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This story is a sequel to How to Catch a Twilight

Dom's latest prank with Rainbow Dash on Twilight almost resulted in him getting obliterated by magic, which you'd think would be a lesson learned. You thought very wrong. Dom and Rainbow Dash decide that it's Fluttershy's turn to be pranked, but their method of doing so might prove more than unorthodox and quite...disturbing.

Fluttershy might be easy pickings, but the duo's idea of a joke might leave her with mental scars more than anything else.

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I'm not sure how Fluttershy was "caught", but the banter between Dom and Skittles was fun to read.

Bros, eh?
With a taste of waffle :rainbowderp:


This one technically wasn't a ''How to Catch'' story. My best answer is that it was more of a general prank played for the sake of catching Fluttershy off guard and getting a reaction for a laugh. Bit more laid-back than the other stories, kinda to ease Dom back into things after Twilight almost vaporised him.

(I also wanted to do something incredibly strange and random, inspired by a certain classic cartoon. 😇🎩☕)

Dan #4 · July 4th · · ·

No Discord popping up to ask about ravens and writing desks or storytime about Flim and Flam once attempted an oyster hunt?

''I think we should do something with the tea idea. Nothing too fancy or too big, but enough for a reaction. Any ideas?''

Maybe bring an empty pot of tea and say her it is invisible, tasteless tea.
Then sit together and "drink" it while complementing how good it is.

That entire encounter gave you Twi-phobia.

This is probably an officially acknowledged condition in Ponyville.

''W-What...What is this?'' Fluttershy asked confusedly, her eyes wide and deeply taken back by the scene before her. It was like something out of a crazy cartoon!

Says the cartoon horse...

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

4 done, 2 to catch

Please let Pinkie be last of the mane 6. And a couple of good bonus chapters would be how to catch a Sun princess and a Moon Princess if you catch my drift.

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