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Even though they live on a planet completely devoid of magic, it turns out humans are naturally gifted in it. Or at least this one is. Anonymous has lived in the castle for a while now and somehow found out he can do magic. Luna offered to take him as her student and Celestia agreed, thinking it would help her sister come out of her shell a bit. Celestia regrets that decision.

At least she can't complain that things are boring.


Story is from Celestia's POV. Tags will be added as needed.

Anthology where Anon learns a new spell every week (in universe) and does something stupid with it.

If you think of any spells you'd like Anon to learn, feel free to leave a comment or PM me.

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I'm sure Anon will learn that... eventually :rainbowlaugh:

I kinda hope that most of the future chapters will just be anon using more ridiculous and convoluted schemes using a new spell to steal Celestia's cake.

I really am interested to see how Anon's abilities develop.

Well color me intrigued here is a like and a follow I'm looking forward to more shenanigans

Nice concept! Try alchemy. Not chemical based, but him trying to turn everything into gold Midas style. You could do light magic were he tells Celly its easier then she says it is.


This was fun, although I'm a little annoyed at the lack of a name. It's not hard to pick a real name, especially since you can make amusing references to real people or other characters, or you can go for maximum shenanigans with the Asian name Yu to troll both the characters and the second person fics.

This is good.

Celestia enjoyed the relative quiet as she walked the halls of the castle. Peace and quiet were hard to come by for someone as important as a princess, especially when she wasn’t locked away in her chambers doing paperwork. She was on her way to a meeting with a minoraur diplomat,


Heh, I liked this one. Especially the apologies.


She was on her way to a meeting with a minoraur diplomat


[/]Good enough, Celestia thought. That was probably the best she would get out of him.

Broken formatting command left in.

Nice display of Friction manipulation by Anon there. Got to give him props for creativity.

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Fixed! Thanks for pointing those out.

This is amazing so far :pinkiesmile:

I have an idea for a spell, how about since Anon loves saying bad words so much, why not sound manipulation? It would be funny and cool.

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