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Not much to say. I love to write, and I write just about every kind of story.

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Wooo... I certainly like where this is going. Can't wait for the rest!

Mm, that's the stuff.

I can't wait to see how this goes... Fluttershy really is the perfect mare for the job (unless Discord hears of it, that is).


On of her hooves connected with Column’s chest though

I hope she gets Stockholm syndrome and become an obedient servant wife.

Join in the fun.

Corrected. Thanks for pointing that out.

Flutterrape gives life meaning.

Wait a second... what season is this?

How the heck did she get kidnapped in the first place?

Why didn't she use the stare when she was free from the ropes and had eye contact on the two stallion's...

And these stallion's don't have the faintest a clue just who they have just abducted, do they?

Meanwhile the comment section has turned into a bloody massacre of likes/dislikes

And then for others, downvoting it does!

Not bad. Though that part where Fluttershy narrows her eyes eyes make her sound tough. Have her quiver in fear their would be more in character.

You have inspired indirectly the creation of my current fic that's on-going. Kepp inspiring me and thank you.

can't wait to see where this goes, wonder what'll happen next

I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but I'm getting a lot of My Little Slave vibes from this, which leads me to believe this was partly inspired by that. It's a very good story so far, not sure why its getting so much hate tbh.

Why would anyone ever upvote a story like this? This is absolutely appalling.

Pornverse. Your logic is irrelevant. Fluttershy probably cannot use or doesnt have the stare. None of her friends, or their political connections matter for helping her escape.

All around good advice. I’ll make edits later, when I’m more awake. Thanks!

Rape fics get a lot of hate in general initially, but especially ones with..., interesting covers. As for the My Little Slave bit, coincidental. I’ve read bits if it, but never finished. Nothing against the fic mind you, I just never sat down to read it. The similarities are probably more just down to similar kinks between me and the author of that fic.

Great so far! Looks like Fluttershy is in for a ride... several

Great work so far, just finished the first chapter. I really like how you’re introducing ideas like Stockholm syndrome with fluttershy believing that if she cooperated she’ll be treated better, the part where she was thankful for small mercies but then realized she should still be upset is awesome.
Keep it up dude, reading the next chapter now.

This was a good chapter, fluttershys hope is starting to wane a bit, interesting to see. I wonder where this is going, I hope fluttershy gives in entirely at some point. Good work!

is this gonna end up with fluttershy being forced to have there kids? cause if so im on board!


Oh! I saw a rule34 artist who drew some Fluttershy pics like this, I'm guessing this is inspired cause it had some of the same lines and stuff, I'm honestly glad I loved those pics

How will Fluttershy break? Will she close herself off from her own body, and never feel sexual pleasure again? Or will she wind up fully committing to being a slut for others to enjoy?

Same reason they downvote your comment, buddy :rainbowlaugh:

This story? My fetish.

If you like writing this, have a look at some of the clop I wrote if you want to

Oh, I very much look forward to sharing what happens to poor Flutters next. I think you’ll like the results.

Actually, I’m the one who commissioned that artist (Marsminer btw) to draw those images. After 5 of them, I realized that I both had enough material and loved the concept enough that I may as well just write a fic of it.

Hehe, not telling, but both of those sound fun.

And now we begin the training arch. It may take a few months, but by convincing them to give her food and doing her best to train, she'll eventually manage to pull an Iroh and bust her way out when the time is right. C'mon Flutters! Everyone's rootin' for ya.

Unless one of the typical and less fun, yet actually more accurate options occur. The Main Six burst through the basement door, or these bastards just kill her. One of the two. It sounds like they've done this before, so.

Elements of Harmony may be able to lead the rest to her...? Potentially. Depends on the author's take on them. Discord? Depends on the timeline.

Another fun option would be she shows her Furyshy face that we got to see in the Grand Galloping Gala and in Dragon Quest where she unleashes her wrath on her rapists and escapes. This could go I spit on your grave style.

Could we please have fetishes/kinks listed in the story description? That's often done as a courtesy, and is often put in spoiler text anyway.

Poor Fluttershy. I hope she make's it out okay.:fluttercry:

Excellent story so far! The descriptions really tug at the heartstrings. Keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

Well she seems broken already, lost her hope. Maybe her friends will rescue but shes so broken in the end.

Snatch has got the right idea! :D

“I was wrong before, I’m very glad I didn’t gag her.” Column’s voice echoed through the dark basement, the stallion stroking his dick faster than before to the mare’s distress. Fluttershy tried not to look at him, and instead just tried to block out what was happening. It was impossible. Snatch was being far too ferocious with her body. Her hips hurt so badly from the nonstop abuse they’d received, and the feeling of unwanted fullness didn’t help take her mind off the situation. Pleasure was building up inside her body. The constant friction overwhelmed her sense of horror, and the mare cried out as she came all over the dick of the stallion that had ruined her life. The mare just cried harder.

That was a very clunky transition from "hurting so much she's crying" to "the pleasure is too much". Would have liked some more introspection where we get to see when her body is starting to involentary respond to the fucking. Especially since I'd argue that's the most important part in these kinds of stories (and the sexiest!)

Time to teach Fluttershy her new religion (2257256 derpi, nsfw). Maybe one day she can return with no one wiser to her change.

Something about cute shy horse crumbling at the hooves of these two is just so very satisfying...

Amazing work as always.

This is interesting even though i have a small hate that it's fluttershy this is happening to but it's okay ill keep reading.

I know a lot of people are hating how quickly Fluttershy has become compiant, but Stockholm Syndrome can kick in fairly quickly and we were seeing it starting in earlier chapters. It's an odd combination of quirks of the fight or flight instinct and our social instincts where the most primitive parts of the mind try to keep us alive when faced with others who would actively harm us. It can start to kick in as little as a few hours of being held prisoner.

I hope she gets rescued and gets the help she needs without an unwanted pregnancy or STD.

Is there a sequel planned? Of course, you can leave it like this. But I want to know what will happen next.

Is the next chapter coming up soon?



I am planning to do more, yes. Just haven’t had much time until recently.

Hope you enjoy it! Fluttershy sure won't.

I won't worry too much; toys don't have feelings. :yay:

“I’m so sorry, slut, but you seem to misunderstand. The whole reason we are setting this all up for you is so you never have to leave. This room is your home now, so you’d better get used to it, because you will be spending the rest of your life here.”

That's a bit too generous. It should be grateful for a tiny bed. Maybe if they started worshipping his dick like a God they can get better things.

Glad this isn't dead. I had already written this one off months ago. I hope to see more soon.

Since Fluttershy is just a toy to Column and Snatch, it stands to reason they should breed her. Making her a cum dumpster is one thing, but turning her into a broodmare just hammers home the point that she should make herself useful in any way possible.

Maybe she accidentally screams out that she wants to be bred? That would be a very nice surprise for Snatch and Column, don't you think?

While I’m not sure if I’ll ever write it out in the fic itself, Fluttershy will absolutely get bred by those two at some point in her life of captivity. After all, as far as they are concerned, she’s only useful for what her holes can do.

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