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Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor, two siblings with little in common, always fight with each other ever since they were foals. Even when Twilight ascended to princesshood and gained a crystal castle after her battle with Tirek alongside her friends, she and her brother still fight each other as if they never get along. However, when they do, they would always play games only for it to stop immediately after Twilight was accused of cheating on every single game they played.

However, their current lives will soon change after Twilight stumbles upon a weird board game in one of the storage rooms in the castle and invited Shining to play along. Little did they knew that the game was magical in its own way.

A crossover with my favorite childhood movie, Zathura: A Space Adventure.

Warning: Rated Teen in case of curse words being used and possible gore. Read at your own risk.

Cropped cover art from Zathura wiki fandom website.

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Oh, this is gonna be good.

Edit: I just watched the movie again, to get a refresher to prepare for this story.

I'm glad you like it! Also, just so you know, every time I finished writing a chapter, I'm gonna take a day off to get my mind refreshed so that I didn't get writer's block again. Please keep that in mind, alright?


I'm going to guess The Astronaut will be showing up soon?

Well, to answer that, I did consider on doing at least two or three of the cards that appeared in the movie. However, the astronaut appeared four cards after the whole Tsouris-3 thing during Danny's turn. So, you might be getting my longest chapter after this one. Stay tuned for it, okay?

P.S.: I usually took a day off from writing to refresh my brain after I have done with one chapter. I hope that's okay with you.

Yeah, that's fine, I've said that before.

Edit: I actually haven't, but, needless to say, I understand, it happens.

"No girl, pony meat."

Huh, I thought he would say
"You call yourself an animal caretaker? We're meat!

I thought twilight ship was the red ship not the blue ship?

Because in the beginning of the story it said that twilight’s ship was red not blue?

Am I wrong or was that a mistake you accidentally missed.

Also thank you for the new chapter and I can’t wait for the next one.

Yeah, that was a mistake I missed for some reason. But I fixed it, so it should be good for now.

Hooray for The Astronaut! Also, I'm guessing that the twist of "he was the brother all along" is going to be fairly obvious this time around?

Maybe, maybe not. You'll just have to wait and see...

Hey folks! So, I have a little bit of a bad news. My new semester of college is coming up soon, so I may have to put Zathura: Sibling is Magic on hiatus but keep it on the incomplete tagging, in case if I wanted to get back to it. I hope that you can understand my predicament.

P.S.: I will be doing online classes since this whole epidemic is still going on.

The shooting star comes next.

I'm sorry, but this story is on hiatus right now. I will get back to writing it soon. Also, yes, the shooting star will come next alongside the astronaut's backstory.

I'm a bit upset you didn't let Twilight, Shining Armor, Astronaut ( Alt Future Shining Armor ), and the rest of the Main Five scold Spike a little for turning the AC Temperture, and using the Fire Extinguisher, and Nearly freed the Malfunction Robot.

Seriously, Spike is making thinks a bit worse, and they should be at least complain about it, and have Spike apologize.

One chapter left.

Actually, Spike didn't know about any of the events that you mentioned since he had gotten frozen thanks to Twilight producing a cryonic sleep card, so there's no possible way that they could be mad at him since he was taking care of them, thinking that they are in trouble.

i wonder if you can do jumanji next. which makes sense since it's also about a cursed game

Well, I have thought about making a Jumanji crossover, but unfortunately that would be for another time because I have another story on the works as of now.


Good point. I was just a little upset with Spike's shenanigans. But, it was all an accident and Spike didn't know on what's happening with the Space Themed Game.

Wow, since yesterday and today, I got four downvotes in this story. Did everyone not like it now or something? I have no idea.

Edit: Are you kidding me?! Another downvote?! Am I not likable or something?!

I think it has something to do with how this story is literally the same story (Zathura) with the cast of MLP. I think what people were looking for was a re-imagining of the movie. Also Zathura mainly focused on the siblings and had them be the only characters on the adventure, which made the film about family. This fanfic focused on the siblings, but essentially had too much characters on the journey. The story is called "Zathura: Sibling is Magic", it should just be about the Twilight and Shining; no additional characters needed.

Twilight Sparkle plays the role of Danny, Shining Armor plays the role of Walter, and Spike plays the role of Lisa.

Well, the thing is, I actually had planned the rest of the Mane Six to stay so that they can watch Twilight and Shining make up for all of their arguing and they sort of got caught in the ride as well. Don't judge me in this, okay? :pinkiehappy:

I think that is the next story you should write is about Spike going to Jumanji. And also I like this story

I'm sorry, but which Jumanji story are you talking about? The original or the Welcome to the Jungle one?

The first one and and with the second one you could put the young six in welcome to the jungle

You did have a good point, but in order for both of the story ideas to work, I have to put both of them into the Equestria Girls universe since television and gaming consoles didn't quite exist in pony Equestria. How does that sound?

P.S.: I actually had a story idea in mind for the first Jumanji story, but I never got to start working on it quite yet. So, bear with me, alright?

Actually you can put the first one into the pony world and the second one into Equestria girls like Spike could get sucked into the board game and to get rid of it they throw into the mirror where gilda finds it

Also I think Gabby should be in the story of the first one yeah she could be the one that that everyone thinks it's crazy

These are great suggestions, but I think I'm gonna stick with what I had in mind, which is putting the Jumanji stories in the Equestria Girls universe. Although, I have to make both stories work, since I plan on putting the Main Seven in the first one.

Hey there, sorry to interrupt, but what do you actually mean about Gabby being the crazy one for the first movie? Do you want her to be the one where Sarah in the original who was traumatized seeing her friend Alan get sucked into the game or someone else? Just wondering....

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