Basement Fluttershy

by theponycaptorproject

First published

Fluttershy wakes up to find herself in a horrifying situation.

Fluttershy wakes up to find herself tied up in an unfamiliar place. She will soon learn why she is there and what the two stallions that kidnapped her have in mind.

Fetishes include rape, kidnapping, sexual slavery, mild physical abuse, less mild psychological abuse, broken rape victim (by the end,) and anal. Please exercise caution if these are not to your preferences.

The First Day

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There was a faint dripping sound when Fluttershy began to wake. It echoed quietly, nearly lulling her back into unconsciousness. Her eyes were still closed, and her mind wasn’t fully awake yet. Something about that sound though bothered her, the fact it echoed seemed wrong. Fluttershy’s eyes drifted open, seeing the evening light glow softly against the grey walls. That was what did it. Immediately, Fluttershy’s mind snapped awake as she realized she didn’t recognize where she was. Attempting to move, her legs were caught in place, and she could feel something holding her in place. Looking around, she realized she was in an unfamiliar basement. Craning her neck, she noticed the stairs leading out were behind her. A small table was under her, and looking down, Fluttershy realized with horror that her ankles and thighs were tied to the table’s legs. Dread swelled up in her chest, and the mare yelled into the empty space.

“H...Hello! Can anypony hear me? Please, I’m tied up. I don’t know where I am. Somepony?” Her voice was shaking. From above her head, there was the sound of hooves thumping across the floor, as somepony stirred at the sound of her pleas for help. Fluttershy panicked. The sounds had started from inside the house; there was no way this was help coming for her. With as much force as she could manage, Fluttershy tried to pull on the restraints holding her in place, and even felt them give just a bit. The sound of hoofsteps was too close though, and she heard a door creak open from up the stairs behind her. The mare stopped struggling, afraid of what her abductor might do if she was found trying to escape. Fluttershy craned her neck to look behind her, and coming down the staircase she saw a red-coated unicorn stallion with a blank expression.

“You don’t need to be so loud.” He said, moving around Fluttershy’s restrained form so that he was standing in front of her. He met the mare’s scared eyes, his expression still revealing nothing.

“I...I’m sorry I yelled.” Fluttershy said, her voice quivering. The intense fear had almost made her lose her voice entirely. Questions about why she was here and who this stallion was flooded her mind, but the mare didn’t know what this stallion might do if she talked too much. The stallion hadn’t said anything, instead just staring into Fluttershy’s eyes as the pegasus grew more uncomfortable. Finally, he looked past her and towards the stairs.

“You coming or what?” He shouted. There was the sound of shuffling, and another male voice came from the stairway.

“I’ll be down in a bit. Go ahead and get started.”

‘There’s another one?’ Fluttershy thought, feeling her heart sink as her odds of escaping dropped. Even if she could get her hooves free, it would be much harder to get away if there were two ponies to spot and stop her. ‘Why am I even thinking about trying to escape.’ Fluttershy thought, watching the stallion begin pacing around her, feeling his eyes study her. ‘I’m not Rainbow Dash. I can’t do anything to stop them. Somepony will come to help me. I just need to make sure I don’t make them mad, so they don’t hurt me.

“You’re trembling.” The stallion said in a matter of fact tone. He stopped pacing just behind her, placing a hoof against the small of her back. Fluttershy squeaked at the touch, a jolt running down her spine. She had her neck craned to see behind her, and the stallion was just staring at her, seemingly waiting for her to say something.

“I...I’m scared.” She managed to mumble out, not sure of what else to say but the truth. The stallion seemed amused at her reply. Fluttershy’s eyes watered as her dread about the situation grew stronger as she saw the complete lack of empathy in his eyes. “Why am I here? Please untie me. I don’t have many bits, my family doesn't either.” Tears were streaming down her face as she noticed the stallion’s expression didn’t change at all. “Just tell me what you want from me, and I’ll give it to you if you let me go.”

The stallion still didn’t respond, and instead just traced his hoof along her back, then down to the dock of her tail. The mare gasped in shock, whimpering as she flicked her tail to shoo his hoof away. The stallion laughed. Suddenly, Fluttershy felt his hooves grab her by her thighs and then spread them out. It was then that Fluttershy noticed the stallion’s erection. The mare screamed, her legs pulling at the bonds holding them as she realized what he was thinking.

“No! No, not that, please!” She cried. “I’m sorry I don’t have anything. I...I have friends that do. I can give you whatever you want, just please untie me, please.” The mare’s voice was a frightened whine. The stallion, if anything, just seemed amused by her frantic pleading. Fluttershy felt the tip of his cock press against her. “No! Don’t do this.” There was a pressure, then a feeling of fullness as he entered her. Fluttershy broke down sobbing as she felt him hilt inside of her. “Stop.” She choked out, barely above a whisper, her crying making it almost impossible to speak. “I don’t want this, I don’t want this.”

This bawling mare’s pussy was the best that the stallion had ever felt. The panic she was feeling had caused her walls to contract tightly, making it difficult for him to move, but the warm grip drove him wild. He’d meant to build up to a steady pace, but before he even realized he was moving, his hips were slamming into the mare, his body desperately wanting more of that glorious feeling. It couldn’t have felt good for the mare, not with her tightened up like this, and sure enough, as his pace increased, the mare started grunting in pain, fresh tears streaming down her cheeks and pooling on the floor below.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Fluttershy wailed, her voice nearly breaking. “No more, no more! You’re hurting meeeee!” As the stallion kept fucking her, not even slowing in pace, Fluttershy started screaming. Her frightened body couldn’t handle the abuse. While the stallion was feeling pure bliss as he buried himself in her warm pussy, Fluttershy only felt pain. Each push into her sent jolts through her body, and she grunted and screamed, just wanting it all to end. Feeling the pace quicken, she tried one last time to crane her neck to look back at the stallion. As she did, she saw that he had leaned his head down towards hers, and before she could speak, he bit down on her ear, his eyes rolled up and glazed over from pleasure. Fluttershy tried to meet those eyes as best she could, her neck straining at the effort.

“Stop! Please! I don’t want to do this anymore!.” She cried. There were the sounds of hoofsteps as Fluttershy could see the second stallion descending the stairs out of the corner of her eye. The stallion fucking her looked down at her, his mouth releasing her ear as he raised an eyebrow, but he didn’t stop pumping into her. She had his attention. She could still get through to him, she knew she could. Her face showed every bit of pain she was in, all the terror she felt in that moment as she pleaded. “I promise I won’t tell anypony! If you let me go, I’ll pretend this never happened.” The stallion didn’t react, didn’t say anything. “You won’t get in trouble. I promise nopony will ever know.” The stallion lightly chuckled, so did the one that had stopped behind him. “Let me go….” The mare pleaded, realizing that the stallion had only started pushing into her even faster once she’d started begging. ‘He doesn’t feel bad that he’s hurting me.’ She thought, a cold panic gripping her, ‘He likes that this is hurting me.’ Her voice raised into a desperate scream. There was no doubt now that nothing she said would stop this, but she couldn’t stop herself as she screamed as loud as her voice would allow, “Just please, stooooop! Stop! Let me go!”

The second stallion paced around her. She could see him now, and he was bigger than the first, grey to the other’s red. He looked angry, and Fluttershy shrunk down as he approached. Suddenly, he grabbed her by her hair, roughly pulling her head up. Fluttershy saw his cock next to her face, her eyes narrowing. He roughly pressed it against her lips. Fluttershy was just so scared. She was tied up, and she had never been strong. If these stallions decided to hurt her, there was nothing she could do. ‘Just do what they say. They’ll let you go once they’re done, or Rainbow Dash will save you.’ Eyes red from crying and snot running down her muzzle, Fluttershy opened her mouth, giving the stallion what she knew he wanted. The cock was instantly shoved down her throat, causing her to gag. Fluttershy tried to mumble around the invading flesh, to beg her captor to be gentler, but was just greeted with him yanking her hair painfully. She tried to look up at the stallion, to meet his eyes, but he was now leaned forward and over her head, so all she could see was his chest as he growled at her.

“Shut up and use that mouth for the only thing it’s good for, slut.” The second stallion said. The first stallion was still going, her butt and insides stinging from the abuse, and the cock now down her throat made her feel like vomiting. Unable to do anything about what was happening to her, and now not even being able to speak, Fluttershy just squeezed her eyes shut and weeped. Her muffled sobbing just encouraged the red stallion even further. His movements became shaky, his breath ragged, and Fluttershy knew what was coming. Eyes still shut, the mare bawled louder around the dick in her mouth as she heard the stallion gasp and felt the warm jets of cum shoot into her. There was a sudden emptiness as the stallion pulled out with a loud plopping noise. The stallion aimed for the small of her back, shooting semen out that stuck to the fur of her hips, back, and butt. Cum leaked out of her, running down her thighs and matting her fur.

The now finished red stallion walked around the table to stand next to the mare. He was clearly out of breath, but had the largest grin on his face as he watched Fluttershy take his companion’s dick in her throat. The mare choked and sobbed, but refused to open her eyes, to meet his gaze. Her throat hurt, and her muzzle was covered in her own saliva. The salty taste of flesh on her tongue and the regular forceful shove the grey stallion gave when he wanted to go deeper into her were all she could think about.

“I hope you are ready for Snatch to make as much a mess out of your face as I did the other end.” The red stallion purred, feeling his cock twitch a bit as the mare whimpered in response.

“So, I shouldn’t make her swallow then?” The grey stallion, apparently Snatch, asked.

“Nah. Give her face a good coating. I think she’d look sexy covered in her new masters’ cum.” Snatch shrugged.

“Sure. why not?” He replied. The mare’s soft tongue unwillingly caressed his shaft, saliva running down her chin and wetting his balls as they slapped into her. She was still loudly crying, her whole chest rocking as she did. Even muffled, it resonated throughout the mostly empty room.

“Oh, shut the fuck up. This is what you were meant for anyway.” The grey stallion snapped, making the mare whimper fearfully. He moaned and continued to face fuck her. “Sweet Celestia. Your mouth feels amazing though.” Fluttershy’s slight gagging caused her throat to convulse, sending wonderful sensations through the stallion’s cock. He roughly grabbed her ears, yanking her face down until he had hilted in her throat, then humped as deep as he could go. Fluttershy’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she frantically struggled to breath. In spite of the threats, she loudly screamed around the cock in her mouth whenever she could manage to get the air. The yellow of her face slowly turned blue as she felt herself nearly passing out.

“Ah, fuck….” The stallion was pushing in faster. Just as it felt like Fluttershy was going to lose consciousness, Snatch pulled out of her mouth. The mare barely had time to suck in a single breath before hot cum spattered against her face, coating her hair and ear, but with much of it missing and hitting her shoulder and left wing. The stallion and mare were, for different reasons, left sucking in air. Snatch stepped away from the mare, picking up a rag from the floor to wipe himself down.

“W...Why?” Fluttershy mumbled, coughs interrupting her sobs. Her voice quieted as she saw the angry glare that Snatch gave her. The grey stallion simply walked past her and she heard him climbing back up the stairs. It was now only her and the red stallion.

“That was a lot of fun to watch.” He said, playfully ruffling the mare’s cum-matted hair, grimacing as he pulled sticky hoof away. Wiping his hoof down on the mare’s back fur, he also walked away. Fluttershy looked at the floor, cum and tears dripping down onto the floor below in a pool. Without realizing it, the mare had started to softly flap her wings, an unconscious reaction of stress.

‘I could try and escape.’ The mare thought to herself, her body still trembling as she cried in that lonesome place. Slightly tugging on her restraints, Fluttershy realized that she was bound in place very tightly. Still, if she gave it enough force…, ‘They might come back while I’m trying.’ The fearful mare stopped moving. ‘Even if they don’t, I don’t know where I am or how to get out of here. The windows here are too small to climb through. I’d have to risk…,’ there was an echo of one of the stallions laughing loudly from upstairs. ‘I can’t get past them. They’re so much bigger than me. If they catch me they’ll hurt me, even more than this. My friends will come for me. They will!’ Fluttershy’s thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of hoofsteps above her, the stallions’ presence upstairs making it hard to concentrate on anything but how terrified she was. Hot tears continued to flow down her cheeks.


It was well over an hour that Fluttershy was alone. The sound of one of the stallions coming down the stairs perked her ears up.

“Can I be untied? I won’t try to get away, I promise. I just want to be able to move.” She pleaded, fully expecting to be denied. To her horror, when the stallion walked into view, it was the mean red one. Fluttershy swallowed her nerves, and tried to meet his eyes, ultimately failing and just staring at the floor again. There was a ponderous silence before the stallion replied.

“Of course. Give me just a second.” The stallion’s horn glowed a soft orange, the light gliding down to the tape holding the mare’s legs to the table. When they reached the bonds, Fluttershy squeezed her eyes shut, anticipating the pain that would come when the tape was ripped off. Instead, her legs were briefly warmed by the magic, and suddenly she felt the pressure release. Opening her eyes, Fluttershy saw the tape floating away, and while she wasn’t sure what magic was used, she appreciated it.

“There we go.” The stallion said, “We don’t want that pretty fur of yours to get pulled out.” He stroked the mare’s foreleg. Fluttershy whimpered, realizing that what she had taken as an act of kindness was nothing of the sort.

“Thank you.” Fluttershy mumbled out, hoping that being polite might do at least something to make the stallion less cruel, but knowing that it probably wouldn’t. She slid off the table, wincing since cum had stuck some of her fur and skin to the wood. Standing on shaking hooves, her eyes unconsciously turned to the stairs. The stallion grinned, following her gaze.

“So, are you going to try it?” He asked, mockingly. The mare squeaked in fright.

“No! No, I wasn’t...I won’t try and run, so please don’t hurt me.” She begged, shrinking away from the stairs and towards the far wall.

“Hm, so you understand then. That’s right. Be a good filly and we won’t hurt you.” As he spoke, he slowly moved towards the mare. She shrunk against the basement wall, eyes wide with terror as he got close. “Disobey us, and you will regret it.” Fluttershy was so scared that her voice failed her, so she just nodded frantically. “Good. Now, me and my friend are going to have some fun with you again.” The mare sobbed miserably hearing that, but the stallion continued, “If you struggle at all, I’ll be forced to tie you up again. You don’t want that do you?” Fluttershy shook her head, eyes red. “Good.” Came his simple reply. “Hey, Snatch, ready?” He asked of the stallion behind him. Fluttershy jumped in shock. She’d been so scared of the red stallion that she hadn’t even realized the other one had come back.

“Yeah.” Snatch looked hungrily at Fluttershy, sending chills down her spine. “Alright, bitch, come here.” He roughly grabbed her by her hair and pulled her into the middle of the room. The mare screamed in pain, trying to keep up, but stumbling as the mare couldn’t keep up with his pace. The stallion tossed her towards the ground, Fluttershy pitifully rolling into a ball in the floor, hooves on her stinging scalp. “Hey,” he growled, kicking her stomach, nearly making the mare vomit, “Knock that shit off and stop crying.” He spat. Instead, the opposite happened, and Fluttershy bawled loudly, holding her stomach as snot ran down her muzzle. The stallion moved to angrily kick her again, but Snatch stopped him.

“Relax. If you really want to shut her up, I can do that for you.” He winked. The grey stallion rolled his eyes, but stepped back. The red stallion leaned down in front of the trembling mare, then sat down with his legs spread. Fluttershy could see his erection standing at attention out of the corner of her eye. “Now, if you want him to stop hurting you, then come over here and put that noisy mouth of yours to work.” Fluttershy sniveled and shook her head.

“No…, I don’t want to. Please, why? Why are you doing this? Why are you hurting me?” She asked, sniffing loudly. The mare cried out as the stallion grabbed her by the ears and forced her head between his legs until his cock pressed against her closed lips.

“Because you keep refusing to do what you’re told. If you just do what we say, we won’t hurt you. This is the only thing a dumb bitch like you is any good for anyway. Now, get to work, or else.” He said, his voice cold and emotionless despite the threat. Fluttershy looked at the cock in front of her and hesitantly put her tongue out. Looking up at the stallion’s eyes to make sure she was doing what he wanted, she shakily moved to lick up the stallion’s shaft. Snatch smiled at last, granting Fluttershy the minor comfort that he at least wouldn’t likely hurt her again if she did a good job. Tears streamed down her face as she licked awkwardly at the stallion’s cock, making it abundantly clear that she had never done anything like this before. Snatch’s cock twitched as he realized that he’d kidnapped a virgin.

“My my, what a bad filly you’ve been. We were your first, weren’t we?” He asked, and when he was greeted with a soft sob, he grinned viciously. “Thank goodness we found you. Somepony needed to put you to good use.” Fluttershy pulled away, and looked up at him, the faintest hint of protest in her eyes.

“This isn’t right. I’m a pony, same as you. I haven’t had...had sex because I wasn’t ready. I have my own life, I….” The stallion viciously slapped her, leaving her stunned.

“You suck cock. That is what you do. Now, get back to it.” He said, a delighted grin on his face. The terrified mare did as she was asked, resuming her hesitant licking. “So, Column Tie, are you going to start? She has two other holes you know.” he asked his partner, eliciting a scared sob from Fluttershy. The other stallion, named Column the mare realized, grunted in response, sounding pleased for the first time Fluttershy had heard.

“Oh yeah, just enjoying the show.” He grunted, moving until he was standing just behind Fluttershy. He bodily lifted her rear into the air so that the mare had her head down and her ass in the air. Snatched laughed.

“I thought you hated her crying.”

“It can be annoying, but it’s fun to watch…, I don’t know, leave me alone.”

“Well, someday I’ll teach you to enjoy the little things. Speaking of…,’ Snatch looked down into Fluttershy’s panicked eyes, the mare feeling Column lining up with her pussy and hysterical about what was about to happen to her again. “The licking is nice, but it’s time you started for real.” Fluttershy pursed her lips in misery, but nodded. Leaning her head up she opened her mouth and took the first inch of the stallion in, right as Column thrust into her. The stallion wasted no time, and Fluttershy’s thoughts were obliterated by the rough pounding into her flesh and the sounds of hips slapping. Trying to avoid thinking about what was happening to her and instead just concentrating on what she needed to do, the mare mentally tucked away the rough and painful sensations of being so violently penetrated, and focused on the thing in her mouth.

It was only the stallion’s head for now. The mare’s tongue unconsciously rubbed against it, netting a soft moan from the stallion and the taste of salt on the mare’s tongue. It felt strange. While Fluttershy had been forced to take a cock down her throat earlier, this was the first time she was in a position to think about it, to feel it. It actually wasn’t unpleasant. Taking another inch into her mouth and sliding her tongue against the stallion’s shaft, she found the strangeness almost exciting. If the circumstances were different, she might actually be enjoying herself. However, there was no avoiding the fact that this wasn’t her choice and the fear in her heart persisted. She swirled her tongue experimentally as her mind blocked out the sensation of blood and her own juices running down her legs. She sucked in air through her stuffy nose as her hips began to feel sore from the stallion pressing into her. Sniffing loudly, she tried her best to maintain her composer. Things would be ok. It had only been a few hours. The others were looking for her, and they would find her soon. She would give the stallions what they wanted for now, so they wouldn’t hurt her, and then she’d be home to sleep in her own bed and forget that this ever happened.

“Thinking of something?” Snatch asked. Fluttershy’s eyes met his, and the stallion drank in the sight of the mare, her mouth full of his cock, and her cyan eyes brimming with tears. The mare processed what he’d asked, and then looked back down at the cock she knew she needed to focus on. This became harder as the other stallion seemed to be getting close to cumming.

“Fuck, this feels so good.” He grunted out, harshly slapping Fluttershy on her cutie mark, leaving a red mark. The mare suddenly pulled off of Snatch’s cock as she loudly screamed in pain. Column was getting less steady in his movements and Fluttershy knew that meant he was about to cum inside her. With the cock out of her mouth and her attention on Column again, the mare’s attempts to block out what was happening to her broke down and she turned away from Snatch to scream at the stallion behind her.

“Ow! Oh, wait, no. NO! No, not again. Pull out pull out pull out, don’t do it inside! Don’t do this!” She frantically yelled, becoming hysterical at the idea that this stallion might make her pregnant. She was harshly interrupted as Snatch grabbed her by the back of the head and forced her back down on his cock, this time all the way to the hilt. The mare’s eyes went wide in shock and horror. Snatch was much larger than his friend, and Fluttershy couldn’t breath as he forcibly kept her pinned down on his cock. It took every bit of will for Fluttershy not to clamp her teeth down, pure terror filling her at the idea of what they might do to her if she did. Her legs thrashed as her body frantically tried to give her air, but Snatch held her down, letting her throat’s panicked convulsing slowly bring him to orgasm. One of her hooves connected with Column’s chest though, knocking him back right as he came, causing his cum to shoot all over the mare’s back and tail, some of it hitting her legs. The stallion roared in anger, smacking her back cruelly.

The hysterical mare was greeted with a sudden warmness in her mouth and throat as Snatched came. He refused to release her hair as she struggled, choking and coughing around his cock as she struggled to swallow what she could. Finally, she was let go, yanking herself off of Snatch as she turned to the floor next to them and coughed the last of the cum onto the floor. The terror of the last few seconds still filled her, and she balled up, screaming at the top of her lungs, only stopping when she needed to suck in more air before filling the room with her distressed, loud crying and distraught screams.

“Oh, shut the hell up!” Column snapped, holding a hoof to his chest painfully. “Stupid bitch.”

“Oh, we talked about this, slut. I guess we still can’t trust you.” His horn glowed as he levitated the tape back over. Fluttershy slid herself across the wet floor to try and get away from the stallion.

“No, I’m sorry, please don’t.” Column moved over and pinned her down as the tape hovered over her head. “I’m sorry! Please, don’t! I don’t want to be tied up again. NooooMMMPH!” The mare’s screaming was cut out as a rag was shoved in her mouth by Column, then a strip of tape was placed over her lips. The mare’s panicked eyes looked up at Snatch, begging him to stop as Column held her front hooves together and Snatched wrapped tape around them, tying her front hooves back against her forelegs, robbing her of any function of her forehooves, then tied to two hooves together. The mare screamed into her gag, desperately begging but just getting an amused laugh out of Snatch. Column dragged her over to a corner of the room where there was a pipe next to the wall. From up the stairs, Snatch floated down a collar and chain. Fluttershy realized what they were doing, but was powerless to stop them as the red stallion used his magic to place the collar around her neck, tightening it uncomfortably, then tying the chain to the collar and pipe. With that done, the grey stallion finally released her.

“There, now she isn’t going anywhere.” Column said.

“True, but there is something missing.” Snatch replied, floating another rag over to him. While Fluttershy weakly struggled, he placed it over her eyes, blindfolding her, and tied a tight knot behind her head. He leaned forward, and Fluttershy quivered fearfully as she felt his hot breath on her face. She suddenly screamed as he slapped her. Then another slap from the opposite side. The mare slunk against the wall, her head turning from side to side as she tried to anticipate where the pain would be coming from. “Frightening, not being able to see, isn’t it?” Snatch said. “If you had behaved, this wouldn’t have had to happen. As you lay there shaking, think on that. Go to sleep. We’ll be back in the morning. Not that you’ll be able to see when that is.”

There was the sound of receding hoofsteps, and after a few moments, when she felt certain they were gone, Fluttershy fell fully to the floor and cried. Her fur was sticky and matted and her whole body hurt from the abuse she’d received. All that filled her thoughts was that single idea of Rainbow Dash soaring into the room, lifting her blindfold from her eyes, and taking her home. As she thought of her own bed and Angel curled up against her, Fluttershy cried herself to sleep on the concrete floor.

Suffering in Darkness

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With her vision obscured, Fluttershy had no way to tell how much time was passing. The soft dripping sound of a leaky pipe echoed through the darkness every few moments, and above her head was the hoofsteps of her captors, a constant terror consuming Fluttershy’s mind anytime they sounded like they might be coming towards the stairs to the basement. Hours passed, or at least that’s how it felt. The mare’s eyes drifted closed under her blindfold, sleep slowly taking her.


“And you are certain that they won’t think to look here?” Column asked. “Don’t get me wrong, that slut is the best fuck I’ve had in a long time, but you know who her friends are. If they ever find us, we’d be lucky to survive long enough for them to lock us up.”

“Relax.” Snatch spoke dryly, pouring a bag of oats into a bowl. Setting the bag down, he shot a calm smile to his roommate. “We grabbed her on the road. They have no way of knowing what happened, only that she didn’t arrive at that little wildlife expedition she was supposed to, and that was not only miles away from where we grabbed her, but half a country away from where we are now. They have no way to track us and no way to predict where we went.”

“I suppose you’re right. So, the only thing we have to worry about is her trying to escape then, and well…,” he trailed off, gesturing dismissively, getting a laugh out of Snatch.

“Yeah, there’s no chance of that happening. She’s ours now, Column. Relax and enjoy having a little cumsock to play with.”

“Mm, speaking of…,” Column glanced down the hall to where the stairs to the basement were, “I may want to do that right now.”

“Of course.” Snatch lifted the bowl of oats with his magic. “Let’s give her the chance to eat a little and use the restroom first. Unless you want her pissing all over your dick when you inevitably lose your temper and terrify her.”

“Yeah, fine. Let’s make it fast though. I really need to cum, and it’s not like she has anything better to do.”


Fluttershy woke to the feeling of her body restrained and her fur covered in dried cum. Whatever she’d dreamed of was instantly gone from her mind, and the mare, still not fully awake, struggled to try and free her hooves. It was pointless, and the tape held up against her weak efforts without even loosening.

‘How long has it been? Why hasn’t anypony found me yet?’ The mare wondered to herself, unconsciously mumbling into her gag, her muffled voice echoing through the empty room. ‘They have to come for me. They have to. I just want this to be over.’ From up the stairs she could hear the stallions talking to each other, though she couldn’t hear about what. A wave of panic washed over her as she realized the voices were getting louder. They were coming towards the stairs.

“We brought you a present, slut. You feeling hungry?” Snatch called from the stairs as he made his way down. “It’s not the fancy stuff you are probably used to as one of the princess’ little toadies, but it’s food.” He walked in front of where she was chained, and she heard the sound of a bowl clattering to the ground. The mare tried to speak through her gag. The stallion hummed in recognition. “Yeah, the gag would make that hard. Everything else stays though. You only get to see and use your hooves when you behave. Do what you’re told for a few days, and we will untie you again. For now, eat up.” Fluttershy felt the same sensation she had the other day, as the stallion’s magic lifted the tape from her mouth painlessly.

Lacking the ability to see, the mare fumbled out in front of her with her bound hooves, feeling until she found the spilled bowl. She realized that she hadn’t eaten in at least a day, possibly far longer, given that she didn’t know how long she was unconscious before coming here. The last she could remember, she was heading to the Misty Vale’s Wildlife Expedition. That was miles from any town, and she’d heard Twilight talk about sleep spells enough that she was now fairly certain that was what was used on her. It was the only thing that explained her lack of memory of how she ended up in this situation. She might have been unconscious for more than a day. As horrible as she felt about the mere idea of eating off of the floor, since very little food was still in the bowl, the clawing hunger she felt was too much. Tears of humiliation soaking into her blindfold, she leaned down and lapped oats into her mouth. Without the ability to see, she tasted the floor more often than not, but it wasn’t like there was anything she could do.

“That’s a good girl.” Snatched praised her tauntingly. “Eat up.”


The two stallions watched the mare fumble about with amusement. Watching her miserably squirm as she tried to reach everything they had given her was starting to make them both hard. It was just about time to have their fun.

“I suppose we should let her relieve herself.” Column said dismissively, glaring at Snatch. The unicorn rolled his eyes in response. “Yeah yeah, I’ll take her. Give me a second.” His magic reached out and unlatched the collar around the slut’s neck. “Alright, that’s enough for now. Don’t worry, we’ll give you something else to eat in just a moment. Now, I’m going to take you for a short walk, and if you try to run…, well, I think you already have an idea.” Snatch magically released her hooves from their bonds. “You’ve been a bad filly, so we are tying you up the moment we get back. As I said before, start behaving and we won’t need to do that in the future. Ok?”

“O...Ok.” The mare weakly whispered. Snatch reached his magic out to grip the mare by the scruff of her neck, gently pulling her up the stairs. The mare fumbled and nearly tripped a few times on the way up. When she reached the top, the mare briefly stopped, sunlight glowing through a nearby window illuminating her bound form.

“Enjoying the feeling of sunlight? Well, don’t get used to it. Come on.” He lightly tugged her fur, and the whore reluctantly started walking again.


Column waited impatiently. There wasn’t really anything to do in the basement while he waited. Not that it mattered, he supposed. They only really needed a room to keep the dumb bitch in, it didn’t need to be nice. Still, it was pretty boring. The sound of the toilet flushing made the stallion audibly sigh with relief. He had never done well with boredom. Soon after, Snatch came down, escorting the miserable looking mare.

“Finally. Welcome back, bitch. Are you ready for the rest of your breakfast?” The mare lifted her head, some tears leaking through her blindfold.

“You are going to rape me again.” She whimpered, crying softly to herself.

“I’m going to put you to good use, yes. Stop being such a foal about it.” Column growled, truthfully delighting a bit in the mare’s fearful response as she started crying louder. Snatch came over and set a hoof on her shoulder.

“It’s time.”

The unicorn lifted the mare onto the table she had been tied to on her first day, then taped her hooves together again. The mare pitifully weeped as this happened, causing Column’s already hard cock to twitch. The slut curled up on the table, her wings shifting nervously.

“There,” Snatch patted her condescendingly on the head, “Now you are all secure. Remember, struggling will only make us tie you down more.” The mare nodded her understanding, tears soaking dark patches into her blindfold.

“I’m sorry I was...bad. I just want to be able to move my hooves. Being tied up is driving me crazy.” She said. Column rolled his eyes irritably. Did the stupid slut have to complain so much. It’s not like she would be going anywhere even if she was untied.

“So you’ll behave?” Snatched asked.

“I...I’ll do what you want me to. I p...promise.”

“Good.” Snatch looked up to see Column slowly walking over to stand in front of the mare. “Now, open up.” Fluttershy knew what that meant for her, and sobbed. However, she did what she was told, and opened her mouth. Column wasted no time, pushing past the mare’s quivering lips and savoring the feeling of her tongue against his shaft. He moaned loudly. Her mouth was drier than the other day, and Column realized that they had forgotten to give her water. Oh well. He’d give her something to drink.


The full feeling of the cock down her throat was making Fluttershy gag. She was still completely unused to this, and the head of the stallion’s penis was pressing against the back of her throat. Under her blindfold, the mare’s eyes rolled back as her mind blanked out everything but the sensation of her throat being violated. Then Column started moving. She knew it was coming, but her body was still unable to manage it. Choking violently, Fluttershy struggled as best she could to keep herself from unconsciously thrashing to get free. She felt hooves on her butt. Snatch spread her cheeks apart, then there was the feeling of a rough tongue against sensitive flesh. Fresh tears streamed down her cheeks, the blindfold too soaked to stop them anymore.

“You really do have the perfect body for this. Such a shame it went to waste for so many years. It’s ok, now that you’re with us, we’ll put that sexy body of yours to good use.” There was the same pressure as before, and Fluttershy squeezed her eyes shut, whining loudly around Column’s cock as she felt Snatch enter her again. The cold table rubbed against her body as she was roughly fucked from behind, her whole body swaying with the motion, the force regularly pressing her into Column’s dick more harshly than before, the thick member shoving its way further down her throat.

Fluttershy’s mind was on fire, synapses blaring panic as her throat and hips grew sore and the pure misery at her situation grew. She thought she could adjust, to get used to this. It wouldn’t be long before she was rescued, so she just needed to hold it together until that happened. However, no matter how much she steeled herself, no matter how ready she thought she was, when all control was taken away from her, when her own body was nothing but a toy for these two monsters, when the pain of what they were doing set in, any hint of composure left her. Fluttershy lay there on the table, her legs pulled straight as Snatch used them for leverage, her hair suddenly being roughly pulled as Column yanked her face into his hips, and she couldn’t take it. Loudly wailing, Fluttershy gave up any veil of misery. Her body shook with her violent sobbing.

Without realizing, her wings started flapping gently, an unintended response to her peril; some part of her brain was trying to get away, to escape. Snatch just laughed. Fluttershy was caught off guard as suddenly her mouth was filled with cum. She had been so lost in her suffering that she hadn’t even noticed Column getting close. Semen spattered out from between her lips, and the mare didn’t even think to do anything about it.

“Stupid bitch,” Column growled, though the mare could hear a hint of delight in his voice, “You are supposed to swallow. What a mess!” There was a sting in Fluttershy’s cheek as he slapped her, and Fluttershy’s mouth fell open, cum oozing out onto the table as she bawled her lungs out.

“Oh C...Celestia!” She screamed. It was all too much. “No...nononononono….”

“Damn, she whines a lot.” Column said. “Let me get some tape to shut her up.”

“Nah, let her scream.” Snatched replied, pure joy in his voice. “I like hearing her cry.” His hooves dug into her thick legs, his hips pounding into her, squishing her ass cheeks against his body. Her already tight walls were clenched tighter in fear, as the despairing mare knew that was only making things feel better for her rapist. Burying her head into her bound hooves, she gave the stallion what he wanted, and sobbed, covering her forehooves in tears and the semen that seeped out of her mouth.

“Yeah, whatever. Meet me upstairs when you are done.” Column said, then it was just Fluttershy and Snatch again. The pegasus didn’t know how long it lasted for, but eventually she felt the warmth of fresh cum fill her. Snatch pulled out of her, then wiped his cock down on her tail.

“That felt fantastic.” He ruffled her hair. “I don’t know about Column, but I am probably done for the day. I’ll be down to give you food and water later. That said, I saw what you did with your wings there.” He said, with mock disappointment. The mare refused to even move, and just cried into her hoofs more. “You tried to get away. I warned you, didn’t I? Oh well. Maybe another day.”

Fluttershy heard the tearing of tape, and felt herself lifted into the air with magic. The stallion tightly bound her wings to her body by wrapping tape around her wings and chest. The mare sniveled, already feeling herself going crazy at being unable to move even more of her body willingly. She was set down onto the floor, and from the feeling of loose oats against her fur, the pegasus realized it was where she had slept before. The collar was again fastened around her neck, tape slapped over her lips, and when the stallion left, she was once again left alone. The damp blindfold around her eyes only grew damper as the day passed.

‘Why is it taking so long?’ She asked herself, ‘My friends are going to rescue me, aren’t they?’ For the first time the mare had a terrible thought. ‘What if they can’t find me?! No! No no, I can’t stay here! My friends have to find me, or or or, these stallions can’t just hold on to me forever. They’ll let me go, they have to! I want to go home!’


The two stallions were celebrating. Snatch had bought a barrel of cider from the town down the road, and had poured them both some of it.

“This was the best decision either of us have ever made.” Column laughed, downing half of a jug in one go. “I’m probably too tired to go again today, but that’s the beauty of it. She’ll still be there tomorrow.” His face suddenly got dour, “That said, taking care of her is still your responsibility, you did agree to that.”

“I did.” Snatch agreed, “Granted, I only agreed to that to convince you to help me grab her. On the road home from visiting your Ma in Van Hoover, and we spotted a cute mare all alone, and you were going to just let her walk by.”

“She is an Element of Harmony! There would be consequences if we were caught!”

“Pfft. Well worth the risk. Besides, like I said before, there wasn’t even much danger. My sleep spell held, and those roads aren’t well traveled. Tie her up in case she somehow wakes up, toss her in the wagon, and boom. We have ourselves our own little sex slave. The fact she is…, sorry was an Element just means we have a particularly famous sex slave.” Snatch leaned back, and closed his eyes. He could actually hear the slut’s soft crying echoing up the stairs to where they sat. If he wasn’t so damn tired, he’d go give her something to cry about, but that would have to wait.

“Yeah yeah. We got lucky and that makes you right. Still, no matter what the reasons for it, you did agree to be the one to take care of her.” Column gave a teasing look. Snatch laughed.

“Alright fair. I’ll bring her some food and water in a bit. For now though…,” He reached his mug out and Column did as well. Cider sloshed as they cheered their success, their laughter drowning out the faint sounds of sobbing from below.

A Rejected Plea

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South of the Smokey Mountains, in the flat plains that open up before the Crepuscular Woods, lay a quiet town with quiet ponies. As with most small towns, things move slow and everypony knows everypony else. In this town, everypony knows about an old house that was part of a long unused farmstead. Nopony knew what the residents of that house did for money, only that they would only leave when they needed food or other necessities. Some ponies would leave the cities, seeking calm and privacy, and both of those ponies were kind enough in their few interactions with the town, so nopony paid them any mind. They left the two to their own devices, the adults not wanting to bother those that didn’t want bothered, and the foals too spooked by the rotted old barn and stern eyes of the house’s occupants.

So, Snatch and Column went about their days in quiet solitude for years, each aware of the other’s unpleasant history, but neither speaking of it, leaving only to check in with what was left of what had once been their powerful families. Until one day, Snatch found himself missing his old sense of power just a bit too much. Until a mare, known all around the world happened to walk the wrong road on the wrong day. Until the day that Snatch and Column took in a new housemate.


It had to have been more than two days now. The stallions didn’t even seem worried. Maybe the search wasn’t being talked about? Did that even make sense? Wouldn’t it be helpful to have as many ponies made aware that she was missing as possible? What if...what if they were looking in the wrong place?

Fluttershy’s mind had started racing from the moment she woke up. Even as she was allowed to eat and drink, even as she was escorted, blindfolded to use the restroom, all the frightened pegasus could think of was the fact that she was still there. No pony had rescued her. There was still time, there had to be. Even if Rainbow and the others were searching the wrong part Equestria, they would find her eventually…, right?

It was as she was being escorted back down into the basement, morning sun bathing the hallway she couldn’t see, that Fluttershy’s thoughts finally turned to the implications of how she had been kidnapped. They’d grabbed her in the woods, far from anywhere she would be recognized. It was a full day before she would be expected anywhere, even just in the next town on the road. Nopony would have even thought to look for her until…. She could be anywhere. Her friends weren’t coming. Nopony would rescue her. The mare’s throat tightened. ‘Oh, Celestia! No! I have to be wrong. They...they have to find me. Rainbow Dash, Twilight, the others…, they have to. I can’t stay here. I want to go home!’ Her thoughts had turned dark, and they would only darken from there.

Escape still wasn’t an option. Her captors never untied any part of her unless they were with her, she had no idea where she was or where to potentially run, and Fluttershy knew what would happen if she tried. The stallion Column’s eyes told Fluttershy everything an empathic mare like herself needed to know. Snatch might have been hard to read, but not his cold companion. If Fluttershy tried to run, and was caught…, that stallion would kill her. Her whole body shook as she felt the cold floor of the basement on her hooves, and felt the blindfold lifted from her eyes. The cold, deep blue eyes of Column stared down at her. Fluttershy knew what was coming, what they were going to do to her again, but her mind was on something that frightened her even more. Snatch noticed immediately.

“You’re shaking. More than usual, actually. What is it?” He asked. Fluttershy looked away from the frightening glare of Column, and turned to face the unreadable green eyes of her other tormenter.

“M...My friends aren’t coming, are they?” She croaked, holding back tears. Snatch smiled in what seemed to Fluttershy as pity.

“No. They still think you are over between Misty Vale and Ponyville.”

“And I’m not?” She asked, knowing the answer. Snatched laughed, lifting her up onto the table where so much had already been done to her.

“No. You are far away from home little filly.”

“And….” The mare looked over at Column fearfully. “And if I try and escape…, he won’t just hurt me. He’ll...he’ll….” The mare’s eyes squeezed shut, her face contorting in fear as she cried out. “I don’t want to die! I promise I won’t run. I said it already, and I mean it. I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t hurt me.”

“Don’t try and escape, and we won’t hurt you.” Snatch replied. “I already promised you that. I meant it. You are too cute to waste like that. As long as you don’t try to run away, I promise you, we won’t hurt you…, or at least we won’t in any permanent way.” The mare looked back at him, eyes red and snot running down her muzzle. Snatch was impossible to read, so Fluttershy turned to look at how Column was reacting to this, and seeing his eyes, sadistic but at least honest, as the stallion nodded to her, the new fear that Fluttershy had felt growing in her was put at ease. Whatever evil things they would do to her, she would at least be alive.

Before the mare could be put at ease however, she felt her legs being pulled apart. Her eyes squeezed shut again as she tried to accept that there was nothing she could do. Column sat down on the floor of the basement, legs spread and his hard cock standing at attention as he watched. He reached a hoof down to stroke it, an uncertain look on his face.

“You sure we shouldn’t gag the bitch? She is so loud when she screams and cries. I kinda want to gag her.” The grey stallion asked. Snatch ran his hoof across Fluttershy’s hips, feeling the fur by her cutie mark. The mare squirmed slightly, but he could tell she was trying to stay still. ‘Finally learning?’ he thought to himself.

“You remember what I said about enjoying the little things? Trust me, lean back, enjoy the show, and jack off to the cute sound of this whore sobbing and screaming. You’ll see what I mean, if you just let yourself appreciate it, it’ll be better than the sex itself.” Snatch replied. A cold shiver shot through Fluttershy’s body. She’d suspected that was how these two thought, that they genuinely enjoyed hurting her. It was a part of why she was worried they might kill her. Hearing it said out loud however was more chilling than anything she had ever experienced. Column rolled his eyes at his partner’s answer.

“Yeah, yeah. I guess I should take your word for it. This whole thing was your idea after all. You clearly know your stuff.” Fluttershy looked back in horror, her mind not even on the cock that pressed against her tail.

“You were the one? I...I would have thought….”

“Oh, you stupid whore.” There was a slap, and Fluttershy’s already bruised face grew redder. The mare once again broke down into tears, her head turning to face Column again as she noticed him softly stroking himself. “I hope you are ready by the way. I am going to test out the last hole of yours that’s remained untouched.” Fluttershy knew full well what that meant. This was going to hurt. Burying her face in her bound forehooves, she braced herself. ‘I can do this. It's going to hurt, but I can manage. I have to stay strong, to find some way out of this.’ There was a pressure against her ass, building then bursting as she felt her body painfully stretch to make room for the stallion. A low, agonized whine left the mare’s mouth. ‘I was wrong, I was so so so so so so wrong!’ Fluttershy’s mouth fell open. She threw her head back as she filled the room with the sound of her pained scream.

“OOOOW! Oh sweet Celestia! It hurts!” Her eyes were wide as her mind tried to process the feeling. Snatch ignored her and began to pump into her. No, he wasn’t ignoring her. The way he was thrusting into her, not even bothering to build up in speed and instead just ramming into her, her bruised and sore hips stinging with every motion. He was making this as painful as he could.

“IT HURTS! Owowowowowow. It hurts, take it out. P...Please!” The stallion only pressed in harder. Column laughed, and stroked himself faster. Snatch, despite the furious movements of his hips, spoke in a calm tone as he replied to her.

“Admit you’re nothing but our useless slut, and maybe.” He said. Fluttershy glanced back miserably, eyes brimming with pained tears. Her voice filled with more desperation than she had ever thought possible, she answered.

“I….” She was immediately interrupted with a deep sob, but regained her composure as best she could, “I...I’m nothing but your useless slut.” Her voice died in another sob. This was her only chance, the only hope she had left, “I said it! Now please take it out…,” here it was, the last thing she could do, beg, “...Just let me go home….” Fluttershy now fully understood. The unbelievable agony she was in broke through the last of her denial. She was entirely at these stallions’ mercy. Her life, any future she might hope to have, depended on the answer.

“Let you go home?” Snatch asked, clear amusement in his voice. “Not a chance. You admitted you are nothing but our plaything.” He laughed down at her, “This is the only thing you exist for. You are never going home.”

Fluttershy had known the answer before asking. Why would anypony that enjoyed hurting another pony ever let her go? All that would happen is they would get arrested. The moment Fluttershy realized her friend’s wouldn’t be coming for her was the moment that a part of her realized what was now undeniable.

“N...No!!” She couldn’t accept it. “Somepony pleeeease!” She screamed into the darkness of the basement. “HELP ME!!!”

The mare’s screams were met only with the sound of laughter from the two stallions. The sight and sound of the mare screaming, tears soaking her cheeks and spattering to the ground, body abused and sore was all the two of them could have ever asked for, and Fluttershy knew it. She knew full well she was only making this better for them, but it was impossible for her to hold in her horror and profound misery. Her life was over, or at least the life she’d enjoyed was, and now all she had to look forward to was whatever these monsters had in store for her.

“I was wrong before, I’m very glad I didn’t gag her.” Column’s voice echoed through the dark basement, the stallion stroking his dick faster than before to the mare’s distress. Fluttershy tried not to look at him, and instead just tried to block out what was happening. It was impossible. Snatch was being far too ferocious with her body. Her hips hurt so badly from the nonstop abuse they’d received, and the feeling of unwanted fullness didn’t help take her mind off the situation. Pleasure was building up inside her body. The constant friction overwhelmed her sense of horror, and the mare cried out as she came all over the dick of the stallion that had ruined her life. The mare just cried harder.

“No matter how much you may pretend to think otherwise, your whore body seems to understand its purpose.” Snatch said. Column rose to a standing position, his cock twitching. He walked over to Fluttershy, and shoved his cock into her open mouth.

“Well, as fun as that was, I think it’s time you put that mouth of yours to use on the only thing it’s good for.” He’d said something like that before, Fluttershy remembered, and with no more hope of ever leaving this place, the sobbing mare knew that he was right. This was all she would ever be and all she would ever do. Not even making a sound of protest, the mare began to swirl her tongue across the head of his cock, making the stallion moan loudly. “That’s right. You’re learning. About time you stupid bitch.”

The stallion fucked the mare’s face, her warm and unwilling mouth heaven for the horny stallion. He didn’t have long. Masturbating to her for so long had built him up. It probably would have been plenty satisfying to just cum in his own hooves, but the mare’s mouth seemed to the Column to be a more fitting place. Fluttershy continued to wail to herself as he pressed into her throat, both stallions being treated to the sound of her choking and crying around Column’s cock. The sound pushed the grey stallion over the edge. He shoved in as deep as he could go, making the mare’s eyes bug out in panic as she felt hot semen shoot down her throat. Gulping it down as fast as she could, the convulsions of her throat milked the stallion for every drop.

“That’s a good filly. Drink up. Good girl.” Snatch taunted from behind her. Fluttershy’s ass hurt so much. She just wanted it to be over. Column pulled out of her sore mouth, a string of saliva mixed with cum snapping and clinging to her lower lip. The mare’s face, newly freed of its torment, twisted up in misery as the abuse of her ass continued.

“You know, you should be proud.” Snatch grunted, struggling to keep the steady pace up with how tight the mare’s ass was. “You are making us feel so good, and that’s all that really matters.” The stallion wasn’t lying about that part least. The feeling of her body squirming, adding friction around his cock was driving Snatch crazy. He pressed in harder with each thrust, even as the pleasure built and made his movements erratic. The harder he thrust into her, the more wonderful the feeling of friction for him, and the more intense the pain for Fluttershy. The deep sobbing of the broken mare was everything Snatch would have ever wanted from a new slave. It had been too long since he’d felt this much pleasure. Finally, it was too much. With a loud moan that filled the room, Snatch hilted in the mare, shooting jets of cum deep into her bruised body. Fluttershy kept her face buried in her hooves, feeling the warmth fill her insides, and hearing the stallions laugh at her misery. They were done for now, but Fluttershy’s torment was far from over, she realized.


The sounds from the basement were quieter than they had been the previous two days. The sounds of faint crying was still echoing up the stairs, but it was obvious that something was different. In the dark of that horrible room, Fluttershy leaned against the wall and let her mind go blank. The sounds of the stallions laughing upstairs and the faint dripping of a leaky pipe kept her grounded in that place, even as her mind sought to escape.

The taste of cum and a sore pussy consumed her thoughts. The stallions would be back tomorrow, and the next day and the next. All Fluttershy could do was try and put her mind somewhere far away, back to the cottage nestled by the woods. Outside the grim basement, the sun she hadn’t seen in days dropped below the horizon, and her third day of captivity came to an end.

The End to What Fluttershy Once Was

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She would have to do whatever they told her to from now on. No arguments, no begging, nothing. The rest of her life was going to be miserable, but at the very least she might be able to ease her suffering by just giving the stallions whatever they wanted. The sooner they were done with her for the day, the sooner she could retreat into her mind.

They had thankfully not blindfolded her this time, so she could see around her new home. The oppressive walls, each made of aged and crumbling slabs of grey-brown stone, made the basement seem even darker than it might have otherwise been. There was some light streaming down into the basement from upstairs. With the moon outside the narrow slit of a window covered by clouds, and the basement light off, it was the only thing illuminating the room. The cold touch of the stone on Fluttershy’s hooves as she stood was becoming familiar to her. They hadn’t tied her forehooves together this time, letting her move somewhat freely. The chain linking her neck to the pipe on the wall kept her from being able to look around the room much, but she found that she could reach the middle before it went taut. The place looked cleaned, despite its aged condition, and the mare wondered if they had freshened it up while she’d been unconscious on that first day.

So, that’s all there was to it then, she realized. This was her home now. The mare sniffed noisily, pointlessly pacing around the empty space. In spite of everything she had experienced, the mare still believed that she might at least be able to have something better than...this. If she just behaved, maybe they would give her something soft to sleep on. The patter of her hooves was not overly loud, but in the silence of that empty place, it echoed in her ears, easing her mind with its repetition as she tried to think of something, anything to make her situation better.


“A mattress?” Column looked over to Snatch in surprise as the red unicorn slowly tried to squeeze the bedding in through the front door.

“Yeah, for our new housemate.”

“Why in Tartarus would you spend that many bits on something for her?

“Take good care of your toys, Column, and they will last longer.” Snatch replied. Column didn’t seem to understand, but that didn’t matter much. He would follow along, as he always had. Dragging the mattress through the door at last, Snatch leaned it against the wall. Turning towards the basement door, he continued, “We’ll give this to her later, if she behaves herself. It’ll help her to realize that the only nice things she will ever get will be when we decide to give it to her, and when she has earned it. You want your toys to behave, you need to give them a carrot occasionally. Only occasionally though. Don’t want to spoil the bitch.”


A harsh beam of yellow light cut through the stagnant air as the door to the basement swung open. Fluttershy gulped fearfully, hearing the sound of approaching hoovesteps. ‘How am I supposed to wait for them? Do they want me standing or lying down? Do I say anything?’ Fluttershy had no idea what to do, and as a result, just stood frozen in the middle of the room.

“Oh? Getting some walkies in?” Snatch said condescending, being the first to see her. The mare opened her mouth to speak, but quickly closed it fearfully. Snatch noticed. “Something to say? Go ahead. You have permission.”

“I…,” The mare started, her voice weak. The mare’s lips quivered; she could barely believe she had been reduced to this, but she knew she had no choice. “I wanted to know how you wanted me?

“What’s that?” Column asked, finally stepping into view. Fluttershy’s eyes shrunk to pinpricks at the sight of the much more easily angered stallion.

“W...W...When you c...come down here to….” Fluttershy tried to recollect herself. “When you come down here. How you want me” She stuttered out.

“What!?” Column was clearly confused, but Snatch understood.

“Sit down on the floor by the pipe. When we come to greet you, sit down with your head up over by the pipe. It’ll make it easier to get the collar off of you.” He answered for her. To his delighted surprise, the mare immediately walked over to where he said, and sat down. Snatch walked over, trying to keep the glee he felt from showing on his face. Fluttershy looked up at him, the terror in her eyes clear as could be, and he understood immediately. “My my, you learn quickly don’t you. That’s a good filly.” He looked around her to where the latch to the collar was, then with a flick of magic, snapped it off her neck.

“Huh. Well, how about that.” Column snorted in amusement. “Now, how about you come over here and go for a little ride.” The mare started to quietly cry to herself, but despite her misery, she slowly made her way over to him. Column sat with his legs spread, his erect cock displayed in front of her. As she walked over to him, a part of Fluttershy wanted her to run away, to try and escape despite knowing what would happen to her if she were caught. After all, for the first time since her abduction, she wasn’t tied up at all. ‘Wait…, they didn’t tie me up!’ She realized, ‘I didn’t struggle, and they didn’t tie me up. Maybe they really will be nicer to me if I do what they tell me.’ With that thought, fear won out over the thought of escape. It was safer, she thought, to do what she was told and just accept whatever semblance of a life she could manage than to risk what would happen to her if she were caught escaping.

“Are you coming!?” Column yelled, snapping Fluttershy back to the situation at hand.

“S...Sorry. I’m sorry. I’m coming.” Fluttershy blustered out, scared that she might have angered the stallion enough to undo what she’d won back by behaving. She quickly hurried over to where the stallion was sprawled out. Column looked up at her expectantly, and as Fluttershy reached where he was, she shifted so that she was sitting on his lap, her back legs curled under her. The tears flowed, as they had every time, but this time Fluttershy didn’t let herself sink into her misery; she couldn’t afford to, not if she was going to give this stallion what he wanted without angering him. Shifting herself up one last time, she lined her entrance up with his cock. Column smiled eagerly, and placed his hooves on her hips, preparing to pull her down.

“Wait.” Snatch said calmly. Looking around the mare’s abused body, Column glared at him.

“What? You don’t interrupt a stallion like this!” The exasperation was clear in his voice.

“Let her do it.” Snatch replied. “She’s going to be doing this for the rest of her life. We need to see how she does it without us setting the pace...for now.”

“Yeah, yeah fine.” Column replied, then glaring up at the unmoving mare, “Well?”

“R...Right.” Fluttershy replied. Slowly, she lowered herself down onto the cock below her. It pressed against her entrance and then, with just enough force to let it in, Flutershy lowered herself enough that she felt it enter her. A shiver ran down her spine as she felt a jolt of undesired pleasure course through her, eliciting a quiet whimper from the traumatized mare.

“Are you going to move, or should I take over.” Column said, though the anger from before was gone. Fluttershy felt it was smart to not say anything in response. Rather, she just started to move her body. Her belly undulated as she slowly rocked her hips, pressing herself further down until she was down to his hilt, her hips pressed against his. From there, her motions became less erratic and more rhythmic. Column leaned back further, a large, dumb grin on his face as he did.

“Just like the good old days. A dumb slut putting her body to good use for me. Keep going, just like that.” The mare’s steady movements were clearly having an effect, and the stallion was soon moaning and his hips were unconsciously rocking in time to hers.

“How sweet.” Snatch muttered to himself, an amused smile on his face. “Well, I’ve seen enough. Time to really have some fun. Column?”

“Hm?” Column looked up, his eyes glazed over, but upon seeing Snatched walking towards him, he understood. “Ah, Want a hole for yourself then?”

“Yeah. I’ll take the back. Lift her up for me.”

“No. No no no, not again.” Fluttershy quietly mumbled to herself, but she did nothing to fight as Column shifted and lifted her up, his member still inside of her, hips still moving. Soon, he was up on his back hooves, holding her with his front pair. Her legs unconsciously curled around his hips, locking behind his back, to get a better grip to avoid falling. Snatch was behind her now, she could feel his breath on her neck. With Column’s motions now back to a steady pace, she moaned at the fullness he was giving her, even as she knew that she was about to be in an enormous amount of pain. Snatch’s cock was pressed against her back, and soon it would be inside her, there was nothing she could do but try and ride it out. Fluttershy squeezed her eyes shut as Snatch finally moved to enter her.

“Sweet Celestia! I forgot how good this hole felt!” The red stallion yelled into the basement air in ecstasy. “I know you like using her mouth a lot, but you really need to try the ass out, at least once.” Column just grunted, Fluttershy just sobbed. Then the stallion was moving. Every inch of motion sending fiery agony through the mare’s body, blending together with the unwanted pleasure from Column. The two stallions both pressed closer, squishing the pegasus’ body between them. Her forehooves were curled up in front of her, and now were squeezed against her chest. With their new position, and with the mare’s body swaying less due to being pinned in place, they two were able to push into her much faster and much harder.

“Does it hurt?” Snatch hissed into her ear. “Go ahead and let it out. You will be punished for disobeying, not for screaming or crying.” The stallion laughed mockingly, “By Tartarus, we’d actually enjoy it more if you did.”

“I...I….” The mare’s voice was racked with sobs, her mind barely able to process anything through the pain and horror. There was only one thing coursing through her mind that was able to break through it all. “I want to go hoooooome!” The scream cut into the stagnant air, alongside a barked laugh from Snatch. The unicorn gripped her hips firmly, deliberately driving into her in the most painful way he could. The mare’s voice grew more hoarse as she began to bawl even louder, her squalls ringing in the two stallions’ ears.

“I want Rainbow Dash to make me feel safe!”
Column, in a pleasurable haze, bit her ear, drawing a small trickle of blood.
“I want to tuck Angel in for bed!”
She could feel nothing except the steady movements of her captors inside of her.
“I want my mom!”
Snatch gripped her hair, pulling her head back painfully so she could see his face.

“I wanna go home! I wanna go home! I wanna go home!” Fluttershy croaked out the words over and over, chanting it as loud as her now thrown voice would allow. The fur near her eyes was streaked with tears, but she no longer noticed the dampness or the blurring of her vision. All she saw was her future, her purpose.

The mare’s eyes were unfocused, as Snatched came in the wailing mare’s ass. It had finally happened, he realized. Pulling out of the mare, he stepped back and watched as the now fully broken mare shifted her body to better ride Column. It was just so that her daily ordeal would be over sooner, he knew, but there was no hesitation anymore, not even a moment's pause. She didn’t even stop her chant.

Column was clearly getting annoyed, not only at the mare’s incessant repetition, but also that he wasn’t close. It was time to go for his old favorite, he decided. He lifted the mare off of him, Fluttershy’s eyes not even refocusing, her movement just stopping. Setting her down, he lay down on the floor again, cock once more sticking out comically into the air. The mare didn’t even hesitate, and moved herself over so she was in front of him.

“Stop your rambling and get sucking.”

“Ok.” Fluttershy mumbled, her eyes finally snapping out of their stupor, her mind now finally back to reality, back to the basement that would be her only home from now on. She licked the stallion’s shaft, her body working on automatic. Something Column had said to her before entered her thoughts, and she knew now how true the statement was, if only because they had taken everything else from her. Her lips hovered over the cock as, and she spoke, more to herself than to the stallion. “I’ll stop talking, and use my mouth for the only thing it’s good for.” Then the cock was in her mouth.

Good Fillies Don't Get Everything

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It was impossible to say how long she had been down alone this time. At least she had something to lay on, now that they had put the mattress down there with her. It was proof to her that the best chance she had was to just behave. If she was a good girl, they wouldn’t hurt her as badly, and she may even get to have some small comforts. It hurt her to realize how happy she’d been just to have something soft to lie on. How pathetic was her life now, that this was the best thing that had happened to her in days.

Still, after days of nothing but cold, hard concrete, it was wonderful. They hadn’t tied her up again either, so her body wasn’t as stiff as it had been. The two stallions had spent some time the other day working on the corner of her room. Column had yelled at her when she’d asked what they were doing, but she could tell now that they were starting work on a toilet and shower. Small kindnesses, but the most she could hope for. Still, the bathroom was the one time she was let out of the basement. Even if she was blindfolded for it, it was something. Maybe if she was good enough, they’d still let her leave occasionally. She made up her mind to ask, even if she was scared of doing so.

There was the sound of the door to the basement opening, and Fluttershy moved over to the pipe she was chained to and sat like Snatch had told her to. Sure enough, when the two of them came down the stairs, Snatch gave her a pleased nod, and the mare felt a fleeting moment of pride at her good behavior. In a moment, the collar was off of her.

“Alright, bitch, get down on your knees.” Column growled, though he sounded more horny than angry. Fluttershy was getting better and telling when he was actually angry at her. Doing as she was told, Fluttershy sat down, her legs folded under her. Column sat down in front of her, his cock already stiff. “Now that you know what you’re good for, the two of us thought it was about time we taught you to do it a little better.”

“You want me to use my mouth again?” Fluttershy asked.

“Yes.” Snatch replied, walking around her and feeling her ass. Fluttershy’s skin crawled at the touch, though she was getting more used to it. “We are going to train you in…, a bit of endurance.” He saw the mare’s confusion and smiled. “We are going to be a lot rougher on you today, and you are going to take it. If you try to pull away or if you complain at all, then we’ll have to punish you. After that, we’ll have you put on a little show for us, but we’ll get to that when the time comes.”

“Now open up.” Column said. Fluttershy did as she was told, her mouth falling open. Column grabbed the back of her head and shoved her down, far harder than he had any previous time. Fluttershy’s eyes bulged and she gagged loudly. Her hooves almost when up to push the stallion away instinctively, but she fought against it. This resulted in her forehooves flailing pointlessly as the stallion hilted in her throat, his balls pressed against her chin. Then he started humping. Fluttershy tried her best not to vomit as her mouth was assaulted, the slapping of flesh filling her ears. Tears flowed down her cheeks, but she kept the crying quiet, with only faint whimpers escaping.

“You’re doing good.” Snatch purred, watching the miserable mare take what she was given. Fluttershy’s silent weeping turning him on as well. Column’s cock twitched in her mouth, the familiar tastes coating sliding across her tongue. Her eyes had rolled back and she found herself unintentionally staring at her rapist’s face as he railed into her throat harder and harder. He looked down at her red eyes and grinned wickedly. “There we go. Snatch may have taught me to appreciate the little sounds you make, but I still prefer when you shut up.”

Fluttershy’s throat hurt from the abuse, but she kept her hooves to her side and allowed it to continue. It wasn’t like she had any choice anyway. She was nothing but their toy now, and she knew it. Why fight it?

“I’m about to cum, bitch. You know what to do.” And she did. The familiar taste of cum shot into her throat, while she had to fight to keep it down as her gag reflex fought her, she still swallowed every drop.

“Very good!” Snatch had a delighted look. “You are getting so good at following instructions.” Column grunted dismissively, and walked to the stairs, leaving Fluttershy and the stallion she hated most. “Now it’s my turn. So, my little slut, are you ready to put on a show? You get to be an actress today.”

“What does that mean?” Fluttershy asked. While Snatch was by far the crueler of the two, he at least answered her questions instead of just hitting her for talking.

“What it means is that I am going to fuck you, and you are going to make a show of enjoying it. You are going to moan, gasp in pleasure, tell me to go harder and faster.

“I...I thought you liked hearing me cry.” Fluttershy said, confused.

“Oh, I very much do.” Snatch said, stroking her cheek. “That’s actually why I’m having you do this, because you don’t want to. You will hate saying it, and I will find that delicious. It’s not like you are going to say no. You’re smart enough to know that wouldn’t go well for you.” He was right. She would do whatever he said.

“Ok.” Fluttershy said. Snatch directed her to lean her head down so that her ass was sticking up. Setting himself up behind her, he slid into her ass. It was just as painful as last time.

“Remember, you like this. You enjoy every inch of me being inside you.” He said. Fluttershy wanted to scream that she hated him, to kick and fight, but instead she moaned loudly.

“Y...Yes.” She whispered, forcing the word out, then after a bit more effort, “More.” There was no emotion to it.

“Come on, you can do better.” He violently slapped her stomach, netting a pained scream. “I said moan for me! Beg me to fuck you!” He was yelling now.

“Please, fuck me!” Fluttershy yelled. “Harder, please. I...I want it!” The words hurt her soul to say, but she made herself say them. She looked back at him with a forced smile and eyes brimming with tears. “Fuck my ass harder!” The words sounded strange coming from her mouth, but the stallion was more than happy to listen.

The mare’s ass felt delightful as she miserably begged him to hurt her more. She gripped him as tightly as ever. Her body and voice pleasured the stallion even as he destroyed her mind just that extra bit more. Hooves stroked her hips as he fucked her harder.

“Keep going.”

“I...It feels so good.” Fluttershy lied. She didn’t exactly have much experience dirty talking, and was already running out of ideas for things to say. “Please…,” what should she say next? “Please….”

“Tell me you want me to keep you. Tell me you want me to fuck you forever.”

“I…,” That almost broke her. “I want you to keep me. Please, Mr. Snatch….”

“Master. Just master.” He corrected. Fluttershy began bawling, but kept going.

“Please, Master, I want you to fuck me forever.” She blubbered out. Leaning down, he growled into her ear.

“And I will.” Then it was over. Cum coated the inside of her ass as the stallion blew his load inside of her. Wiping tears from her eyes, she felt relief as the stallion pulled out of her. “You did very well today.” Snatch said. “I’m very proud of you, my little slut. You are really getting used to this.” It hurt to hear that, but on some level, Fluttershy felt it was a good thing. Maybe now was the time to ask him.

“Um, Mr. Snatch…,” Fluttershy’s voice quivered.

“Master.” Snatch corrected. Fluttershy choked back her disgust and tried again.

“M...Master, I have a question.” He had never punished her for just asking a question, so he was definitely the right one to ask. She had been good today, maybe he’d let her. “I...I saw you are setting up a shower and...and things like that down here.” She choked up as she fought to get the words out, still rubbing tears out of her eyes from the abuse.

“Go on.”

“Well…, I was wondering if I could maybe have some other time to go upstairs, now that I won’t be using your bathroom. I would still be blindfolded, of course, and I would do whatever you want. I could s...suck you while you relax maybe. I just...I just need to be able to leave here.” That was it, she’d done it, she’d gotten the question out. Snatch paused for a moment, then replied, his voice dripping with false pity.

“I’m so sorry, slut, but you seem to misunderstand. The whole reason we are setting this all up for you is so you never have to leave. This room is your home now, so you’d better get used to it, because you will be spending the rest of your life here.”

“Did...did I do something wrong?” Fluttershy was devastated. “I did good today, right? I thought I did good!” Snatch...Master, patted her head.

“You did amazing, but that doesn’t matter for this. You are our slave, and slaves go in the basement.” He turned to leave, giving her a wink on the way out. “Don’t let that discourage you from behaving. You’ll still get rewards if you are a good girl, but you are where you belong, my little basement bitch.” Then he was on the other side of the threshold, and closed the door behind him, once again shutting out the world that Fluttershy would never see again.

God Complex

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Word went out with the morning newspaper that the search for the missing Element of Harmony had to be downscaled. It had been two weeks since she had disappeared on her way to a wildlife expedition and the royal guard had exhausted themselves searching miles and miles of forest and investigating nearby villages. Nopony knew they were searching the wrong half of the country. Snatch had tossed the paper down next to Fluttershy’s morning oats, a transparent attempt to hurt her that much more. It worked. Even though Fluttershy had already given up on being rescued, it still wounded her to see that the ponies looking for her were giving up too.

It was hard to read in the dimly lit basement, but the newspaper was the first time Fluttershy had been given anything to occupy her mind since her abduction. So, she devoured every word multiple times as the hours passed. It helped stave off the boredom, but it didn’t make the truth any harder to read. It was fairly normal for Fluttershy to be left alone for hours at a time, even during waking hours. The only times she saw the stallions was when they would feed her, or when they wanted to use her. Otherwise, she was left to herself. The basement was almost comforting in those hours. She could curl up in the darkness and let her mind drift to places she wasn’t.

Fluttershy found herself wondering what was happening with her cottage. The search was still going, so she doubted her parents would sell it yet, and Dr. Fauna was probably taking care of her animals. The cottage was likely just empty now. She missed home. With the search being downscaled, Fluttershy wondered how long before even her friends stopped looking for her. It would happen eventually. She liked to believe they loved her enough to search forever, but she knew better than that. Everypony gives up hope eventually. She had.


It was beginning to feel completely normal to just have a slave to use whenever Column wanted. There had been exhilaration and even some worry when he’d first helped abduct the bitch, but with it becoming more and more certain that Snatch was right and that they were going to get away with it, the stallion grew increasingly comfortable with his new situation. He flipped a hay-pancake for himself, making sure it was just the right shade of brown, then he poured out a bowl of tasteless oats for the slave. It was time for his morning fun.

“Knock knock, bitch. Time to eat.” He shouted down the stairs as he carried the food down. By the time he reached the bottom, the slut was already in position next to the post she was chained to. “Well, doing as you were told.” He was amused both by her obedience and by the pain he saw in her eyes. She was not looking forward to what he was going to do to her, and it made him hard just thinking about how humiliated she must feel, just waiting for him to use her.

Column unlatched her from the post, freeing her. It occurred to him that this was the first time he had been down here alone with her while she was untied. If she had even an ounce of courage, she would try to overpower him and then run. Snatch was out of the house, she might be able to pull it off. However, she wouldn’t do it. Every time he was around her, he could tell how scared she was of him. As terrified as she was about her new life, she was clearly much more scared of dying. So, she wouldn’t be trying to run, that much was clear. As the chain hit the ground, the mare gulped nervously, but she didn’t move.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Put that mouth to use.” He snapped. Fluttershy squeaked fearfully, then with some confusion, got under him and placed her mouth around his hardened cock. He had normally gotten into a position that made it easier for her to please him, but he had wanted to see how she’d react. The good little slut had reacted well, but there was still plenty of time left in the day for her to fuck up.

Fluttershy licked at the base of his shaft, feeling his balls brush against her cheek as she turned her head to better angle herself to move up to his head. She wrapped her lips around him, tongue poking gently against the tip of his soft flesh. The salty taste of precum and familiar smell caused her mind to switch to automatic. She was barely there anymore as her body did what it was made for. That thought used to hurt more, now it just felt natural. Weeks of being here had worn at her soul, and Fluttershy now realized that soon, she might not even care about her fate. Besides, sometimes they were nice. With empty eyes and an emptier soul, Fluttershy closed her eyes and felt hot cum jet out and cover her face.

“That’s a good bitch. I’ll be sure to tell Snatch how well behaved you’ve been this morning.”

“Th…Thank you.” The lingering fear was clear in her eyes. Column could tell she was worried he wasn’t done with her. She was right about that.

“Now, lie down.” He commanded. With a squeak, Fluttershy did as she was told. Column walked to the other end of the room and picked up the roll of tape that was there. It had been a while since they had used that, Snatch had insisted on letting the bitch stay untied when they weren’t around just so long as she behaved. It was clear that the unicorn was getting into the slave’s head, so Column was fine with following his instructions. Luckily for him, Snatch had explained, none of this counted when she was in use. Her good behavior meant she got small benefits when they weren’t doing anything with her, but nothing she did would stop him from hurting her when it would turn him on to do so.

“Is this fine?” The slut asked, laying on her stomach.

“It works.” He could see her eyes glued to the tape in his hoof. She had made it clear she hated being tied up, which just made his idea for the day’s entertainment all the better. Once he reached her, he started ripping pieces of the tape free. The whore’s eyes started to water, but she didn’t say anything. If Snatch were here, she might have tried to beg or offer an alternative. He wouldn’t have listened, but she still would have tried. The cunt knew better than to even ask Column. All she would get for her trouble would be a swift slap at best.

“Keep your hooves together.” He said coldly, and the bitch followed his simple instructions. In Column’s mind, there wasn’t much else she was good for, especially now that he owned her. Taking his first strip of tape, he placed it over her mouth. Her eyes met his for a second as he did and he saw how empty they were. There were tears there, but the bitch had at least partially retreated into her own mind. That wouldn’t last long, he would see to that. Next, he tied her front hooves together, then he wrapped tape around her chest and back to restrain her wings. Walking to the other side of the room for a moment, he retrieved a spreader bar from a table of toys that Snatch had set up in the basement the night before. Attaching the tool to the bitch’s legs, she was now as restrained as she had ever been. Lastly, Column placed a wide strip over her eyes to blindfold her. He wanted her to experience this next part without any distraction.

“Finally, you’re dressed for the day.” He spat. If it weren’t for Column, this is how he would keep her all the time. While he understood his partner’s reasons, it still felt wrong to him to give his slave anything. Leave the bitch tied up. Feed her and keep her clean, but in his mind slaves didn’t deserve anything beyond what was necessary for them to stay alive.

The stallion was already hard again, both from the sight of the restrained pony and at the memories of his past life. He grabbed the slut by her waist and lifted her up. He could hear her muffled cry of fear. That cry grew louder as he began to fuck her. The loud slapping as he railed into her as hard as he could mixed with her gagged sobbing. It was pathetic. Two weeks in and he would have thought she’d had gotten over it by now. Not that he was complaining; he liked it better this way.

“She really is noisy.” Snatch said, startling both Column and the slut.

It was a wonderful sight to greet him now that he was home. Snatch’s little slave being abused by his thug of a companion. It made him hard just seeing how helpless Fluttershy looked as her body was rocked against the cold floor. Thudding his way down the stairs, he gave Column a small wave.

“Don’t mind me, I’m just enjoying the show.” He said, settling down on the mattress he’d purchased for his slave. Column shrugged, then renewed his efforts. Fluttershy’s ears twitched, knowing Snatch was in the room, and the dread she felt knowing she wouldn’t be done even after Column was finished was clearly noticeable in how her body shrunk in on itself even more. Snatch slowly stroked himself as he stared at the mare’s face. Tape covered her eyes and mouth, but Snatch could still clearly see how she reacted to every thrust. Finally, it was over, and Column came inside of the bound mare, grunting loudly as he did. His hooves dug into the soft flesh of her thigh as he buried himself as far in as he could.

“Fuck, that is good! This never gets old.” Column said, harshly patting the mare on the back and making her jolt.

“It really doesn’t.” Snatch agreed. Fluttershy just quietly sniffled. She was miserable. Snatch was going to make her far more miserable. “Why don’t you go take a nap? I’d like some private time with our toy.” Column shrugged and disappeared up the stairway. Fluttershy tilted her head around, listening for where Snatch was as the stallion quietly paced around her. There was something beautiful about a mare like Fluttershy, all tied up for him. It was like receiving a gift. Snatch had always had an inflated ego, even he would admit to that. However, seeing someone who was once so important, so free, bound and gagged at his mercy made him feel large like he hadn’t in years.

“Look at you.” He said. “Well, I suppose you can’t right now, can you?” A cold laugh echoed through the small basement. Fluttershy was sucking in breath through her nose, but he saw her head tilt in his direction, his cock twitching as he saw her restrained form try to turn even just a bit. Walking over to the table of toys, he levitated a few new vibrators up. He’d purchased these just the other day. It was time to test them out. “You were an element of harmony, one of the most famous ponies in the world. I’ve been reading about you, just so you know; your little escapade as a fashion model, your adventures with your friends, kidnapping the princess’s bird of all things. You’ve done so much, been so much.” The toys clattered down around her as he dropped the levitation. His cock was so hard it almost hurt as he poked it against her cheek. “Now what are you? Mine.” He used his magic to remove the tape from her mouth and saw her lips quivering. “What are you?”

“I’m yours.” She mumbled miserably.

“That’s right.” His blood was pumping faster as he soaking in the mental high hearing those words gave him. “You’re mine. I get to use that cute body of yours whenever I want. If I don’t like how you’re talking, I can gag you. If you make me mad, I can hurt you. Every day for the rest of your life, I will play with you until I’m bored.” His voice was getting faster, all those years of humiliation as he’d been forced to hide in this pathetic back corner of Equestria rushed through his mind then eased as he looked upon the pitiful creature in front of him. “I decide when you eat, if you eat. I decide if you get light or not, if you even get to move your body. I own you, I own you!” Years of frustration and weeks of delight had broken through so much of what Snatch wanted others to see about him. He didn’t care. For these brief moments, he was letting his slave see his true desires, his true beliefs.“I always provide, don’t I? I feed you, I give you someplace to sleep, and I keep Column from being too rough on you.” He pressed his shaft against her lips. “So kiss me and tell me how much you appreciate me!”

“You’re….you’re insane.” Fluttershy pulled away and whispered before she caught herself. Snatch didn’t care.

“Maybe I am.” He hissed, a sadistic grin spreading across his face. “It doesn’t matter. Not to you. Your life is in my hands, little filly. I could kill you right now, and you wouldn’t be able to stop me. You live because I want you to. You call me insane? No, no, no. To you, I am a god.” The mare was quivering even harder than she had on the first day, her lips frozen in a look of bewildered terror. He had planned to use her mouth, but suddenly he had a different idea. Coughing to get his voice back under control and recomposing himself, he stepped behind her and picked up one of the vibrators. It was far too large for the mare, he had made sure of that before buying it. Leveling it with her ass, he slowly pushed it in.

Column was snapped out of his nap by the sounds of screaming from the basement. It was high pitched and clearly pained. Snatch was tormenting the toy again. Shrugging, Column lay back down on the couch and drifted to sleep to the sounds of his slave’s misery.

Her Own Tartarus

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“To you, I am a god.” The stallion's words were the last he spoke before the pain started for Fluttershy. She couldn’t see what he was doing with the tape over her eyes, but the moment she felt the vibrator press against her ass, she knew what was coming. Fluttershy bite her lip in miserable anticipation. Snatch pressed it in hard, but even with all the force he applied it went in slow as the slut’s body painfully stretched to accommodate it. The whore’s mouth fell open as she loudly screamed. Her legs fought against her restraints as the stallion slowly pressed further and further into her body. Once the vibrator was fully in, Snatch flicked it on. The heightened stimulation did nothing to make Fluttershy’s situation any easier. The mare felt far too filled, her mind struggling to process the pain.

“Now you stay like that for a bit and prime that little ass of yours for what either I or Column will do to it later.” Snatch walked away from her, Fluttershy following his movements with her head even as she was still unable to see him past the tape. He stomped up the stairs, leaving Fluttershy alone to whimper and squirm in the dark. The slut shifted her weight, trying to find some way to position herself that would make the large object up her ass less uncomfortable, but soon gave up and just lay there crying. She tried to take her mind off of where she was, to retreat to her memories, but the constant buzzing of the vibrator and the overstimulation made that difficult. Instead, it only made her more miserable to think that just a few weeks ago, Rainbow Dash and herself were having tea at her cottage. Fluttershy’s shoulders shook as she sobbed, thinking about her former home.

The sounds of Snatch returning caused Fluttershy to snap back to the present. She could hear the sound of his magic, the stallion apparently carrying something with him. There was a thud, what sounded like a chair being set down next to her. Then, she felt her hair being roughly pulled to the side. A feeling of complete defeat washed over her as she heard the first cut of the scissors. There wasn’t much of the slut that still reminded her of who she once was, and one of the few things left was being cut away.

“This much hair doesn’t suit you. I want to be able to look you in the eyes while you cry for me. We can’t have your hair falling in the way. Besides, short hair is cuter.” The sound of the scissors was steady as Fluttershy felt her hair being yanked from one side to another before being cut away. Fluttershy hadn’t cut her hair short since she was a small filly. She could still remember the feeling of her father’s hooves gently turning her head one way then another. With another yank, Snatch grabbed the last clump of long hair and cut it away. Fluttershy’s scalp was sore from all the pulling. Her master wasn’t finished however, and kept snipping away. At least he wasn’t yanking anymore. Fluttershy sat as still as possible, not wanting to give him a reason to hurt her, even as he destroyed one of the last signs of her identity she still had left.

“There,” Snatch sounded pleased, “Now you look perfect. Let me go grab a mirror.” She could hear him leave and come back moments later, then she felt his magic loosen the tape around her eyes. Even the dim light of the basement was hard to handle after being blindfolded, but Fluttershy blinked until her eyes adjusted. The mirror slowly came into focus in front of her.

Snatch has cut most of her hair away. Before, when she was tied up, her mane would pool around her on the floor. Her hair often felt gross afterward, but the long mane was something that had been a part of her identity for most of her life. Now, the mare that stared back at her from the mirror had a shoulder length mane. It didn’t look bad. Actually, Snatch seemed to have some skill with the scissors. It wasn’t her, however. Fluttershy looked at her own reflection and saw the truth. There was no mare anymore, just the whore her captors had turned her into. Her body shook as she started to sob again, the face of her reflection twisting up in misery.

“Now, now, there’s no reason to cry. You look exactly the way I want you to. Now you can serve your only purpose that much better. Now, it's time to get to work.” Snatch moved the chair so that he was sitting in front of her, the mirror held up still. Fluttershy was starting to understand how Snatch thought, and knew that he would keep the mirror there as he used her mouth. He wanted her to see what he had done to her, what he had made her. She guessed correctly.

“How would you like me to use my mouth, Master?”

“Do whatever feels natural.” Snatch grinned, his hoof stroking her shortened hair. “Make me cum in whatever way you want to, but you will make me cum and you will swallow every drop.” It was yet another example of Snatch stroking his own ego. He was showing her that he now controlled her so completely that even when he was giving her a “choice,” it was a choice where the only options were ones he gave her. Worse, Fluttershy felt grateful. He wasn’t going to cram his dick down her throat; she could go at the pace she wanted. Knowing how much Snatch enjoyed hurting her, the only way she could think of to lessen her misery was to play to his other big kink, control.

“Thank you, Master.” She said, genuine appreciation in her voice. As long as she let him know that she was happy to suck his dick, as long as it was gentler than normal, he would accept giving her that modicum of mercy. With how earnestly relieved she felt as she gently took his cock into her mouth, the slut wondered how long it would be until that was all that was left of her. She was nothing but a whore now. How long until she felt irrational loyalty to her captors, how long until she genuinely appreciated every little thing they did that was anything other than cruel. There was still enough of Fluttershy in the whore for her to dread it, but she knew it was coming. It had only been a few weeks since she was kidnapped. She would spend years down here, however much of her life she still had left. The brain only takes so much before it finds a way to accept reality. It was only a matter of time.

“Good girl.” Snatch stroked her shortened mane as she took him into her mouth. The mare’s cyan eyes watering. The slut hummed gently to try and create vibration. She wasn’t sure if it actually did anything, she’d never done anything sexual to anypony before Snatch, but he seemed to find it amusing and that was the only thing keeping her from being hurt. Snatch grabbed her by the back of her head, but he didn’t force her down. The slut was allowed to choose her own pace.

The lack of experience the mare had meant that it took far longer than it should have, much to Snatch’s delight and Fluttershy’s misery. She lowered herself down on his cock, feeling his balls brush her lips. Her throat hated being pushed that far, but Fluttershy was learning to put her master’s pleasure above her own physical comfort. She would only have peace when he came inside her mouth and she did her best to make that happen. It took nearly ten minutes of her working him before she finally felt his cock begin to twitch. Knowing what was coming, she brought his cock most of the way out of her mouth and kept her lips sealed around the tip. Cum shot into her mouth and she began to swallow.

“Good girl. Very good.” Snatch smiled down at her as she pulled his cock out of her mouth, not a drop of cum spilling. She swallowed the load as he watched, pleased. “This really is the best use for you. There is one other thing to do today though.” Snatch moved to the stairway, lifting something else up with his magic that Fluttershy had not noticed he’d brought down. It was a pair of clippers. The slave quickly guessed their purpose.

“I…I don’t plan to escape.” The whore unconsciously took a step away from the stallion as he walked back over to her. “You said you wouldn’t k…kill me as long as I didn’t try to escape, so I won’t. I promise.”

“I believe you. That isn’t why this is happening, and you know that by now.” Snatch purred, holding the clippers out towards her. He was right, she knew the real reason he was doing this. It was the same reason he had cut her hair, that he had kidnapped her in the first place.

“As long as I can fly, I have a power, a skill….”

“One that isn’t any use to a little slut like yourself. The only skills you will ever need are the ones for your mouth, ass, and pussy. I suppose your wings can be used too, but you don’t need the flight feathers for that.”

“Ok.” She knew there was no point. There was nowhere to fly in the cramped basement anyway, and she was never going to leave that place. Her wings were functionally useless. Still, somehow it hurt more than she expected it to when she realized she would never fly again. The slut held her wing out. She might as well get it over with.

“Good girl.” Snatch was very pleased to see her go with it so quickly. The clippers snapped as the first flight feather was destroyed. “It’s honestly a shame these weren’t cut a long time ago. Your life was such a waste before coming here. You were never meant to fly, to go to school, to have friends. You were meant to make ponies happy with that body of yours. It’s a wonderful gift you have. I’m so glad we could help you discover who you were always meant to be. Now,” Snatch kicked the pile of feathers away and stood up, “I’ll bring Column down. I’m sure he wants another go at you. How does that make you feel?”

“Happy,” the slut lied, her eyes glued to the soft, yellow pile on the floor, “I’m happy to do what I was born to.” Snatch tousled her hair.

“That’s a good girl. Now wait here.” A soft hum of magic accompanied the feathers and loose hair being lifted from the ground and carried away with Snatch as he climbed the stairs again. For a moment she wondered what was going to happen with it. Neither Snatch or Column had pink hair or yellow feathers, so somepony seeing that in the trash might raise questions. The smartest move would be to burn it, but Snatch was too self assured to care about something like that. He’d probably just toss it in a bin. It would have given Fluttershy some tiny amount of hope of rescue, if she didn’t know fully well that nopony would notice.

“Now what the heck does that stallion want me to see with you.” Column called down as he stomped his way down the stairs. He stopped when he reached the bottom and saw Fluttershy. “Really, that’s it? He cuts your hair and he thinks that’s a big deal. Get over here, bitch!” He snapped at her, Fluttershy squeaking and hurrying over. Column roughly flipped her around and stood over her, his body enveloping hers. His cock went straight for the mare’s ass and shoved in roughly. Fluttershy’s face screwed up in pain, but she kept herself quiet. Column was less sadistic, but he wouldn’t hesitate to hurt her if she annoyed him.

“Just as good as ever.” Column purred as his cock slipped farther in. Fluttershy’s legs squirmed under both his weight as he partly put his weight down on her and partly from the cock. A jolt ran down her spine as she stretched to fit him. “I don’t give a fuck what you look like,” Column said as his hips started to find their rhythm, “Just as long as you do what you’re told. Snatch can have his fun, I’ll have mine.” Fluttershy tried to stifle her sobbing, but as the pain grew worse it spilled out.

The familiar sounds of carnal pleasure and unheeded misery could be heard from upstairs, but the sounds didn’t carry far past that. Snatch listened in as he tended to, snacking on fruit while rereading the newspaper article about the disappearance of an element of harmony. It never bored the stallion to mentally gloat about his captured prize. When the sounds of his slut’s sobbing finally died down from the basement, he folded the paper up and tossed it in the garbage next to the hair and wing clippings before sealing it up and taking it to the end of the road for disposal.

The trash was hauled away that day, and shortly after was loaded into a magical incinerator. Just as Fluttershy had predicted, while some piece of her had gotten out, nopony noticed and nopony was any more aware of her situation. Life in Equestria carried on as it usually did, and somewhere on its western side one of its former heroes spent her days in her own personal Tartarus.