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Princess Luna is with us now.

jmj #2 · May 2nd, 2021 · · 4 · forgive ·

She just chews them up, sir.

I love your suffering Luna. Enough is never enough.

Of course... she does deserve it.


Thanks man! This is who the character is in my view. Her brokenness is unique, and worthy of being magnified endlessly. I'd have this be her legacy.

she does deserve it

If life was a party, she'd be the theme :pinkiesmile:


Oh, I believe she was the party favors in one of your other stories for the More Most Dangerous Game contest some years back. My favorite story of yours.

ngl this is totally me when I shed the chains binding me to this mortal plain and allow myself to be consumed by the un-living soul of my own infinite despair and inner darkness

Fucking hell, this was a delicious delivery in voice and atmosphere. You used colored text once, and I could still tell who was talking every single time. Incredibly effective horror of poor, poor Best Horse suffering rendered in a smartly-written way.

Fuck, though. This is savage.


Thanks for reading, and very glad you found it to be moving! :twilightsmile:

colored text

The first doorway to further explorations of her pain. I'd be happy to add links to your sad Luna works too!

In your story? I don’t understand why you’d use your work to promote mine. Wouldn’t that take away from your story? :twilightsheepish:


Welp, a couple reasons:

-I feel authors of quality such as yourself deserve publicity. If my humble offering must sacrifice attention to that end, so be it.
-Having a multimedia dimension to the story appeals to me (someday I'll link music and visual art as well).

If you're not down, no worries. If you are, though, hit me up with which titles you'd want linked.

Awesome, I plan to write something similar myself one day


Glad you liked it!! Come check it out again in a few months - it may become darker, one might say.

Oh, I hope I will finish writing my stuff in few months as well :twilightsmile:
I definitely will check. Darker is good

I almost feel like this story needs the poetry tag, for how it was written.

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