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Not much to say. I love to write, and I write just about every kind of story.

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What about starlight? Doesn’t she live in the castle too? I’m pretty sure she would have heard Somepony being raped...

There's a quick line about how the other two ambushed and tied her up like they did Spike.

Hehe, yeah. They better pray that they are never caught. They can't even pray to Celestia either.

Lol, I have seen that scene from Red Vs Blue yeah

These robbers must've already been richer than Bruce Wayne if they just so happened to have all the perfect Batman-esqe gadgets that this required, so it makes me wonder what they needed with some books.

Gadgets? They just used some rope, some gags, and a couple horn rings. Twilight's house wouldn't be hard to break into.

A ring that prevents all magic, even from an alicorn, has to literally priceless. And wasn't a fireproof shield like, a one of a kind ancient artifact of Equestria? They'd be beyond rich if they just mass produced and sold that

Once again, theponycaptorproject, a job well done! This is defiantly going in my "Inspirational Clop-Fics" shelf.
Nice to see you writing again. I hope you're going to make more chapters on your story, "The NonCon Anthology". And that you plan on making an aftermath story of the alternate ending to "The Cutie Mark Crusaders' New Lives". All of these are all assuming that you don't have writers-block.

Anyway, great job with this story.

Thanks! I did have writer's block, but this helped I think

You're not wrong. I considered having Twilight's loss of her magic be as a result of a field, akin to what they used in Equestria Games, but it just didn't flow as well in the story. Horn rings are cliched, but they are also understood. Which is useful for keeping a story concise.

A thing being powerful doesn't necessarily make it expensive if its cheap to make. I've always viewed horn rings as being fairly common bondage gear in Equestria. As for the fireproofing, it wasn't the gag that they used that was fireproof, it had a spell on it. I can't imagine that a spell to make something temporarily fireproof would be all that hard considering what magic is capable of in that universe.

Yeah, but I need to do something next time that is less cliched. Honestly, I'm getting sick of it always being the horn ring. Maybe a magic blocking poison or something, I'll have to think on this.

Oh, and I'm halfway done with a new chapter for the Anthology.

I’m not sure if Twilight arranged for this to happen, but if this is non-con(which is the case), she’s a freakin’ alicorn for cryin’ out loud! If she wanted to, she can turn ‘em to ash and scatter them to the wind. I’ve got a strong hunch that the three wastes of life are a unicorn with anti-magic and a burly earth pony and pegasus pair with dicks for brains. Or they could be mares with pussy for brains... hell if I know. I’m just responding based offa the coverart.

If they are just random bandits, then they musta gotten lucky and Twilight was caught off guard. Speaking of guards, if the wastes of life are royal guards, then they mostly have problems of some sort with her. Either way, Tartarus will be mercy for these poor, poor shit-stained bastards.

Finally, I want them to suffer a fate worse than death, a fate worse than Pinkamena in Tartarus and a fate worse than the wrath of the Royal Sisters. If they really ARE “royal” guards, then I’d like ‘em to have their “armor” be smelted into gold bars, be court-martialed on the spot, the wings ripped off for the pegasus, the horn sliced off for the unicorn, then their limbs should be tied down and the three bastards should be held down while being castrated in the most painful manner. If they do survive that, they should be well, I was thinking left to rot in a tatzulwurm-infested cave, thrown into a volcano but those are just mercies.

I was considering lobotomy, but they wouldn’t be able to remember their actions. Finally, I was thinking of lettin’ em rot where they can be eaten alive, but ponies would be too squeamish for this sorta thing. SO, I was thinking that if they somehow survive having ALL their limbs cut off and castrated, they should suffer in a way that they will be unable to forget every rape or crime they have committed under the Royal Sister’s service. ‘Sides, if they were booted to another dimension, they could eventually get their new limbs back and have revenge.

Also, I don’t have the skill or stomach to even write clop willingly.

There's always the potent anti-magic of head trauma.

Or, given it's canon that a horn-flick can disrupt a spell, vibrating strokers suddenly gain an alternative use?

That delicious, delicious dislike storm.

Lol, it always balances out after the fic is off the front page. Being on the front page means people who might hate rape have to see it when they are on the site. Later on, only people intentionally looking for rape will find it, which is how it should be.

someone with a icon that cute should not be writting something this dark

I have two great loves in this world, rape and cuteness.

in all fairness i don't think I would mind being raped by the cmc but that about it really

It's impossible to be raped by the CMC. Because it's impossible to not want it.

it can be if they do it while I'm asleep

Nicely done, but I felt like you could do better.

The frequent stops begin ruining the flow quickly. I suggest having transitional details instead of hard cuts. And speaking of details, this story was quite noticeably lacking them. The actual sex is only part of it, but most of the story is the dialogue between our main characters. I suggest fleshing them out more next time.

All in all, I enjoyed it. Keep improving!

Thanks! I have another fic I'm working on atm, so I'll be sure to keep this in mind. I always appreciate useful feedback.

Seriously, Twilight, you have a brother who specializes in force fields and you can learn most spells with zero effort. After Starlight hotwired the map, you really have no fucking excuse for this carelessness. Count your blessings that you're only a sex slave temporarily and that Spike and Starlight didn't suffer much for your idiocy.

I was kinda hoping it'd be a horn CAP, personally. They're less common, give a more "severe" feeling to me, and as of the movie, they're canon.


If the victim is a normal unicorn like Rarity or Trixie next time, rather than an alicorn or a magical prodigy, you could just have one of the rapists be a stronger unicorn who can overpower her magic..

Good idea on the horn cap. I'll probably use that. I wouldn't say that Spike didn't suffer. They set him down at an awkward angle, and now his back kinda feels weird, and as we all know, slight back pain is far worse than weeks of brutal rape.

They might not be successful, but I would love for them to try.

Poor baby. :rainbowlaugh:

They do have a point, Twilight pretty much doesn't have any security. You got a building like that, someone's gonna think there's something worth stealing in there.

Lol. This is pretty shameless.

I was looking for 3 more ponies to join Umber, Onyx and Tinker's crew in my Punisher story. They'll do nicely.

How do i delete someone else's story?

I know what you mean. I was offended by the lack of maiming and dismemberment as well, but it was still a really good story if you can get past that. :rainbowwild:

Lol, sorry to disappoint, but I'm not a fan of gore or physical violence. I prefer good old fashioned psychologically destructive rape.

The writing is great, characters are well written. Overall great story, definatly lives up to the dark tag.

Yes... yes... delicious...

... although, that being said, I'd have liked to see Twilight's breaking in a bit more detail, and maybe an alternate/future ending chapter where Twilight's friends get to see how far she'd fallen, and have to figure out how to get her back to, at the very least, something resembling her pre-abduction self.

Glad to see you liked it, though unfortunately I think this one is staying a one shot

And how did Twi go to the bathroom or eat or what not while tied Up ?

They would have escorted her to the bathroom, and brought her food.

Don’t like rape but was thinking that Celeatia could easily find Twi by sending letters and following the magic right to her. Or even Luna in her dreams

Wouldn't the letters go to Spike?

Hmm, it's a little mild and it jumps right from Twi taking the silent approach to her being almost completely compliant. Could've used a bit less spent on setup and more spent on Twilight's reaction to everything as she's broken in.

Hm, definitely fair criticism. To be honest, I really need to work on this, because some of these have been issues I've had for too long. Thanks for continuing to read my stuff though. Your comments are always a big help!

What 8827298 said. It's good but much too fast.

“Fine by me. I’ve been wanting out of this shit job for years. Besides, you know Twilight, she always shut (shuts) out the world when she read (reads) in the Canterlot Archives. I can’t imagine she’d change after a short stay in Ponyville.”

Weirdly enough, in English plural verbs do not have S, plural nouns do.

It's awesome ever thinking doing one with celestia and Luna and cadence together

I have! Although, I have other projects I am working on atm.

Any plans for a sequel?

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