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Twilight Star

Twilight and Luna: two mares made for each other


Rarity has a normal life in Canterlot with her family. But when she sees Princess Luna raise the moon at the Winter Moon Celebration, Rarity decides to enter Luna's gifted unicorn school. She passes a test that was given to her at school and becomes a student of Luna. As she learns magic, Rarity will discover that an ancient evil will return to Equestria.

This story is inspired by a video that I saw on YouTube. This is the Video.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but... Slice of Life and Adventure are contrasting tags, right?

So, are you recommended that I remove one of the tags?

Depends. Is it like the series reenacted by diff characters and stuff?

"What if Rarity become Luna's student?"

I imagine we'd be hearing a lot of Tabitha St. Germain, then.

Wouldn’t Rarity call her folks Papa and Mama, with the emphasis on the end? I just can’t hear her voice in the dialogue. An interesting premise, to be sure, but it’ll take some doing if you’ve set the timeline so far back.

Well, I think the only things that will change is that Spike will be Rarity's assistant, Cadence will possibly be Rarity's foalsitter, but Shining Armor won't be her brother (obviously Rarity's sister will be Sweetie Belle), Twilight Sparkle will be a unicorn owner of the Golden Oka's Tree Library, but Spike won't fall in love with Twilight, Luna will let Rarity stay at Ponyville's Carrousel Boutique (I haven't decided yet if she's going to be Ponyville's fashion designer as a side job), the villains will remain the same. The only villains that will reverse the roles will be Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon (Daybreaker will appear in season one and Nightmare Moon in seventh and ninth), Rarity will be the leader of Mane 6 and Rarity will be the one who will become a princess. But despite that, the other ponies and creatures will remain the same.

Wow. This comment was longer than I imagined.:rainbowderp:

Huh. Is that all? Cuz I was expecting more changes tbh.

I edited and replaced the words Mother and Father, now it is written Mama and Papa:twilightsheepish:

Well, you never know. Maybe there will be replacements in the future?:raritywink:

Will Rarity become a princess in the story

She called them "Mother" and "Father" in Sisterhooves Social.

Good story so far, did they have technology in equestria yet?

There are some mistakes in the spelling

When will the story be updated

I already have a draft, but it's not complete yet.

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