• Published 16th Jun 2020
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Zathura: Sibling is Magic - SuperWriter2329

Two siblings who didn't get along with each other will have their lives turned upside down when a magical board game entered their lives.

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Frozen Spike

Shining Armor and the Mane Six have finally made it to Spike's room so that Twilight can hopefully send a letter to Princess Celestia on their current situation where the Castle of Friendship is floating on a small rock in an unknown outer space, which was definitely nowhere near their galaxy.

Twilight wasted no time and decided to barge into the young dragon's room, startling Spike from his slumber.

"Gah! Twilight, seriously? Why did you wake me up? I was just getting into a really nice dream."

"No time for that, Spike! There's an emergency!" the lavender princess said.

"Yeah, a really huge emergency!" Pinkie Pie agreed.

"What is it then?" Spike asked.

"Well, it's complicated. I might as well just show you," Twilight said, walking up to one of the windows that was in the bedroom and opening it, allowing Spike to see the outside world, which was currently nothing but deep space.

The dragon's eyes were wide in shock. "Woah!"

"Yeah Spike, what should we do about it?"

"What are you talking about? It's dark and you didn't have the thought to wake me up and telling me to prepare breakfast? I can't believe you!" Spike said, standing up from his small bed and heading towards the in-build bathroom.

The other ponies present was shocked upon hearing that Spike saw the current situation as nighttime. The siblings then walked towards the door, which was now closed with Spike inside.

"Spike, it's not dark outside! I saw a really huge planet outside, but I have no idea what the planet is. Please Spike, open this door!" Twilight pleaded.

All of a sudden, the door suddenly opened, revealing Spike with an annoyed look on his face.

"Look Twilight, thanks to you, I was forced to turn my seven-hour bubble bath into just one hour! Which means I have to scrub my body hard if I wanted to get any stains or odor away! Now, could you please let me have my bath now?"

"Please Spike, I'm really scared right now. There was this game that we played, but when we started playing it, one minute we were in Ponyville, the next meteors rained down and we were in space. Could you please take a look at it and see what it does next?"

At first, the young dragon hesitated. But after a while, he nodded. "Fine, but if it doesn't do anything, I'm just gonna take my bath, got it?"

"Thank you, Spike. I appreciate it," the princess said before teleporting out of the room to grab the board game that they left back at the destroyed library.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Mane Six are having a conversation of their own.

"So, what do y'all thinkin' right now? How would our family thought that we just disappeared out of nowhere?" Applejack asked.

"Well, Princess Celestia would have noticed right away. But I wonder what Sweetie Belle would think if anything happened to me," Rarity said.

"Well, my animals would starve to death if we can't figure out a way back. We could be here for days, or weeks, or maybe years," Fluttershy said.

"Don't worry girls. If anything, the princess can help us get out of this mess!" Pinkie happily mentioned.

"Well, let's hope for the best," was all Rainbow Dash said.

Back at the siblings and Spike, Twilight had just came back with the game in hand. Wasting no time, she and Shining sat the game down before Twilight told Shining on working on the controls of the game.

"Okay Shining, firstly, you need to turn the key clockwise. After a few turns, the button will pop out. Push it to make the dial spin."

The older sibling nodded as he did exactly what his sister said while Spike watched both of them with an unamused look on his face. Seconds later, the dial stopped at the number nine and Shining proudly said the number out loud.

"Okay, now you just need to wait until your piece, the blue ship, stopped at the ninth space, which was four spaces ahead of mine, which was the red ship," Twilight explained.

Seconds more passed when another card came out of its slot. Shining picked it up and read its contents aloud. "It says, 'You Are Promoted to Starship Captain. Move Ahead 2 Spaces.'"

As soon as he said it, the blue ship quickly moved two more spaces ahead, making both Twilight and Shining realize that they could be getting normal cards that didn't do anything in real life.

"Yeah, I'm just gonna have my bath now so bye," was Spike's last words before he disappeared into the bathroom.

"Wait Spike, that doesn't count!" Shining said.

"What doesn't count, darling?" Rarity asked.

Rather than telling her, the older sibling just showed her the card. The fashionista nodded. "Oh, that's why. You got a normal card."

"Yeah, and I'm going next," Twilight said. She then turned the key like she did last time and pushed the red button after a few turns. The dial finally stopped at the number four, causing Twilight's piece to move four more spaces ahead before a third card came out.

With shaky hands, she took it out and read, "Okay, the card says, 'Shipmate Enters Cryonic Sleep Chamber for 5 Turns.'"

"Twilight, hate to break it to ya, but what in the hay does that mean?" the cowgirl asked.

However, the question was soon answered when they noticed something that scared them; the bathroom door seemed to freeze up really rapidly.

Twilight tried to call out her assistant. "Spike? Are you still in there?"

No response.

With that, the lavender princess tried prying the door open, but the door kept on freezing up despite using all of her earth pony strength. "Girls, little help here!"

Then, Applejack and Pinkie, being earth ponies themselves, stepped forward to help Twilight push the rapidly freezing door open. After a few intense seconds, they finally got the door opened.

Looking inside, pretty much anything and everything was frozen with what looks like layers upon layers of ice that surrounds every item, even the smallest of things like a toothbrush. However, none of that can make Twilight's face go pale when she saw that her dragon assistant was standing right beside the bathtub, completely frozen in spot like the stuff that was in the room.

"Spike!" Twilight shouted, running over to her frozen assistant. "No, Spike..."

"Twilight, why'd ya kill Spike like that?" Applejack asked, who clearly saw Spike frozen.

"No AJ, I don't think he died. He's just frozen in place and time," the alicorn said.

"Oh, great. Now how are we gonna get Princess Celestia informed if our one and only means of sending the letter got frozen?" the speedster asked.

For the first time in her life, besides her Lesson Zero moment, Twilight had drawn blank as she had no idea on how to get out of the current situation right now. Then, her head clicked again.

"Hey Shining, did the box have any instructions or anything? Maybe that can help us," the princess said.

"You know, maybe your right. Come on, let's get back to the library," Shining said, running out of the room to get to the library, the others following behind.

When they finally got to the library, they searched the entire broken floor of furniture and books to find the box that contained the board game. A few minutes of search later, Pinkie finally shouted, "Hey guys, I found it!"

She shouted from the exact same spot that they sat earlier when they first saw the game. The box was indeed still there and somehow, managed to stay intact despite the huge meteor shower rain that happened.

Shining was the first that grabbed the lid of the box and, sure enough, there were writings on the inside of the lid which looked like instructions and read it out loud.

"ZATHURA: Adventure Awaits

Do you have what it takes to venture the space? It's not over until you reached the final space of the game, which will be Zathura's reach. The pieces reset after every game. You can play again as you wish for different adventures."

When he finished with the instructions, the older sibling concluded, "Well, I guess we have no choice but to keep playing."

"Shining, I don't think that's what it says," Twilight said.

"Yes, it did, Twily. It clearly says, 'The pieces reset after every game.' That means we can go back to Equestria if we finish."

"Well, for all I know, the longer we play, more dangers are gonna come. And I have a pretty good feeling that the meteor shower was just the beginning of bad news that this game could throw at us."

"Oh, come on now? Are you scared of facing them?"

"I'm not scared, okay? Maybe I just need a break from all of this."

"Yeah, you're scared. In fact, I bet whatever comes next, you will be running all over the place."

"Ugh, seriously Shining, I don't have time for this, alright? I'm taking a break and that's final," Twilight said before storming out of the library to head to the kitchen for something to drink.

The others, on the other hand, have caught up in another awkward moment between the feuding siblings. It wasn't until Applejack decided to check on Twilight.

"Twilight, wait up!" the orange cowgirl said, running so that she can catch up to the princess.

Applejack ran all over the castle to find Twilight. When she did, she was at the kitchen, pouring what looks like apple juice into one of the many glasses that was in the kitchenware pantry.

"Twilight, are ya alright?" Applejack asked.

"Huh, is it that obvious?" Twilight said.

"Yeah, it was. Twilight, Ah know that you wanted to take a break from all of this, but ya can't hide from yer brother forever. Ya gotta face it head on."

"I wanted to, AJ, I really do. But he's just so bucking annoying! I just can't stand him and his attitude! Every time he won, I respected him. But every time I won, he calls me a cheater! Grrr! I feel like I just wanted to strangle him! Argh!"

The poor princess then threw her tantrum that has been kept inside of her for so long that she just exploded. Her apple farmer friend just watched the scene before her unfold with wide eyes and shock on her face.


Ten to twenty seconds of anger explosion later, Twilight finally calmed down before she broke down again. Applejack was by her side a second later, trying to console the crying alicorn by rubbing her arms like she was a little filly and shushed her, with hopes that she calmed down.

After about a few minutes, Twilight wiped down the last of her tears before she spoke again.

"Thanks, AJ. I really needed the comfort."

"Don't mention it, sugarcube. Ah'm just happy ta help a distressed friend whenever," the cowgirl said.

The lavender princess laughed a little, bringing a smile on Applejack's face.

"Yeah, that's so you. Come on, let's go back to the library so that we can finish the game," Twilight said, running to the library before getting stopped by Applejack.

"Hold on a second, sugarcube. Maybe we should play the game by the livin' room this time. Who knew what danger might come lurkin' whilst you and yer brother play it?"

The young princess thought about it for a while. Then she said, "You're right, AJ. I have no idea what might come next, so let's tell the others that we're playing it in the living room from now on, in case something bad happens."

"That's the spirit, Twi! Let's go then!"

With that, Twilight downed the last few gulps of her apple juice before floating the empty glass to the sink. Afterwards, she and Applejack ran back to the library to tell everypony to move to the living room, with hopes that the dangers are just a part of the game.

Little did they knew they were wrong on that account.

Author's Note:

Well shoot! Spike got frozen! Now they have no choice but to continue playing the game without any Equestrian help at all. Can they survive whatever the game might throw at them next? You'll find out soon enough!

Also, feel free to leave a comment if you spot any mistakes and I will try to get to them. See you all next time for more Zathura: Sibling is Magic!