• Published 16th Jun 2020
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Zathura: Sibling is Magic - SuperWriter2329

Two siblings who didn't get along with each other will have their lives turned upside down when a magical board game entered their lives.

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A Robotic Enemy

After telling everypony that they will be moving to the castle's living room to continue playing the game, Twilight and Applejack made sure that the library gets cleaned up as thoroughly as possible by salvaging any books that did not get damaged by the earlier meteor shower, of which there were only a few dozen left. These books were then stored in the nearby storage room for future uses.

About ten minutes later, they finally arrived at the living room, where the others were waiting for Twilight to continue playing the magical board game with her brother. Once the two were settled, Shining then repeated the process and the dial spun and landed on the number eight.

"Hah, look Twily, I got an eight and I'm like halfway there," the older sibling proudly said, of which the younger one rolled her eyes.

She was still thinking about Spike, who got frozen as a result of her previous card that read 'Shipmate Enters Cryonic Sleep Chamber for 5 Turns'. As expected, the result was rapid freezing of Spike's bathroom with the unfortunate young dragon inside.

The blue ship finally stopped eight spaces from where it started and another card popped out. Shining picked it up and read its contents. When he did, his face was shown a hint of confusion, which was noticed by Twilight.

"Shining, what did it said?"

"Quite simple, actually. 'Your Robot is Defective'," Shining stated.

"Okay, what does that mean, actually?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"My robot's broken, obviously."

"Yeah, just one problem. Equestria didn't even manufactured any robot toys at all! There's no way that you could have one that was broken!" Twilight mentioned.

Suddenly, Fluttershy screamed. She then shouted, "Girls, look!" She pointed at one of the lit up hallways.

Everypony else looked at the same direction that the shy pegasus pointed just in time for them to see a huge robotic shadowy figure that was intimidating to them. The robot seems to get closer and closer with the shadow disappearing from their naked eyes until...

"Emergency! Emergency!"

What was expected as a deep robotic voice was actually a tiny one, which prompted everypony to look down and, sure enough, a metallic robot that was the size of a two inch box entered the room.

"Wait, that's it? I honestly thought the robot was big, not this," Rainbow Dash mentioned.

"Huh, ya got that right. Come now Rarity, wake up," Applejack said, trying to wake Rarity up, who had fainted upon seeing the huge shadowy figure of the supposedly huge robot.

"Uh Shining, is that really your robot?" the lavender princess asked.

"Well, at least I got one," Shining said.

"Well, if it's yours, what does it do actually?"

"Duh, anything I want," the older sibling said sarcastically before turning to the robot and said, "Hey, get me an apple juice, stat!"

"Shining, don't say that!" Twilight said, standing up.

"Why not? The card did said that it's my robot, so I can do whatever I want with it," Shining retaliated, standing up as well.

"Uh, guys?" Applejack said. Unbeknownst to any of the siblings, the robot seems to be getting bigger.

"Well, your robot or not, don't say anything harsh to it! You might make it mad!"

"Well, I don't care. It like two or three inches tall. I can kick it across the room if I wanted to!"

"Guys?" Pinkie Pie now said.

"Oh yeah? Well, I think if I got anything like it, I would treat it nicely like my own daughter!"

"Yeah, you're just saying that cause you're jealous that I have a robot and you don't!"

"Guys!" Twilight's friends all said at once, finally receiving attention from the two fighting siblings, who turned their heads to them.

"What?!" the two yelled at once before hearing a deep robotic voice behind them.


Fear was etched on Twilight's face when she said, "Girls, please don't tell me that the robot is bigger than us now, because I really can't stand it."

As if on cue, she and her brother turned their heads slowly to face the robot. As expected, what was once a three inch robot was now easily a seven foot tall robot with bulky shoulders, clawed hands and a seemingly angry look on its face.

"ALIEN LIFE FORM, MUST DESTROY!" the robot said, looking only at Shining when it said those words.

"Uh, Twily, why is it looking at me when it said that?"

Then, the alicorn's head clicked when she said, "Shining, the card says that your robot is becoming defective. This means that the robot thinks you are an alien!"

"What?!" the other ponies shouted.

Then, without warning, the defective robot brought out its rocket thrusters so that it can sped towards them, especially Shining, who the robot thought was the alien.

"Hit the deck!" That shout came from Applejack. The others need no more encouragement as they, as one, dodged out of the way until...

The dust finally cleared up as Twilight stood up from where she was lying down - right behind one of the couches - after trying to dodge the incoming robot. She then said, "Is everypony okay?"

"Okay, that was not fun and I am not looking forward to doing it again!" Pinkie said, who was hiding behind the door that leads to the throne room.

"Ugh, you can say that again." That came from Rainbow Dash, as she and her fellow pegasus Fluttershy flew down from the ceiling as their hiding spot.

The others too moved away from their spots; Applejack was actually standing on one of the tables out of fear, Rarity mysteriously disappeared before reappeared through teleportation (how she knew to do so I do not know) and Shining seems to be floating in midair by magic.

Then, together as one, they looked towards the direction of the robot, whose arms have been embedded deep into another one of the many fireplaces that was in the castle. They then moved closer towards the now immobile robot in all directions as they thought the danger is over.

They soon thought wrong as the robot suddenly jolted back to life as it tried to pull itself free from the fireplace. After a few unsuccessful attempts, it then turned its head towards where Shining was standing, its blood red glowing eyes fuming with fury as it said, "ALIEN LIFE FORM, MUST DESTROY!"

Without showing his fear, Shining bravely told his sister to take her turn of the game, of which she did so. Twilight was about to turn the key when the sight before her terrified her; the key was missing from its slot.

Applejack noticed the fearful look on the princess' face when she asked, "What is it, Twilight?"

"The key's gone! AJ, help me look for it!"

"Say no more, Twi!" The cowgirl then split up from Twilight to search for the missing key.

The brother heard and seen his sister's claims and decided to look for it as well. When he did find it, however, the key was inches away from one of the robot's feet. At first, he was hesitant to grab the key and hand it to Twilight. But he then sucked up all of his fears as he was lying on his stomach, his clothing dusted, reaching out to grab the key.

Before he could, however, one of the robot's arms managed to broke free of its wall prison and reached out as well. But its main objective was to grab the older brother and failed to do so several times before the brother reached for the key and moved out of the way.

That action was not missed by Twilight and her friends, who saw Shining risking his life by being so close to the defective robot. Moments later, he sprinted towards Twilight's direction, which was near the board game and handed her the key.

"Here Twily, turn it right now!"

The princess was about to do so before she was interrupted by a sawing noise. She and her brother looked up and can clearly see that the robot used its free hand to held a circular saw, which spins rapidly all on its own so that it can free its other arm and it did.

This prompted Shining to run as the robot chased him all over the castle. The Mane Six tried slowing the robot down with all manners of plans like apple throwing, fist punching, anything to make the robot stop. However, it was relentless as it felt like those attacks made it stronger and it was noticed by the friends.

"Okay, this is officially the strongest enemy I've ever faced in my life, possibly even stronger than Tirek," the cyan pegasus admitted.

"Ya can say that again! How in the hay are we gonna beat it?" the apple farmer asked.

"I don't know! Just think of something!" Shining yelled, still running away from the rampaging robot. He tried teleporting away from the chase, but it was futile because the robot seemed to always find him hiding in whatever room he was able to teleport into.

"Wait a minute? It has my Pinkie Sense?! That is unacceptable!" Pinkie pointed out.

The chase soon ended back at the living room after eight intense minutes when the robot brought out its thrusters again to charge towards Shining, who dodged just in time before it crashes on one of the walls and was now outside in the dark and deep space.

"Okay, that was crazy. Maybe even crazier than any villains we've faced so far," Twilight said.

"Wait, crazier than Discord?" Rainbow asked.

"Well, maybe not but still in the top three."

"In that case, at least it's ov-"

Rarity didn't get to finish her sentence as another crash from the robot happened just behind her. Currently, the living room was now in disarray as furniture was overturned everywhere, intact or damaged. As one again, she and the others looked at the direction of the crashed robot along the burning lines the robot made in its tracks.

What looked like hours was actually a few seconds as the defective robot stood up, possibly even more angrier than before as smoke puffed out from its nose.

Shining stayed calm as he said, "Twily, take your turn now."

"On it!" Twilight said, heading towards the game to repeat the card conjure procedure.

Meanwhile, the brother and the robot seemed to battle quietly as they clicked their respective hands and the saw started to spin.

Shining became a bit impatient as he said, "Twily, where's the card? I really need it right now."

"I'm sorry but my piece is still moving."

Back at the board game, the red piece was still moving, as the young princess claimed. However, the robot became impatient as well as it raised the arm with the saw that was spinning at full speed.

Shining saw that and yelled, "Twily, I need that card now!"

As if on cue, the red piece finally stopped and a card popped out. Wasting no time, she handed it to her brother, who then ran away to get away from the rampaging robot. It then ran in the same direction but down in another hallway.

However, Twilight and her friends cannot breathe sighs of relief yet as they saw something really concerning; the game seems to be getting pulled towards one of the intact walls along other furniture in the living room. When they looked outside, fear etched on each of their faces as they saw a glowing yellow star getting closer and closer towards the castle.

"Shining, what did the card said?!" Twilight yelled.

"Ugh, one... second!" Shining yelled back, clearly straining from something. Finally, he took refuge on one of the door frames that led to, ironically, Spike's bedroom. Pretty much anything and everything was pulled in one direction, including the frozen Spike. He then read the contents of the card out loud, with hopes that his sister can hear it. "It says, 'You Pass Too Close to Tsouris-3: Enter Gravity Field!'"

Meanwhile, outside, the Castle of Friendship is now passing by the giant star. Back inside in the living room, the Mane Six tried to escape the approaching star. It actually posed no problem to the pegasi and Twilight, being able to fly, but for the others, not so much.

Applejack and Pinkie managed to hang on by grabbing on one of the many pillars that was in the castle since they were born as earth ponies. However, for Rarity, she didn't have earth pony strength, so she struggled on hanging for dear life as she yelled to Twilight, "Oh Twilight, whatever was that star that was pulling everything and everypony towards it?!"

The lavender princess then make a book on astrology appear and decided to read away on the star that Shining had yelled at her. When she did, all of the color drained from her face.

"Oh dear. Whenever Twilight made that face, it's always bad news," Rainbow mentioned.

"It is. According to this book, Tsouris-3 is... a sun."

"What?!" all of her friends shouted.

"Is it Celestia's by any chance?" Applejack asked.

"No, it's not. We're on a completely different galaxy altogether."

"Again, what?!" This time, only Rainbow Dash shouted.

"Uh guys, I could use some help here!" That shout came from Shining, who was struggling to hang on whilst avoiding the saw on the robot's hand. It had managed to catch up to Shining while Twilight searched one of her books for the details of Tsouris-3.

"Yeah, sorry dude, having a little bit of trouble ourselves here!" the rainbow maned pegasus shouted back.

As the castle kept travelling across the huge gravitational sun, pulling everything that was unfortunate enough to be outside, including pieces of crystal that was chipped off from the walls, the ponies inside are not faring better as well. Rarity tried hanging onto the pillar that she was holding, but the gravitational force was too much for her to handle and she loses her grip, screaming before Twilight managed to grab her hand in time.

"Twilight, help!" the poor white unicorn pleaded.

"Hang on, Rarity!" the young princess assured.

"Twily, a little help here!" Shining yelled from the entrance to Spike's bedroom.

"Sorry, I'm a bit held up right now!" Twilight yelled back.

However, inch by inch, Rarity was losing grip on the lavender alicorn's strong hands. At the same time, the robot was trying to saw Shining's hooved feet off but failed each time. And then, all at once, Rarity's grip finally gave out as she was pulled towards the sun and Shining went sliding towards the front door after the defective robot tried to get a hold on Shining's leg but slipped and fell to its doom down at the basement.

For Twilight, time seemed to have stopped as she lost her grip on her unicorn friend. She then snapped back to reality when she heard her name being yelled by Rarity, who was now halfway towards meeting her doom because she was unfortunately aimed towards one of the intact windows feet first.

However, fate seemed to have other plans as Rarity was suddenly spinning until her body was facing the sun whereas Shining was still sliding until his feet hit the front door hard. As for Rarity, she also hit the window hard, but due to her body facing it, she was lucky that her chest was big and soft enough for a nice but rough landing. That was enough to make the other ponies cringe upon seeing it.

As of now, the Tsouris-3 sun has finally passed by the castle, causing everything to return to its original gravitational field of the castle, including Applejack and Pinkie. As for Shining, he was resting after the thrill of adrenaline he had earlier only to be interrupted by something hitting his head. He looked up and screamed upon seeing Spike, still frozen, was the one that hit his head.

The Mane Six heard the scream and rushed towards the front door, stopping when they saw the frozen young dragon nearby. Then, Twilight rushed to the statue and started to examine for any broken parts, relieved to find none of the sort.

"Twilight, is he okay?" That came from Applejack, who was concerned that Spike could get damaged due to how frozen he is right now.

"Surprisingly, he's still in one piece," the young princess said, making the others breathe sighs of relief, including Rarity, who has finally got out of the adrenaline rush from her earlier hard landing.

"Wait, Shining, if you're here, then where's the robot?" Rainbow asked the older brother.

Shining's head clicked as he started rushing back to the basement stairs, quickly followed by the Mane Six. When they reached the stairs that led to the basement, they looked down to see that the robot has finally became immobile after its rampage towards Shining earlier.

Then, the older brother started making his way down to make sure that the robot was actually not moving anymore.

"Shining, what are you doing?" his younger sister asked.

"Nothing, just making sure, that's all," Shining answered.

Upon closer inspection, the saw actually punctured through the robot's face, making it completely immobile. He then tried touching its face, but the second he did, its chest panel suddenly opened up and a smaller robot popped out. It seemed angry that its master was broken and did something that scared him; it tried to fix the robot. Not wanting to be in the same room any longer, he sprinted out of the room, closing the door of the basement and headed back upstairs.

Using her magic, Twilight brought Spike back to his bathroom to where he was frozen stiff earlier. She then asked, "Wait, hold up. The robot can fix itself?"

Shining had just told the others what had just transpired back in the basement earlier.

"Well, how should I know? Plus, I really don't think that we need to be in the same room when it happens."

"Great. Now we can't even get a good rest after all of that? Sheesh, I really wished that the robot stayed broken," Rainbow mentioned.

About five minutes later, they finally got Spike back to the same position on where he got frozen earlier.

"Well, that should do it. Now what?" the young princess asked.

"I don't know. Maybe continue playing that game?" Shining said.

"Uh, no way! I've had enough action for a while now. I think that we should take a break whilst having lunch. What do you say, girls?"

"Yeah, I could get something to eat right now," the cyan pegasus agreed.

"To be honest, I am a bit peckish for food. I could really go for a bite," Rarity said.

Shining was a bit annoyed that the others have decided to follow his sister, but he finally relented as he said, "Fine, but I'm taking that game with me, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Come on, let's go!" Twilight said, showing them the way to the kitchen and dining room area with Applejack preparing lunch. After all of the action that they have faced, they did deserve a little break every now and then.

Author's Note:

Oh dear, a huge rampaging and defective robot on the loose! And it's only chasing Shining? Well, that happened. At least the robot was immobile, for now... What could that game might throw at them next? Find out in the next episode!

Well, that took a bit longer than I could have imagined. Also, this is the longest chapter I have written so far! Yay...

As usual, feel free to leave a comment if you spot any mistakes. See you all for more Zathura: Sibling is Magic! Bye!