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Not much to say. I love to write, and I write just about every kind of story.

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Well, good work, as with the rest of your stories.

Unlike the CMC, she was spared and has a chance to recover from this.

Thanks! Also, I'm glad to see you are still reading my stories, despite how long I've been gone.

You're welcome! And it was pure coincidence I stumbled upon this.

And I look forward to see how the alternative ending of the CMC will continue:twilightsmile:

Also, couldn't help myself but do a what-if thought of the alternative ending

Glad to see you back at it. Loved this! More filly scouts.

Maybe something with the CMC in their cute little uniforms.

This is a story about a child being raped.

Why did you write this?

one there's no child getting rapped and two you took time out your day to bitch about this?

I have to agree with your sentiment here. I cannot fathom why anyone would write this.

Seeing an update from you is an awesome early Christmas present.

Happy holidays! May your Christmas be white, and your filly’s faces be red from crying

I'll just go abort myself now.

This was really good. :) Now for a follow up where the colts DON'T untie her and explore their new feelings XD

You can see that this stallion is truly evil by threatening to destroy a child's scout sash with their scout badges.

I would like a follow-up to this.

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