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Boy if they don't get enough sleep, there gonna end up like that guy from fight club lol.

Now I gotta finish mine AND read this one.

A Sequel to the Alternative Ending where they escaped? Nice!

And i know how difficult it is to get over Trauma, i saw it before and wrote about it

oh this should be good

Oh boy, this is a continuation of the good ending from the last fic hopefully Sweetie is still pregnant I'm SOOOOOO freaking reading this.

I’m still not sure what the “real” ending is.is it this or the bad one, or is it our choice?i really hope it’s this one

i like the start and where this is going. love to read the next chapter

No, this is a continuation of the terrible ending.

Very interested to see what this story offers.

It's the "good" ending. But I asked the author about it way back when this was first announced. It's a case of "death of the author". Each of us decides which ending we want to be canon.

I am glad that you are doing a sequel to the "alternate ending" of "The CMC's New Lives". I really like the fact that Twilight is trying to help Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo deal with their ordeal.

But their sisters are trying to help as well. It was sweet that Apple Jack let Bloom sleep with her near the end of the chapter. But Cookie Crumbles (Sweetie and Rarity's mother) didn't help matters when she commented on Sweetie's weight! This is a young filly we're talking about, a filly who went through a very traumatic experience. Also, I felt bad for Rumble. I'm sure he's not aware what had happened to Scoots during her captivity.

Also, it seems that Bloom might have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from her ordeal. I don't pretend to be a therapist or anything like that, but perhaps since she got herself and her friends into the situation in the first place, she feels responsible for what happened to her and her friends. So, perhaps the Apple Family (or Twilight) could call in professional help as well. Just a suggestion

I realize that this is only the beginning of the story, and there will be quite a few twists and turns. But I am looking forward to how the CMCs recover and how their sisters (and Twi) intend to help them.

Wait what? My trope knowledge is weak but doesn’t “death by the author” mean the story died because the author died?

No, Death of the Author refers to the idea that when looking at stories, the author’s interpretation is no more valid than anyone elses

If this is going off the ending with sweetie belle being pregnant then this immediately gets a like as her daughter needs a happier ending than what was implied was going to happen to her in that ending.

Been waiting for this story for a very long while. Looking foward to the next chapters

"Also, it seems that Bloom might have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from her ordeal. I don't pretend to be a therapist or anything like that, but perhaps since she got herself and her friends into the situation in the first place, she feels responsible for what happened to her and her friends. So, perhaps the Apple Family (or Twilight) could call in professional help as well. Just a suggestion."
-What do you mean just Bloom has PTSD? All of them show the signs of shell shocked Nam' War Veterans after coming home.

Jeeze now I just feel bad. D:

Your original story killed my soul. Guess I'm in for round 2

I don't think there are many stories around the premise of what the rape victim experiences after their trauma, and even rarer if there is another story about the cmc like this, I hope to see this concept fleshed out to it's full potential (if that is possible) please!

I have wanted this story ever since I read the first one.

When is the next chapter coming out?

I would love to see a new chapter of this! I want to see if the CMC can get a sense of normalcy back. Sure, they have their sisters (and Twilight) to help them, but they've been through so much! Rape isn't something you just "get over", but they have people in their lives that can help them and are. I am interested in how the CMC's deal with therapy and the intervention of their friends and families. Are you planning in include Zecora? Or the Young 6?

Also, though I hate to sound like a nudge, are you planning a follow up to the regular "New Lives"? I would like to see if Bloom, Sweetie and/or Scoots manage to escape (or get rescued). And if their abductors get what they deserve.

Hope to see an update soon.

hope the next ch is coming soon

*pokes with a stick* Is it dead?

Nice work. You really show their struggle.

Though, kinda reminds me of a nightmare I had once

I'm going to go out on a limb and say thats the intention.

Of course, I just mean captor does a good job at it

So good Please do more the story is so good

Apple Bloom awoke surrounded by blackness. There was the familiar sound of the door opening, and Apple Bloom felt a sickening sense of dread. She tried to squirm away from the sound or to see what had made it, but her legs were held still. Something was around her ankles holding her in place, the colt (cold) metal holding her tight, and there was something over her eyes. She heard hoofsteps walking towards her, hoofsteps she recognized, and she suddenly knew where she was. She felt a hoof touch her shoulder, and the dream melted away as she screamed out in horror.

“Hello, Sweetie Belle!” Twilight’s....(voice)..... broke through the quiet and the startled filly let out a loud squeak, leaping to the back of the room. Twilight’s eyes followed Sweetie’s movements, and there was a brief look of concern before the smile came back to her face. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I thought you had heard me knock.”

“I haven’t been able to be alone with my coltfriend in over two weeks. My aunts are gone, and Rainbow will understand. This is going to be our first chance in forever to just have fun together. Come on, lets go to the orchard.” She gripped his hoof and the two of them walked back the way Scootaloo had just come. Scootaloo made....(it)..... a point to go off the path so that they wouldn’t run into Twilight as the mare was walking home, and as they reached the orchard’s edge, Scootaloo noticed as Rainbow stopped following her, giving her the privacy she wanted. She was likely going to get yelled at tonight for not heading right home, but Scootaloo knew that Rainbow wouldn’t keep watching her for this part. Once they were far enough out of sight for Scootaloo’s comfort, she swung Rumble in front of her, and planted her lips over his.

Dinner at Rarity’s went about as well as it normally did. Sweetie’s parents loudly talked about their day, jostling Rarity as they asked her questions, and Rarity answered politely through barely restrained frustration. It always amazing (amazed) Sweetie Belle that they were all related, and she giggled to herself as she levitated more food onto her plate.

“Are you calling me fat?” Sweetie replied with a smile, though she got an uncomfortable feeling in the back of her throat that she wouldn’t go away, and suddenly her appetite was gone.

The light of sunrise creeped (crept) through Sweetie Belle’s window at last. She rubbed her eyes, thoroughly exhausted, but the pit in her stomach had lasted all night. With a soft thud, she plopped her hooves down on the floor and made her way downstairs for breakfast. When she rounded the corner into the kitchen, Rarity looked up from the table and opened her mouth to speak. Then she saw how bloodshot Sweetie’s eyes were, and her expression twisted. Sweetie saw the full process; first shock, then sadness, and finally forced happiness. Rarity gave her biggest grin and gestured for Sweetie to sit next to her.

that chapter was really nice and sweat ^^

Good to see a new chapter. Something I think that could add tension to this story is Sweetie Belle discovering she got pregnant from the rape.

OMG.... Is that really going to happen?

I really like this chapter. I'm glad the story isn't dead. I would like to see where this goes.

Yesss...Suffer farm mare, take joy from the pain, rise stronger, and destroy the weak willed as the final rule of the universe demands.

Yes, this story has been updated! I loved the discussion between Scoots and Dashie about what happened between Scoots and Rumble. Scoots shouldn't be in a hurry to pursue a romantic relationship with Rumble (although he seems like a good colt). But it's good that she still has a good relationship with her idol/big sister, Dashie. Scoots should have opened up to Twilight, though. But that's her decision, not mine.

I got really misty-eyed with the discussion between Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. Bloom feels bad for what she did to Sweetie (although she was forced), and Sweetie responds by wondering if Bloom feels the same way about her. Does Sweetie have feelings for Bloom? If so, I hope she will understand that Bloom only sees her as a friend. But at least now, the girls are taking steps toward recovery in their own way. They still have a long road though. So, it's good they have their sisters (and Twilight). I would love to see the Young 6 in this story if possible. Particularly Yona the Yak and Smolder the Dragon, they're my favorites.

Oh boy... That's going to be interesting.

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