate whisper that dripped with barely concealed venom.

With a dejected sigh, he got out of bed and made himself presentable, grumbling all the way. Unfortunately for him, there was nothing he could do about the bags under his eyes that had formed due to his lack of rest save apply concealing makeup, and he wasn’t about to do that anytime soon.

Silver glared at himself in the mirror, but this time for a different reason. He was already several days into his sabbatical and he had almost forgotten what he was here for, a cure for his writers block, yet he hadn’t written a single word. That just wouldn’t do.

With a flourish, he turned away from the mirror and headed downstairs to greet Twilight and Spike. His eyes narrowed, and his mouth was set in a determined scowl. Today was the day where that changed.

“I’m going to be productive today!” he thought decisively.

“Hey Silver!” Twilight called as she noticed him walking downstairs. “We’re going to Rarity’s boutique after breakfast to get materials to make our Nightmare Night costumes. Care to join us?”

“I’m going to be productive tomorrow!” he thought, also decisively.


After a quick breakfast, Silver and Twilight were getting ready to leave when Twilight called out to her assistant who was busy washing dishes. “Spike, we’re going to Rarity’s now, are you coming or not?”

Spike was by her side almost instantly. “Do Diamond Dogs smell like an unwashed manticore dipped in Parasprite droppings?”

“Er, yes?”

“Exactly.” He said with a decisive nod before he hopped up onto Twilight’s back, causing her to chuckle.

Silver opened the front door, letting a dragon carrying Twilight walk out before stepping out himself and closing the door behind them.

The ring-a-ding of the bell situated over the door to the Carousel Boutique greeted them as they stepped inside the building that could only have belonged to the most fashionable mare in Ponyville with the way it was stylized. Silver found himself wondering what the inspiration for the name was, because as far as he could tell, it didn't resemble a carousel in the slightest.

Rarity was quick to greet them with the cheery smile of a pony hoping to make a sale that quickly turned into a one of a pony happy to see her friends.

“Welcome to the Carousel Boutique, where every garment is chic, unique, and magnifique!” She was suddenly by their side with an appraising gaze on her face as she looked at Twilight. “Although you probably knew that already. You’re here for the material to make your nightmare night costume I take it?”

Twilight grinned. “You know, it’s strange how you always know exactly what I need whenever I come here to make a purchase. How do you do it? You’re not spying on me are you?” She narrowed her eyes in mock suspicion, causing Rarity laugh lightly.

“Perish the thought, dear Twilight. I just happen to have a particularly potent mare’s intuition, nothing more.”

“If you say so. Anyway, I’m going to take a look at your selection of fabrics if you don’t mind.”

Rarity nodded her understanding. “Of course dear, take as long as you like.”

Twilight left Silver Quill and Rarity to peruse the selection of the store much to the displeasure of Spike. He had been oddly fixated on Rarity and wasn’t too happy with his stare session being interrupted.

Rarity turned her attention back to Silver Quill and batted her long, dark eyelashes at him. “Silver Quill,” she said with a coy smile. “what a pleasure it is to see you again.”

Silver Quill took her hoof in his and gently kissed it in a proper high class greeting, much in the same way when he first met her a few days ago. “The pleasure is all mine Lady Rarity.”

She chided him gently. “Come now darling, I think we’ve moved past the point where we must have such formalities with one other. Just call me Rarity.”

Silver couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow in surprise “A lady requesting to not be addressed as such? Now I’ve seen everything.” he thought to himself. In Canterlot, a mare would give you a verbal lashing vicious enough to knock your cutie mark off if you didn’t address them in the proper manner.

He didn’t voice these thoughts as he was quite sure that this was already known to her. Instead he answered with a simple “If you insist.”

“I do insist.” She said with conviction. “Now, tell me. How has your stay in Ponyville been?”

“So far Ponyville has been nothing but pleasant. It’s a perfect change of pace from the hustle and bustle of the city, especially to get my mind back on my writing.”

“Oh that’s right. You’re here to get the inspirational ball rolling, so to speak,” Rarity sighed. “I know what that’s like, having the urge to create but not being able to, like there’s an impenetrable wall blocking any and all creative processes.” Her tone of voice was so sombre and dramatic, it almost sounded to Silver that she considered it to be the worst possible thing to happen to somepony.

“Well, that’s nothing a week or so of mental relaxation can’t solve.” She finished.

Silver nodded wisely. “That’s what I was told, although I wish that my brain would hurry up and get back to full capacity. Not being able to write makes me feel…strangely empty.”

She gave him a sympathetic look. “I understand completely darling.” She graced him with a sly smile. “We are alike, you and I. We feel the burning desire deep within ourselves to create art, either with thread or ink. When we can’t scratch that itch, it irritates in a way like no other.”

Silver blinked. “You have quite a way with words, Rarity.”

“Very true, although most think of me as a bit of a drama queen.” She huffed in dissatisfaction. “I like to think of myself as emotionally eloquent.”

With one of his characteristic small smiles, Silver nodded. They stood there in amiable silence for a moment or two, and Silver took the opportunity to look around, letting his attention wander from one display to another, admiring the designs.

“See anything you like?” Rarity asked with a hint of amusement.

“I see a lot that I like.” Silver replied. “Unfortunately, I’ve never looked good in a dress, no matter how skilfully made it was.”

She responded with a light laugh and a gracious nod at his thinly veiled compliment. “I’ll have to put that to the test some time.” She said with a mischievous little grin.

Silver didn’t say anything, only shaking his head in mock despair and putting on his best “woe is me” face, eliciting another chuckle.

“Well if you ever do need to look especially spiffy for a night, and wouldn’t mind getting stared at by everypony that you crossed, you know who to talk to.”

Rarity’s face quickly changed from one of mirth to one of thoughtfulness. She looked over to where Twilight and Spike were perusing her stores of fabrics and materials for ponies who wanted to make something of their own. Twilight was currently trying to disengage Spike form a role of white satin that he had somehow wrapped around himself, causing him to fall over flat on his face. He was probably trying to dress up as a mummy or something.

“Sooooo…” she drawled as she slowly turned her gaze back towards Silver. “How do you find living with Twilight?” Rarity shot a quick glance back at her friend to make sure she was out of earshot. “She’s probably not the easiest pony to live with, what with her tendency to be a teeny bit of a perfectionist.”

“So far we’ve gotten along swimmingly.” Silver replied. “She’s quite fun to be around and makes for an extremely interesting conversation partner due to her intelligence. And besides, I’m a bit of a perfectionist myself when it comes to my books.”

Rarity raised a delicate eyebrow at that, her interest now piqued. She looked Silver Quill straight in the eye with a meaningful gaze. “Is that so?”

Silver detected a hint of something strange in her voice. Her question was asked almost in a manner that suggested that she was very subtly interrogating him. Her eyes seemed a bit too searching and her voice at bit to questioning to be natural. He chose to ignore it however, deciding that it was irrelevant.

“Yep. A cousin of mine once spilled chocolate pudding on one of my books. He is now terrified of going anywhere near them whenever he sees me.”

Rarity chuckled. “It seems like you and Twilight have a lot in common then.”

Silver shrugged nonchalantly. “I suppose.”

Rarity’s eyes narrowed, and she took a small step towards him as though to examine him more closely.

“What is she playing at?” Silver wondered. A moment of silence passed between them. Eventually, Rarity eased up on her scrutiny and favoured him with a small smile under a much less intense gaze.

“I apologize if I come across as prying Silver Quill, you just fascinate me is all.”

“I do? Dare I ask why?”

Rarity flicked her tail as she smirked. “Well it’s simple really. During the entire time that we’ve been standing here talking, Twilight has looked back at you several times when she should be picking out the materials for her Nightmare Night costume. Not only that, but she’s been looking at me nervously, as though I were about to…” her eyes got an almost vicious gleam in them, “try something.”

She quickly brushed a hoof through her curled mane. “Not that I would mind you. I have more tact than that, I would think.”

“I see.” Silver said slowly, not entirely comprehending what the fashionista was getting at. “And how exactly did you find the time to notice these things?”

“Oh darling,” Rarity said as a mischievous glint reappeared in her eyes. “It’s my job to notice the fine details, because more often then not, the fine details are what make or break an outfit.”

Silver blinked. “Alright, and what do your observations of Twilight have to do with me?” Silver asked, hoping that this mare would be straightforward for once.

“Oh ho, now that would be telling.” Rarity reached up and patted him on the cheek. “I’m sure you’ll find out eventually darling.”

They were suddenly interrupted by Twilight’s voice as she appeared next to them, walking side by side with Spike who was carrying a tower of different colour fabric and was desperately trying to balance it.

“I hope you found everything okay?” she said, her tone making it a question. When she got a nod from Twilight, she smiled at her. “Good. Now of course I’ll be expecting no payment.” She said pointedly as Twilight was rummaging through her bags for her money. She looked up and opened her mouth to protest, but was quickly cut off by Rarity.

“Ah ah,” she said curtly, putting her hoof to Twilight’s mouth, shushing her. “I won’t allow you to pay a single bit. Besides, these are fairly inexpensive materials and just seeing the marvellous costume that you’ll surely put together will be more then enough.”

Twilight gave Rarity a grateful nod of her head. Thank you Rarity, that’s very generous of you.”

Her expression looked a little downtrodden for a moment as she muttered. “Although I wish you would have let me make your costume. You have the absolute perfect colours to make the most lovely looking vampony with just a little eye shadow and the right gown” She quickly brightened. “But I suppose you’ll be wanting to make your own costume of some famous magician, like your last costume of Starswill the Bearded.”

Silver had to suppress a burst of laughter as he was assaulted with images of Twilight dressed up as a crotchety old stallion, beard and all. He successfully turned it into a cough however, not drawing any attention to himself.

“Right again, Rarity.” Twilight laughed as she gave her a quick friendly hug. She then quickly and neatly picked up the fabrics that Spike was carrying, neatly folded them, and tucked them away into her saddlebags.

“You really do need to teach me how you do that.” She said with a wink as the four of them made their way to the door. Rarity chuckled and opened the door with her magic for them before answering.

“I told you already dear.” She said before locking eyes with Silver Quill for just a second. “It’s just mare’s intuition.”

Silver Quill couldn’t get Twilight to reveal the details of her planned costume as they walked back to the library no matter how hard he tried. He was hoping that it would be as hilarious looking as he imagined her in a Starswill the Bearded costume would be, but she was adamant about having it be a surprise.

“I’m going as a zombie.” Spike proudly announced, puffing out his chest. “I’ve even got the walk down and everything!”

“Do you have any plans for a costume Silver?” Twilight asked. Silver thought for a moment before idly shrugging.

“I’m not sure I’m going to get dressed up, although I may have an idea for a good costume. I just need to figure out how I would go about doing it.”

“What are you thinking of dressing up as?” she replied with a tilt of her head. Silver Quill only smiled and shook his head, his meaning plain to see.

Twilight huffed. “Fine then, be that way.”

They walked in silence for a few minutes, enjoying the Nightmare Night decorations that ponies had started to put outside of their homes and shops. Plastic bats hung from roofs and disembodied hooves poked out of the ground next to fake gravestones that had humorous descriptions on them. Silver Quill’s favourite was one that said “Here lies Cynical Bill, who should have mailed that letter to 5 more ponies to avoid being cursed.”

“I wonder if Princess Luna is going to visit Ponyville again this year…” Twilight wondered aloud to herself, instantly getting Silver’s attention.

“What’s that about Princess Luna?” he asked interestedly.

“Last year, Princess Luna came to Ponyville to celebrate Nightmare Night.” She explained. She then grimaced as she remembered the events of a year prior. “It could have gone better. Everypony was too afraid of her to celebrate, and she kind of took it to heart.”

“I see.”

“But eventually everypony realized that there was nothing to be afraid of, and she realized that some ponies actually enjoyed being scared. Everything was alright after that.” She smiled wistfully. “Heh, good times.”

“And you think that she’ll come back to Ponyville again this time?” Silver inquired.

“I think it’s pretty likely. Why do you ask?”

“No reason. It’ll just be nice to see her again.”

Twilight blinked, taken aback slightly. “You and Luna are…close?”

“Eh, I guess you could say that.” Silver replied noncommittally. “We’re friends is all.”

“Huh.” She paused briefly to think about this revelation. “How in the world did you make friends with possible the most reclusive pony in Equestria?”

Silver chuckled. “It wasn’t that hard, actually. I was sitting in my usual writing spot in the middle of a rarely visited forest in Canterlot at night, like I tend to do, and she approached me asking why I always returned to that one spot. I told her that I always found it easiest to concentrate there. After that, she started visiting me while I wrote every couple of days.”

“Wow.” Twilight muttered. “That’s really surprising, to be honest. Luna didn’t strike me as the type who would just walk up to a pony and strike up a conversation with them.”

“She isn’t.” Silver said matter of factly. “It took her about 2 months to talk to me.”

“Wow Silver, you’re really good with the mares aint’cha?” Spike commented from Twilight’s back with a sly smile. “Ya think you could give me some lessons?”

Twilight couldn’t help but tense slightly at his little quip, interrupting the rhythm of her pace for a fraction of a second. Silver didn’t notice it however, as he was too busy shaking his head at the dragon.

“Sorry buddy, you’re just gonna have to figure it out just like everyone else.” He said with a smirk.

Spike folded his arms and huffed. “Rats.”

They arrived at the library shortly after at around mid afternoon. Twilight excused herself, saying that she was going to get a head start on making her costume. Spike said he was going to do the same, except instead of doing it in private so it would be a surprise, he just plopped himself down on the floor of the library with what he needed and set to work. Silver decided to help the little guy since he had nothing else to do.

He could have gotten some writing done, but he already decided that he would be productive the next day. No point in making a schedule if you don’t follow it!

“I am probably the most efficient procrastinator I have ever known.” he thought with some amusement.

Spike was going to dress up as a zombie, so they basically had to make him look as dishevelled as possible. They took an old, small, worn up shirt that fit their purpose and cut some holes in it, making it look even more old and worn out. He put on a ratty brown hat that he had saved especially for such an occasion and experimented with some face paint, turning the normally cute and innocent face into one filled with ravenous hunger.

Or at least, that’s the way Spike put it. The whole ravenous hunger effect was slightly dampened, however, by Spike giggling while trying to make a convincing zombie groan as Silver carefully painted his face a mixture of red, green, and brown.

When Silver finished, Spike leapt to his feet and ran to the bathroom to see for himself. Silver heard him cackling as he beheld his adorably terrifying image in the mirror. Silver only shook his head with a grin.

“Heh, kids.”

Silver started cleaning up, putting the strips of cloth cut from the torn shirt in the garbage and putting away the paint and brushes back in the drawer Spike had taken them from. He washed off the specks of paint that stained his hooves in the kitchen sink, and then he noticed that Spike was still in the bathroom.

“Spike?” he called.

“In here!” came his voice from the open door. Silver walked over to see the little dragon standing on a stepladder in front of a mirror, posing in various ways with his arms hanging out in front of him and his tongue lolling from his mouth.

“You know, you should probably wash that stuff off.” Silver commented. Spike stopped his posing to look at Silver with an affronted expression.

“Why should I?” he asked. He turned back to the mirror and grinned. “I look awesome!”

“As true as that may be,” Silver said as he retrieved a towel. “do you really want to show Twilight your costume before Nightmare Night? You’ll be able to scare her much more if you wait until then.”

Spike’s eyes widened as he contemplated those words. A mischievous, evil little grin broke out on his small face a he dreamed about how scared Twilight would be when she saw him on Nightmare night, only a few days away.

“Oooh, this is going to be good.” He muttered as he rubbed his claws together. Silver mentally chuckled as Spike turned on the sink and splashed and rubbed water onto his face, causing the paint to fall into the sink and run down the drain. He then snatched the towel that Silver was holding and dried himself.

“Done.” He announced. He hopped off the stepladder that he was standing on and followed Silver out of the bathroom. “Now I better get started on my chores.”

Spike went and retrieved a sprits bottle of cleaning solution and a rag from the cupboard underneath the kitchen sink and started to methodically wipe down the windows.

Now Silver just had to think of something to take up his time. He looked around for a few moments before coming to a decision. He was going to make his own costume, and he needed to talk to a certain mare.

Ring a ding

“Oh, Silver Quill, back so soon?”

“Hey Rarity, remember how you told me to come to you if I ever needed to look, as you put it, spiffy?

“Er, yes?”

Silver walked back into the library with a sense of accomplishment. He didn’t usually dress up at Nightmare Night, preferring to just admire the costumes and hand out candy, but this year he was feeling oddly…festive.

He had gone to Rarity’s boutique in a spurt of decisiveness to see if he couldn’t borrow a simple black suit from her small section dedicated to Stallions. Rarity had very obliging, saying that he could borrow one for as long as he needed, although she was very curious as to what he had come up in such a short time.

“Come around the library around Nightmare Night and you’ll find out.” was all that he said in response to her questioning.

He found Spike busy preparing dinner at the stove standing atop a stool. The smell of steamed vegetables and a hint of garlic met him as he walked in, making him realize how hungry he was. Spike turned around when he heard the door close.

“Hey.” He said, waving his ladle in greeting. “Where have you been?”

“I went to Rarity’s boutique. I had to borrow something from her.” He answered, purposefully not going into more detail.

Spike looked at him strangely, narrowing his eyes as though he were trying to see through whatever cloak of lies that Silver may or may not have wrapped around himself.

“What did you need to borrow?” he asked, his voice tinged with suspicion.

“Oh, nothing important.” Silver said, dismissing his question with a twirl of his hoof. “Just something for Nightmare Night.”

“I see…” Spike mumbled, still giving Silver a little bit of the stink eye. He turned back to his cooking at the stove as Silver went to retrieve a cup of water for himself.

“Sooo…what do you think of Rarity?” Spike asked hesitantly asked in a way that didn’t suggest that he had any ulterior motives for asking, no sirree.

Silver shrugged, keeping a watchful eye on the little dragon that had his back turned to him, wary of any changes in his mannerisms that might confirm what Silver already believed to be true.

“She’s nice. Very friendly, very likeable. A very pleasant pony to be around.”

A dreamy smile slowly crept onto Spike’s face. “That’s for sure.” he murmured to himself. He stood there idly for a moment before roughly shaking his head and getting back to his cooking. All of these changes in mannerisms were caught by Silvers keen eyes that he had trained through years of watching and listening instead of talking and doing.

“And uh…do you, you know, like her?” he questioned, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.

“Well, yeah” Silver replied, purposefully missing the point of Spike’s question. “What’s not to like?”

Spike groaned slightly, and Silver almost smirked. “Sorry Spike, but you’re a hundred years too young to pull a fast one on me.” He thought with a hint of pride in his inner voice.

“But do you…” Spike continued, his words trailing off as he looked down at his claws nervously. Obviously, he was still too young for this type of topic to be spoken about without some amount of hesitation. But dragons were like that, they matured very slowly as a result of their long life spans.

“Do you… like-like her?” he finished, putting emphasis on the first like. Silver’s eyes widened as though Spike’s meaning was just dawning on him.

“Ooooh, now I see what you mean.” he said. Spike looked back at him with a serious expression on his face, one that wouldn’t have been funny if it weren’t for the cute pink apron that was wrapped around his waist.

“Yeah.” was all that he said, waiting for Silver’s reply. Silver quickly threw back the cup of water that he was holding with his magic and placed it on the counter. He figured that he should probably assuage the little guys’ fears by now.

“No, I only like her as a friend.” Silver finally answered, putting a hint of finality in his voice to drive the point home.

Spike visibly relaxed, his shoulders falling and his expression softening. Still though, he played it off as though he was only asking due to idle curiosity.

“Oh, okay.” was all that he said as he turned back to the stove to turn it off as he put the pot of burning carrots on a different burner to cool off.

Silver Quill almost let it go, but he had to ask, always preferring to let others voice their own feelings instead of saying them himself.

“Why do you ask?” he questioned as Spike hopped down from his vantage point on the stool. He stopped mid stride on his way to the fridge and gave Silver a sheepish look.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone?” he asked, receiving a head nod in return. “Alright then.”

He quickly went to Silver’s side; conspiratorially looking around for any would be eavesdroppers. He gestured for Silver to bring his head down to his level, and then cupped his claw around his mouth as he did so.

“I have a crush on Rarity.” He whispered into Silver’s ear.

Silver widened his eyes in what he hoped was a good mask of surprise as Spike stepped away form his side, expectantly looking up at him.

“Really?” he asked in a voice with a hint of disbelief. Spike nodded seriously.

Silver scratched his hoof with a chin contemplatively. “I see… does she know?” he asked, knowing that she most likely did.

“No.” Spike replied, looking slightly dejected as his spines drooped slightly. “I don’t really know how I can tell her either. That’s kinda why I asked you if you could give me any tips on mares.”

Silver couldn’t help but feel but for the sad little guy. From what he saw back when they were at the boutique, he was really infatuated with the fashionista. He put his hoof around Spike’s scaley shoulders and drew him in close for a brotherly embrace.

“Well, I can’t give you tips on mares, because each one is different and something that would work for one mare wouldn’t work for another.” He stated. Spike nodded slowly, his eyes reflecting his understanding and disappointment.

“But,” Silver continued, “I can give you some advice.”

The dragon perked a little and looked up at Silver expectantly, nodding eagerly as he did so.

“My advice to you Spike is to be true to yourself and to Rarity.” Silver said wisely, closing his eyes and raising his head for dramatic effect. He never had a younger sibling to impart his older brother advice on, so he was milking this moment for all it was worth with Spike in the role of the younger brother.

Spike’s eyes narrowed in confusion, prompting Silver to continue with what he was saying.

“And by that, I mean that you should tell Rarity how you feel, but only when you feel like you’re ready to.”

Spike tilted his head, like a puppy dog would when hearing its name being called.

“It’s very difficult to confess you’re feelings to somepony you like, but eventually, it has to be done. Otherwise, you will have betrayed your own emotions and spend the rest of your life asking ‘what if?’, and you definitely don’t want that.”

Spike slowly nodded his understanding, his brow furrowing slightly as he pondered Silver’s words. Then he looked back up at him with a question on his face.

“And have you ever done that? Not confessed to a pony you liked, I mean.”

Silver had to think about that one for a moment before answering.

“Yes. And I regretted it. So take it from me Spike, it’s much better to have loved and lost then never loved at all.” Silver finished in a decisive tone.

Again, Spike nodded, performing his role as the impressionable younger brother admirably. Silver felt a swell of affection for the little drake as he gave Silver a big smile.

“Alright, I think I understand. Thanks Silver.”

Silver jostled Spike a little bit in his arm. “Anytime.”

He withdrew his hoof from around Spike’s shoulders, letting get back to his work. Spike went to the fridge and retrieved three ears of corn that he brought to the counter and proceeded to shuck with his claws.

“So Silver, tell me about the crush that you had.” Spike called from behind his shoulder as Silver was putting away the cup that he had drank from.

He blinked in surprise, the question catching him off guard. “Why do you want to know?” he asked.

Spike shrugged indifferently. “Dunno, curious.”

Good enough for him. “Well, I was still a colt, so I can’t really remember her that well…”


“She was very cute, had the prettiest mane I’ve ever seen.”


“She liked books just as I did.”


“Did you ever find out her name?” Spike asked.

“Er, no. I never really spoke to her.”

Big lie

“That’s a shame.” he commented. “Did you ever see her again?”

“No, I’m afraid not.”

Bigger lie

“But I would like to someday. She really was something special…”

Spike nodded, now taking his turn to look wise. “I see…”

“Yep.” Silver said as he nodded once more, then began to make his way out of the kitchen and to the library, figuring that his work was done.

A small peal of laughter erupted from the dragon’s mouth, as though something funny had just occurred to him.

“Better not let Twilight hear you talking like that!” he said amongst a small fit of giggles.


It wasn’t every day someone said something that stopped Silver right in his tracks. Heck, it wasn’t even every year. But as Luna as his witness, Spike had done just that.

“W-why do you say that?” Silver inquired, stumbling over his words briefly. Spike merely shook his head with a smile.

“I’m just saying, I’ve seen the way she’s been looking at you, and I doubt she’d be very happy if she heard you talking about another mare like that.”

“And why, pray tell, would she feel that way?” Silver asked very slowly and deliberately, trying to wrap his head around the situation.

“Oh, you know-”

“Not really.”

“-She seems to really be interested in you.” Spike shot a smirk over his shoulder. “I know Twilight like I know the back of my claw, so I can tell that she acts different around you.”

Silver had underestimated the purple dragon. Evidently, he was much more clever then he looked, because there was no way it was a coincidence that he and Rarity said very similar things in the exact same day. They must have planned it. Somehow.


“You know, she looks at you longer then normal, she hangs onto your every word, she smiles every time you enter the room, that sort of thing.”

Yes, this dragon was very clever indeed. He must have known how much those words would have thrown Silver for a loop; otherwise he would never have said them. After all, they couldn't be true. Twilight was just friendly, nothing more to it.

An excited, high pitched squeal started to develop in the back of Silver’s mind in a voice that he recognized to be what he called his “emotional conscience.” He quickly smothered it under the metaphorical pillow of stoicism, preventing it on going off on one of its Twilight related tangents.

“There’s nothing for it to be excited about anyway.” He thought as he made his way out of the kitchen. “Twilight is just friendly, she doesn't think of me that way.”