My Little Rarity: Alternate Is Magic

by Twilight Star

First published

What if Rarity was born in Canterlot instead of Ponyville? What if Celestia became Daybreaker instead of Luna becoming Nightmare Moon? What if instead of Rarity becoming a stylist, she becomes Luna's student?

Rarity has a normal life in Canterlot with her family. But when she sees Princess Luna raise the moon at the Winter Moon Celebration, Rarity decides to enter Luna's gifted unicorn school. She passes a test that was given to her at school and becomes a student of Luna. As she learns magic, Rarity will discover that an ancient evil will return to Equestria.

This story is inspired by a video that I saw on YouTube. This is the Video.

An ordinary day like any other (Edited)

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The sun rose on the horizon of Equestria. There were almost no clouds. At Canterlot, unicorns left their homes for a walk. Well, almost everypony was awake. Rarity was in her room sleeping with her sleep mask. The color of the mask was yellow and pink. She was covered to the neck. She slept peacefully until somepony called her. She wasn’t a grown mare, but a unicorn filly.

“Rarity! Come have coffee!”

As much as Rarity wanted to continue sleeping, she took off her sleeping mask, got out of bed, and went into the living room. Arriving in the room, she saw her parents: Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles.

“Good morning Mother. Good morning, Father.” Rarity came down the stairs while saying that.

Rarity’s parents were sitting at the table. On the table were pancakes, waffles, breads, butter, margarine, Creamy cheese and roe. When The two heard hoofbeats, they looked where the sound was and smiled when saw Rarity coming down the stairs.

“Good morning, darling. Did you sleep well?” asked Cookie Crumbles with a smile.

“Yes, Mother.” Rarity finished down the stairs and sat at the table.

Cookie Crumbles served her and Rarity before starting to eat. Rarity watched the food. Rarity started thinking about what she should do today. She was in doubt. She didn’t know if she stayed home drawing clothes or went for a walk. Rarity looked at her plate and saw that her mother had laid roe. Rarity smiled. That was her favorite food. She grabbed a fork before starting to eat. The parents stopped eating when they saw Rarity eat with a smile. They were happy when Rarity liked the food that they made.

Rarity wiped her mouth with a napkin before placing it on the plate. “I am satisfied.”

Cookie Crumbles got up to get the plates with her magic. “We are happy when you like the food.”

Although Rarity had eaten yet, she still didn’t know what to do.

“Rarity, is everything okay?” asked Cookie Crumbles worriedly.

Rarity looked at Cookie Crumbles. “No, mother. I can’t decide if I should go out for a walk or stay at home.”

Cookie Crumbles went to Rarity. “What would you like to do here at home?”

“Draw clothes, mother,” answered Rarity.

“And what would you like to do out there?” asked Cookie Crumbles.

“Maybe go to the mall to buy clothes with my allowance or see my friends,” Rarity replied. “But it’s hard for me to decide.”

Suddenly, the two mares heard a knock on the door. Rarity and Cookie Crumbles went to the door. Cookie Crumbles opened the door with her magic and saw Citrus Blush with a smile.

“Is Rarity at home, Mrs. Cookie Crumbles?” asked Citrus Blush.

“Yes, Citrus Blush.” Cookie Crumbles gave Rarity space to go to her friend.

Rarity went to Fashionable Unicorn. “Hi, Citrus Blush.”

“Hi, Rarity. Would you like to play with me and the others?” asked Citrus Blush.

“I don’t know, darling. I can’t decide whether to stay home or go out,” replied Rarity.

Citrus Blush seemed to understand. “Well then, can I warn them that you won’t come?”

Rarity seemed unsure what Fashionable Unicorn said. What if she ends up deciding to play with her friends? Rarity didn’t want to end up showing up after Citrus Blush said that she wouldn’t come. She made her decision.

“No, darling. I’ve already decided,” answered Rarity, “and I’m going with you.”

“Well, if you’re coming, follow me, Rarity.” Citrus Blush signaled to follow her before she started walking.

Cayenne, Coco Pommel, North Point were playing in a playground in Canterlot. Cayenne and Coco Pommel played on a swing and North Point made a sandcastle. As Cayenne played on the swing, The unicorn felt that she could touch the sky with a hoove. While Coco Pommel wasn’t feeling the same way that Cayenne was, just enjoying the wind on her mane. The only ones in the park were them at the moment. North Point was imagining to be the sandcastle princess.

North Point looked at her friends. “Cayenne! Coco Pommel! Would you two like to play in the sand with me?”

Cayenne and Coco Pommel stopped swinging on the swing and looked at Minuette. “No. Thank you, North Point. We’re already having fun here on the swing. ”

Architecture Unicorn tried to not show sadness. “OK…”

Suddenly they heard hoofbeats, looked the way the sound was coming, and saw Citrus Blush and Rarity rushing over to them. Coco Pommel and Cayenne got off the swing and North Point got out of the sandbox. But what North Point didn’t realize was that her sandcastle collapsed when it came out of the sandbox.

“Rarity! I’m glad you can come!” said Coco Pommel happily.

Rarity smiled. “Thank you, dear. Although I have my hobbies, I always have time to be with my friends.”

“Well, Rarity. Would you like to help me in the sandcastle?” asked North Point.

Rarity looked at Architecture Unicorn. “Of course.”

North Point celebrated before going to the sandbox and seeing that her sandcastle had collapsed. “Oh no. My castle collapsed. It took so much work to do with my magic and bucket and now I have to do it all over again.”

Rarity put a hoof on North Point’s back. “Don’t worry, dear. Rarity will help you make a new sandcastle.”

North Point looked at Rarity with a look of surprise and joy at the same time. “Really? Will you help me?”

“Of course I will, Minuette. Friends are for these things,” replied Rarity.

North Point hugged Rarity with her hooves. “Thank you so much, Rarity. You’re a great friend.”

Rarity hugged North Point back. “You’re welcome, dear.”

North Point and Rarity stepped out of the hug and into the sandbox. Rarity picked up a toy shovel and began to pick up sand and put it in the bucket with her magic. North Point did the same.

After hours in the park, Rarity and NorthPoint made a sandcastle. The sandcastle got big. Coco Pommel and Posh Unicorn were no longer on the swing, but were playing catch. Rarity was staring at the sandcastle until her belly growled. Rarity looked at Architecture Unicorn.

“North Point, I’m going home for lunch,” said Rarity. “See you at the park later?”

North Point looked at Rarity. “Of course, Rarity.”

Rarity stepped out of the sandbox and looked at Coco Pommel and Cayenne. “Bye, dears. See you later.”

“Bye Rarity,” said Coco Pommel and Cayenne in unison.

Leaving the park, Rarity couldn’t deny that she had so much fun. She began to wonder what she would have for lunch today.

Cookie Crumbles set the vegetable souffle, omelet and risotto on the table. Then she put the plates and cutlery. She looked at a clock and saw that it was noon. Cookie Crumbles expected Rarity to arrive soon. She decided to open the door to see if Rarity could see it. Until she saw Rarity running. Cookie Crumbles smiled at the sight of her daughter. When Rarity arrived at her door, she walked straight in. Cookie Crumbles closed the door. Hondo Flanks, who was reading a newspaper to distract himself, stopped when he saw his daughter sitting down.

“So, daughter? Have fun in the park?” asked Hondo Flanks with a smile.

Rarity looked at Hondo Flanks. “Yes, Father. I had fun. I helped Minuette make a sandcastle.”

Cookie Crumbles served her daughter first and then her. Hondo Flanks served himself last. Cookie Crumbles sat down to eat. She looked at her daughter for a moment and saw Rarity eating with a fork and picking up a few pieces of food. Cookie Crumbles sometimes admired that even though Rarity was hungry, the white unicorn always tries to look like a lady.

My daughter is a good example for everypony. I wonder what the future holds for her.

When she had finished eating, Rarity said goodbye to her parents and went back to the park to see if her friends were.

Have they had lunch already? Or are they still eating lunch?

Rarity looked around and had almost no one. Well, she wasn’t worried at all. Because the other unicorns must have probably gone to lunch.

When Rarity arrived at the park, she didn’t see her friends anywhere. Rarity already imagined that. She decided to sit on the swing to wait for her friends and also look around to see if she saw anything interesting. She noted that the sandcastle was still intact. Rarity was amazed that the wind didn’t cause the sandcastle to collapse. Rarity saw four unicorns approaching. She began to wonder if it was her friends. And lucky for her, it was her friends. Rarity smiled and went to her friends. The friends smiled too, and gave a group hug.

Rarity decided to speak. “How was your lunch?”

“Was good.”

“Mine was great.”

“Mine too.”

“And mine too.”

The five unicorns came out of the hug. “So? Shall we continue playing?”

“Yes, Rarity,” replied the others fillies.

Rarity and Citrus Blush swing on the swing, while Coco Pommel and North Point play on the seesaw, Citrus Blush made little sandcastles. Rarity loved to feel the wind on her horsehair as she played on the swing.

After a while in the park, the sun began to set. The five foals said goodbye before each went home.

What the future holds for me (Edited)

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When the sun rose over the horizon, Rarity was still sleeping in her bed with her sleeping mask. She didn’t feel like waking up or getting up. Yesterday she stayed on the balcony drawing stars in her sketchbook until late at night.

“Daughter! Come have breakfast!”

But no answer came. Footsteps went to Rarity’s room and the door opened revealing Cookie Crumbles. Cookie Crumbles realized that her daughter was still sleeping, she went to Rarity to wake her up.

“Rarity, wake up.” Cookie Crumbles poked Rarity lightly with a hoof. Rarity shifted to the side.

“Let me sleep, Mother ...” said Rarity tiredly.

“Daughter, I understand you wanting to sleep more, but you need to get up to eat.” Cookie Crumbles opened the curtains with her magic.

Rarity did what her mother ordered. Although she was still tired. She took off her sleep mask before going to the bathroom to brush her mane.

Cookie Crumbles and Hondo Flanks were waiting for Rarity. Until Rarity appeared. They smiled. Rarity sat in the chair and realized that breakfast was the same as yesterday. But despite that, Rarity knew she should get used to it. Rarity already had in mind what to do today. She would stay home sketching clothes in her sketchbook. Rarity grabbed a plate of pancakes and a fork to start eating.

Cookie Crumbles looked at Rarity. “So, Rarity? What do you plan on doing today?”

As Rarity was chewing on the piece of pancake, she swallowed before answering. “I plan to stay home by drawing clothes in my sketchbook.”

Cookie Crumbles smiled. “You like to draw, right?”

Rarity smiled back. “Yes, Mother.”

Rarity’s parents were happy that her daughter had a hobby that she liked. They wondered if Rarity would want to be a designer or stylist because Rarity had a talent for drawing. But Rarity hadn’t received her Cutie Mark yet. They wondered what her daughter’s Cutie Mark would look like.

After Rarity had finished eating, she went up to her room, grabbed her pencil and sketchbook to start drawing. She lay back on the bed and put the notebook in the furniture to start having fun. The unicorn began to draw the pony’s body first and then the outfit. The outfit she drew was a dress. Rarity realized that she forgot to take the box with the coloring crayons. She looked around but didn’t found it. Rarity got up on the bed looking for the box.

After about five minutes, Rarity hadn’t found her crayon box yet. She started to whimper.

“Why? Why?” lamented Rarity. “Of all the worst things that could happen, this… is… the worst… possible... thing!”

Footsteps approached Rarity’s room. Who appeared at the door was Cookie Crumbles.

“Rarity, what happened?” asked Cookie Crumbles worriedly as she saw her daughter crying.

“I lost my beautiful box of crayons, Mother,” answered Rarity. “I searched upstairs, downstairs, upstairs, downstairs ...”

“But I can’t find it anywhere!” Rarity made a small couch come to her to lie down. “Nowhere! How am I going to color without my crayons?!”

“I found it, daughter,” Cookie Crumbles held a box of crayons with her magic.

Rarity stopped crying and smiled. “Where were they?”

“It was stored on the support desk.”

“Thanks, mother.” Rarity got up from the couch to hug Cookie Crumbles.

Cookie Crumbles hug Rarity back. “You’re welcome, daughter.”

Rarity just realized that Hondo Flanks didn’t come along with Cookie Crumbles. “Where is Hondo Flanks?”

“He’s watching a football game on the living room,” replied Crumbles. “Would you like to go see him?”

“No, thanks, Mother,” answered Rarity.

“Well, if you need anything, just call me.” Cookie Crumbles left the room.

Rarity went to her bed and placed the crayons on the blanket before she took a pink crayon and began coloring the pony’s dress design.

Hondo Flanks was sitting on the couch watching his favorite game. He was very excited while cheering. He held two flags.

“Go! Go! Make a goal! Make a goal!”

On TV, one of the ponies managed to score. Hondo Flanks began to celebrate.

“Wow! Goal!”


Hondo Flanks stopped celebrating and saw Cookie Crumbles. “Yes, Dear?”

“We need to talk.”

“About what?”

Cookie Crumbles sat down. “It’s about our daughter Rarity.”

“What about her?” asked Hondo Flanks.

“Do you think we should put Rarity in a school this year?” asked Cookie Crumbles.

“I don’t know, honey,” answered Hondo Flanks. “Don’t you think she’s too young to go to school yet?”

“You can and be right, love,” Cookie Crumbles was almost agreeing with what Hondo Flanks said. “But if Rarity went to school, she could make new friends.”

“She already has friends, honey,” said Hondo Flanks.

“I know, love. But if she went to school, she would also learn more magic,” said Cookie Crumbles.

“Rarity already knows how to use her magic,” said Hondo Flanks. “I think we’d better wait a little longer.”

Cookie Crumbles wanted to disagree, but she knew her husband was right. “You’re right. It’s just that Rarity is so talented. I just want her to be good at her magic. ”

Rarity had finished coloring the drawing, and put the crayon down before putting it on the desk so she would know where it was. Rarity took the drawing and put it on the wall. In addition to the drawing she had just made, there were other designs of clothes ponies. She thought herself a great drawing.

Rarity decided to go to the balcony to see how things are on the streets of Canterlot. She smiled. Rarity has always liked the city Canterlot. Mostly because of the glamor, the style and the elegance. She was grateful to have been born here. Rarity put both front hooves on the balcony and looked down to see her friends playing hopscotch on a road. Rarity was wondering if she should go play with her friends or if should stay home having fun.

The unicorn began to think. I wonder what the future holds for me. What will it be? Will I be a princess?

Rarity smiled at the last sentence of her thought. She always wanted to be a princess or someppony of the royalty. She took out both hooves off the balcony to start singing.

Since I was born, I knew that I would be able to do great things. But I wonder what my future will be like. But I fear my future isn’t good. What does he hold for me? Will I be somepony close to royalty? Will I be a pony with a dream job? Or will I be a princess?

The future I know is impossible to know what it will be like. But I wonder what it will be like. Will I be a pirate who will sail the seven seas for treasure? Or maybe I travel all over Equestria? But of course I will be very careful because I don’t want to get dirty or get wet.

I would so much like to… know… what… the future… holds… for me. It would be nice… if… I could see… what it will look like…

“Rarity! Come to lunch!”

Rarity heard Cookie Crumbles’s voice and ran into the living room. Arriving in the living room, she sat straight and saw that the food was already on her plate. Rarity took some food from the spoon and put it in her mouth, but Hondo Flanks stopped her.

“Rarity. We need to say something important,” said Hondo Flanks.

Rarity set the spoon on the plate and looked at Hondo Flanks curiously. “About what, Father?”

“About your next year.”

“But what will it have next year?”

“You will start studying in a school.”

Rarity was happy. “Nice. Can I go with a fabulous outfit?”

Cookie Crumbles and Hando Flanks stared at each other for a few seconds before looking back at Rarity. “I don’t think so, daughter.”

Rarity with open mouth. “But why not?”

“Daughter, we appreciate your taste in fashion. But I think you better go normal.”

“But, Mother…”

“Please, daughter. That’s all we’re asking for,” said Cookie Crumbles.

Rarity decided to accept it, although inside she didn’t want to. “OK, mother…”

Cookie Crumbles realized Rarity’s sadness and went to her. “Don’t be sad, Rarity. Only when it’s cold can you go with winter clothes.”

Rarity managed to lighten up a little. “Okay, Mother. Do you know the name of the school that I’m going to study?”

“No, daughter. But we’ll see it this year or next,” said Cookie Crumbles.

“Well, can I start eating, Mother?” asked Rarity.

“Of course you can, daughter.”

Sleepover (Edited)

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It’s been a few days and Rarity has spent most of the days with her friends. Tonight, there was going to be a sleepover at Citrus Blush’s house. Rarity was excited to sleep with her friends. Rarity had already asked her parents if she could go, and they left.

Rarity was now packing her sleeping things in her backpack. Her backpack was pink with pale blue diamond designs. In the backpack there was her sleep mask, a picture of her with her family, her brush and her sleeping bag. Rarity closed the bag with her magic and looked at the balcony. It was already night. The party must have already begun. Rarity went downstairs and saw her mother at the door waiting for her.

“Got everything you need, daughter?” asked Cookie Crumbles.

“Yes, Mother,” answered Rarity.

“Well, shall we going?” Cookie Crumbles opened the door with her magic.

Citrus Blush was waiting for her friends to arrive. She was wearing orange pajamas with makeup design.

“Will they come?” asked Citrus Blush. “Or did they forget?”

Citrus Blush hoped her friends hadn’t forgotten. She began to sweat nervously. Until, she heard a knock at the door. Citrus Blush’s ears brightened and she went to the door. Arriving at the door, she opened it with her magic and was glad to see that one of her friends came.

“Coco Pommel!” Citrus Blush hugged Coco Pommel. “You could come!”

Coco Pommel hugged her back. “Of course I could come. Have the others arrived yet?”

Citrus Blush left the hug. “Not yet. You were the first to arrive.”

“Well, can I organize my things in your room?”


Coco Pommel climbed the stairs and upon arriving in the room, she saw that it was very spacious. Coco Pommel put her sleeping bag on the floor and looked at Citrus Blush.

“And now?”

“Now we wait for the others.”

Suddenly, somepony rang the bell. Citrus Blush walked to the door with Coco Pommel behind her. When Citrus Blush opened the door, she smiled.

“Cayenne! North Point!”

The three unicorns embraced.

“Are you all here, Citrus Blush?” asked North Point.

“No. Rarity hasn’t come yet,” answered Citrus Blush.

Coco Pommel was worried. “Will she not come?”

Like magic, they heard footsteps. The four fillies looked at the door and saw Rarity with her mother.

“I’m here, darlings,” said Rarity with a smile. Her friends went to her to hug her and Rarity hugged them back.

“Well, daughter. I’m going,” said Cookie Crumbles. “Goodbye. I’ll pick you up tomorrow in the morning. ”

“Bye, Mother.” Rarity watched her mother leave.

Citrus Blush left the hug to close the door and looked at Coco Pommel. “Let’s play a new board game that I won.”

Coco Pommel saw Citrus Blush climb the stairs. She looked at her friends before following. Rarity and her other friends did the same. Cayenne placed her sleeping bag on the right side of Cirtus Blush and Cayenne’s bed beside Rarity’s sleeping bag, which was next to Coco Pommel’s.

“Now what?” asked Rarity. “What will we do?”

“I already know, darlings.” Citrus Blush brought a sparkling pink box while smiling.

Rarity recognized what this box was. “A toy makeup box.”

“That’s right, Rarity. Do you have it at home?”

“My mom has one for real,” answered Rarity. “But one of toy I don’t have.”

“Rarity, why don’t you ask your mom to buy you a toy makeup box for you?” asked Citrus Blush.

Rarity thought before speaking. “Until it’s not a bad idea. I just hope that don’t give me an allergy.”

“Don’t worry, Rarity. It won’t be allergic,” said Citrus Blush. “After all, it’s not real makeup.”

Rarity smiled. “You’re right.”

Citrus Blush took the Kabuki Brush and put some shadow on it.

“Who wants to shade?” Citrus Blush looked at her friends

“Me! Me!” shouted Rarity all excitedly.

Citrus Blush went to Rarity. “Rarity, could you close both eyes?”

“Sure, darling.” Rarity closed both eyes.

Citrus Blush walked over to Rarity and started to brow. The color that she was passing was light blue. When she was done, Citrus Blush put the brush back into the makeup case.

“You can open your eyes, Rarity,” said Citrus Blush.

Rarity opened her eyes. “Can I look in the mirror?”


Since the makeup case had a mirror, Rarity went to see herself in that mirror and not in the bathroom mirror. Seeing herself in the mirror, Rarity loved how her eyebrow was.

“I’m fabulous!”

Citrus Blush was glad that Rarity liked it. She looked at her other friends.

“Who would like to be next?”

“Me!” shouted Coco Pommel.

Citrus Blush took two false eyelashes out of the make-up box. “I would like to put on lies.”

“Yes, please.” Coco Pommel sat down.

Citrus Blush placed the two false eyelashes on Coco Pommel’s eyelid. “Ready. Would you like to look in the mirror?”


Citrus Blush looked in the small mirror of the makeup case. “Oh my Luna. How beautiful I look like that.”

“Can I put two false eyelashes shades too, Citrus Blush?” asked Rarity.

“Of course you can, Rarity.” Citrus Blush handed Rarity two false eyelashes.

Rarity took both false eyelashes with her magic and closed her right eye before placing it in the eyelid and blinking for a moment. Then, she put the other false eyelashes on her left eye and looked in the mirror.

“I’m so fabulous.” Rarity smiled. “Can I keep using this?”

Citrus Blush approached Rarity. “As much as I like you did, you won’t be able to keep wear this makeup.”

Rarity looked sad when she heard what Citrus Blush said. “What? But why not?”

“We’re foals yet, Rarity,” answered Citrus Blush. “Foals don’t and cannot wear makeup. Just mares.”

“But this is fake makeup, darling,” said Rarity. “It’s not true. If it were real, I would understand. But not being able to wear fake makeup? Oh please, honey.”

“I understand, Rarity. But it is better that our parents don’t know that we are wearing makeup. Even if it’s fake makeup,” said Citrus Blush.

Rarity didn’t want to agree with this argument. “But I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.”

“Never know.”

“Citrus Blush! Call your friends to come to dinner!”

Citrus Blush looked at the door. “Ok, mom.”

Citrus Blush looked at Rarity and Coco Pommel. “Rarity, Coco Pommel. Could you two take off your makeups?”

“Yes.” Coco Pommel pulled out both false hairs off with a hoof.

As much as Rarity didn’t want to have to take off her makeup, she did what her friend asked. She first took off her false eyelashes with a hoof and then removed the shadow from her eyebrows.

Rarity’s friends left the room when Rarity had finished taking off her makeup. But before Rarity left the room, she closed the makeup box with her magic before accompanying her friends.

After dinner, Rarity and her friends decided, instead of continuing playing makeup, they thought about playing pillow fight. They were laughing and having a great time. Coco Pommel hit the pillow on Rarity. Rarity fell back before hitting Coco Pommel back, Citrus Blush attacked Cayenne and North Point attacked Coco Pommel.

After two hours, they got tired and went to sleep. Each went to her sleeping bag. Rarity put on her sleep mask before falling asleep.

Possibly bad news… or good news? (Edited)

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When the day came to Equestria, the sun’s rays went to Citrus Blush’s room. North Point felt the sun on her face and turned left.

Somepony knock on bedroom door. “Girls. Come have breakfast.”

But no answer came. The door opened revealing Bright Mascara. Bright Mascara saw the girls sleeping in their sleeping bags.

“Girls. Please wake up,” asked Bright Mascara.

No answer came. The mare was already starting to lose patience.

“Girls! Wake up right now!” shouted Bright Mask.

The five fillies woke up. Rarity took off her sleeping mask, North Point looked tired yet, Cayenne, Coco Pommel, and Citrus Blush were looking at Bright Mascara.

“But Mom, it’s early.” Citrus Blush rubbed her eyes.

“I understand, daughter. But I’ve made your breakfast and of your friends,” said Bright Mascara.

“Can we at least wash our faces, Mother?”

“Yes, daughter.”

They all went to the bathroom, except Rarity who took her brush. Arriving in the bathroom, Rarity saw a row. It was Cayenne who was washing her face and she was on a light brown bench. Rarity, unlike the others, wasn’t just going to wash her face, but combing her mane. When Cayenne finished washing and drying her face with the bathroom towel, she jumped off the bench. The next up were North Point. When it was Rarity’s turn, she first combed her mane, then washed her face and dried up her face. Rarity looked in the mirror to see if she looked good before leaving the bathroom and into the living room.

Arriving in the room, she saw her friends already at the table eating porridge. Rarity went to the table, sat down and began to eat more carefully so that she wouldn’t get dirty.

After Rarity and her friends had finished eating, they played in the bedroom. Each one did something, Citrus Blush played with her toy make-up, North Point and Cayenne talked, and Rarity stood on the balcony watching the streets of Canterlot. Until Rarity and her friends heard a ringing bell. The five fillies walked down the stairs, but not entirely.

Bright Mask opened the door and saw Cookie Crumbles. “Cookie Crumbles! Did you come to get Rarity?”

“Yes, Bright Mascara. Do you know where she is?”

“Yes. She’s in the room with her friends.”

Bright Mascara intended to go upstairs, but seeing Rarity on the stairs with her friends, she stopped.

“Ah. Rarity, your mother is here,” said Bright Mascara.

Rarity went to her Mother with a smile to hug her. The friends just watched. When Rarity left the hug, the white unicorn said goodbye to her friends and she and her mother left the house.

“How was the sleepover, daughter?” asked Cookie Crumbles.

“It was fun, Mother,” answered Rarity.

Cookie Crumbles needed to tell Rarity something. But she feared that Rarity didn’t like it. “Daughter, there’s something I need to tell you.”

Rarity looked at Cookie Crumbles. “I’m listening.”

“Look, you’ll have a little sister,” confessed Cookie Crumbles.

Rarity stopped walking. She had her mouth open. Would she have a younger sister? A silence occurred.

Cookie Crumbles noticed the silence and was worried. “Didn’t you like the news?”

Rarity looked at Cookie Crumbles. “Isn't it. It’s just… I didn’t expect that i’ll have a little sister.”

“But are you sad about that, Rarity?” asked Cookie Crumbles.

“No, Mother. I’m happy,” Rarity replied with a smile. “Imagine how many things together she and i would do.”

Cookie Crumbles was happy and relieved. “That’s good, daughter. I am happy with that. For a moment, I thought you would be sad, upset or angry.”

“Of course not, Mother,” said Rarity. “But where is she?”

“She’s here.” Cookie Crumbles pointed at her belly with a hoof.

“And when will she be born, Mother?” asked Rarity.

“In the ninth month.”

“But it will take too long,” said Rarity. “I wanted to see my little sister now.”

Cookie Crumbles hugged Rarity. “I understand, dear. But, we have to be patient for her to be born healthy.”

“How do I know when it’s time for my little sister to be born, mother?” asked Rarity.

“Well, I’ll start to feel some pain,” said Cookie Crumbles. “That will mean my bag has burst.”

“But what’s her name?”

“Hondo Flanks and I haven’t thought of the name yet,” said Cookie Crumbles. “Would you like to help choose the name?”

Rarity smiled. “Of course, Mother.”

Hondo Flanks watched TV. What he watched was a soccer game. On the table near the couch was popcorn and soda. He didn’t have any flags because he didn’t know where they was, but he was cheering, nonetheless.

“Go! Go! Go!”

On TV, the pony player managed to score. Hondo Flanks began to celebrate.

“Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal!”

Hondo Flanks heard door slam shut and he look back. Cookie Crumbles and Rarity went to Hondo Flanks.

Hondo Flanks smiled when he saw Rarity. “So, Rarity? How was the sleepover at your friend’s house?”

“It was fun, Father.” smiled Rarity.

“Daughter, has Cookie Crumbles told you the news yet?” asked Hondo Flanks.

“Yes, Father,” answered Rarity. “She even said that I can help choose the name.”

“Well daughter, can we sit down?” asked Hondo Flanks.


Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles sat together on a large couch and Rarity on a small one.

“Do you two have any idea for the name yet, Father?” asked Rarity.

“Not yet. That’s why we want your help, daughter,” said Cookie Crumbles. “Do you have any idea of ​​a name?”

“No. But I’ll try to get a name idea for my little sister,” Rarity replied. “Can I meet my friends to tell them this news?”

“Of course you can, daughter. But, do you know where your friends are now?” asked Cookie Crumbles.

“They were at Citrus Blush’s house, Mother,” answered Rarity. “But if they aren’t there anymore, I’ll try to find them.”

“When you have a name idea let us know.”

“Sure, Mother.” Rarity went to the door, opened it, and closed it when she was away from home.

Rarity intended to go to Citrus Blush’s house to see if they were in her home. She wondered how her friends would react to the news.

Rarity knocked and saw Bright Mascara. “Is my friends still here?”

“No, Rarity,” replied Bright Mascara.

“Do you know where they went?”

“Yes. They went to the park to play.”

Rarity smiled. “Thank you, dear. Well, I’m going. Thanks for letting me know.”

“You’re welcome, Rarity.” Bright Mascara closed the door.

Citrus Blush and Coco Pommel played on the swing while North Point and Cayenne played on the sand. North Point and Cayenne were playing to fill the whole bucket with sand, while Citrus Blush and Coco Pommel swayed in the swing carefully so as not to fall off the swing.

“Guys, do you all known what will have this week?” asked Citrus Blush.

Coco Pommel, North Point, and Cayenne looked at Citrus Blush. “Yes. It will have Rarity’s birthday.”

“So, remember. When the day comes, let’s have a surprise birthday party for Rarity,” said Citrus Blush.

“But is it at her house or ours?”

“It will be at Rarity’s house. I already talked to her mom and dad to buy the decorations for the party and the gift. Have you ever bought gifts for Rarity?”

“Yes, Citrus Blush,” said the other fillies in unison.

The fillies heard footsteps and saw Rarity running towards them with a smile. “I arrived.”

“Hi, Rarity. How did you know we were here?” asked Citrus Blush.

“I went to your house to ask if you and the others were in your home, your mother told me that you and my friends came to the park,” replied Rarity.

“What would you like to do?” asked Citrus Blush.

“I’d like to play on the swing, Citrus Blush,” replied Rarity.

“I’m playing right now. Can you wait?”

“Yes, Dear. Of course I can wait.”

Coco Pommel stepped off the swing. “You can play on the swing I was on, Rarity.”

“As much as I want, I can’t accept it,” said Rarity.

Coco Pommel was confused. “But why not, Rarity?”

“Because I don’t want you to stop playing on the swing because of me,” Rarity replied. “That would be very selfish of me.”

“It won’t be selfishness, Rarity. You can use the balance. I won’t be bothered.”

“I understand, darling. But I insist. You can keep playing on the swing. I’ll play in the sand.”

Coco Pommel was sad that Rarity didn’t want to use the swing. But she understood. Rarity was very generous and always thought more of others than herself.

“Okay, Rarity.” Coco Pommel sat back on the swing to continue playing.

Rarity decided to sit in the sandbox. “Dears, I have good news.”

The friends stopped what they were doing.

“What’s the good news, Rarity?” asked North Point.

“I’m going to have a little sister, North Point,” replied Rarity with a smile.

A silence occurred.

“Are you going to get a little sister?” asked Coco Pommel to be sure before smile. “How beautiful. What i’ll be her name?”

“I don’t know. I have no idea for a name. I would like to all of you to give me name ideas for fillies.”

“I have a beautiful name idea for your little sister,” said Cayenne.

“Really? What is it?” asked Rarity, all happy.

“Sweetie Belle. Sweetie because your sister will possibly be cute, lovely and sweet. And Belle because she will be beautiful.”

Rarity’s eyes sparkled and she put her front hooves on her cheek. “It’s a beautiful name! I loved it!”

When night came, Cookie Crumbles and Hondo Flanks were waiting for their daughter until they heard the door open. They looked at the door and saw Rarity.

“Mother, Father. I’ve already decided what my little sister’s name will be,” said Rarity.

“Really?” asked Cookie Flanks. “What name did you decide?”

“Before, I wanted to warn you that the idea was from Cayenne,” said Rarity. “The name that she said was Sweetie Belle.”

“That’s a beautiful name, daughter!”

Rarity smiled. “Yes. It’s a beautiful name.”

Going to the mall

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Rarity was in her bedroom, drawing a long dress, and the pony wore a crown with a jewel. When she finished drawing, she began to paint the long dress with a pink crayon and the crown colored yellow. When Rarity was done, she watched the drawing as it smiled. If only she could make this dress. But how would she do it? She didn’t even have sewing materials. Her ears dropped and she let out a breath.

Footsteps approached the room. “Daughter, put on some clothes. Let’s go to the mall.”

Rarity’s ears brightened. Did your mom say mall? She loved going to the mall. Rarity got out of bed and headed for the closet. When Rarity opened, she smiled at how much clothing it had. In the closet were dresses, elegant hats, pajamas, caps, scarves, and winter boots. Rarity decided to choose a pink hat with a white feather. Rarity looked in the mirror in her closet to see how she was doing.

Rarity smiled. “I ... I’m ... fabulous!”

“Daughter. Aren’t you coming?” asked Cookie Crumbles, noting that Rarity was taking too long.

“I’m going, Mom.” Rarity left the room quickly.

Arriving where her parents were, Cookie Crumbles opened the door with the key. First out was Rarity, then Hondo Flanks and lastly Cookie Crumbles, who closed and locked the door.

“Are we going to the mall to buy clothes for me, Mom?” asked Rarity.

Cookie Crumbles looked at Rarity. “No, Rarity. We’re going to the mall to buy things for your little sister.”

Rarity looked a little sad with what Cookie Crumbles said. Rarity hoped they would buy her clothes. But, she tried to be understanding.

Arriving at the mall, Rarity and her family went to the market had. In the market, there were few ponies. Cookie Crumbles took a cart with its magic. They went to the babies section.

“What are we going to buy for my little sister, Mom?” asked Rarity.

Cookie Crumbles looked at Rarity. “Diapers, baby bottles, baby spoon, baby plate, clothes and stroller.”

“Can I help you choose?” asked Rarity, all excited. “Mostly the clothes?”

“Of course, daughter,” said Cookie Crumbles.

Arriving at the place where it had things for babies, Rarity stared at the baby clothes and couldn’t deny that she loved each one.

“Daughter, what did you think of this bottle?” Cookie Crumbles held a pink bottle with its magic.

Rarity stopped admiring the clothes and looked at the bottle that her mother was holding. She even liked it.

“I liked it, Mom,” said Rarity. “And I’m sure Sweetie Belle will love it.”

Cookie Crumbles put the bottle in the cart before walking again. Hondo Flanks and Rarity followed her.

Hondo Flanks looked at Rarity. “So, daughter? Are you happy and excited that you will have a little sister?”

Rarity looked at Hondo Flanks with a smile. “Yes, Father. I even know what I’ll do with her.”

“Really, daughter?” asked Hondo Flanks.

“Yes, Father. I’m going to play brush her mane, do hairstyles, adorn her and many other fun things to do with beauty,” replied Rarity.

Hondo Flanks smiled. “Good, daughter.”

“What do you think of this baby spoon and plate, daughter?” Cookie Crumbles held a white and pink plate and a white spoon.

Rarity put a hoof on her chin before answering. “It’s pretty, Mother. I liked.”

Cookie Crumbles added both items to cart.

“What’s missing, Mom?” asked Rarity.

Cookie Crumbles looked at Rarity. “Diapers, baby clothes and stroller.”

Rarity spotted several diaper sets outside of the clothing session and went there. “Mother, what do you think about this diaper set?”

“I think it’s good, daughter. Put him in the cart.” Rarity went to the stroller and put on the diapers.

Rarity was about to speak, but when she saw a box of a purple stroller with ruffles and bows, she ran to him. “Mother, look at this beautiful stroller. Can we take him so my sister can stay when we go for a walk with her?”

“Of course, daughter,” said Cookie Crumbles.

Rarity tried to catch with her magic, but it was very heavy, even though she already knows how to use her magic. She breathed tiredly before trying again. But it failed again. Rarity looked at Cookie Crumbles.

“I can’t use my magic to carry it to the cart, Mom,” said Rarity.

“Would you like me to get him for you, daughter?” asked Cookie Crumbles.

“Yes, Mother.”

Cookie Crumbles walked over to the cart, took it with its magic and led it to the cart. Rarity followed her mother.

“Can we choose the clothes now?” Rarity asked, but it sounded more like begging. “Please. Please.”

“Of course, Daughter,” said Cookie Crumbles. “You can go choose.”

Rarity smiled. “I will choose the most fabulous clothes for my sister.”

Cookiand Crumbles and Hondo Flanks watched Rarity go to the baby clothes session. They smiled before following their daughter.

Rarity entered a hallway where she was surrounded by hats, bows, summer and winter clothes and sleepwear. In her eyes, she had stars.

Rarity’s hooves were on her cheeks. “This is the best place in the mall!”

Rarity magically took a light purple candy-colored nightgown, a greenish dress, a pink bow, a yellow flowered dress, a blue white-striped scarf, two blue boots, and a light pink burrow. She heard footsteps and saw her parents smiling.

“Have you chosen the clothes for your sister, Daughter?” asked Cookie Crumbles.

Rarity approached her parents. “Yes Mother. These are the clothes.”

“Daughter, these clothes you have chosen are beautiful. You have good taste.”

Rarity put the clothes in the cart while smiling. “I know, Mother.”

When Rarity came home with her parents, she noticed something and looked at Cookie Crumbles.

“Mother, where is Sweetie Belle going to sleep?” asked Rarity.

“She’ll sleep with you in the bedroom,” Cookie Crumbles replied. “We haven’t bought a closet for Sweetie Belle yet, so at the moment her clothes will be in your closet, okay?”

“Okay, Mom,” said Rarity.

Happy birthday, Rarity!

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Rarity woke up in a good mood today. Because today was your birthday. She was very excited to celebrate this day with her family and friends. Rarity got out of bed and walked down the stairs excitedly. She saw her father sitting on the couch reading the newspaper and her mother making breakfast.

Rarity went to Hondo Flanks. “Father, do you know what day it is?”

Hondo Flanks looked at Rarity. “A day like any other.”

Rarity didn’t expect this answer, but she keep smiling. “No, Father. Today is mine… ”

“Daughter, I’m busy reading the newspaper,” said Hondo Flanks.

Rarity’s ears lowered. She certainly didn’t expect that answer. She decided to go talk to Cookie Crumbles. Maybe your mother has remembered?

Arriving in the kitchen, she saw her mother eyeing the pan on the stove. “Mother, do you know what day it is?”

Cookie Crumbles looked at Rarity. “Yes. Rarity.”

Rarity smiled hopefully.

“... Like any other day,” finished Cookie Crumbles.

Rarity’s smile fell. “No, Mother. Today isn’t a normal day. Today is mine… ”

“Daughter, I’m busy making breakfast,” said Cookie Crumbles.

Rarity wanted to cry. But she managed to hold back the crying as she remembered her friends.

“Can I see my friends, Mother?” asked Rarity.

“Daughter, they must still be sleeping,” answered Cookie Crumbles. “You’ll eat first and then see your friends.”

“Okay…” Rarity came out of the kitchen and went to the table to sit down. She looked at the table sadly. Why? Why did your parents forget it was her birthday today?

Cookie Crumbles came out of the kitchen with three plates of food. What Rarity didn’t realize was that Cookie Crumbles looked sadly at Rarity.

“Breakfast is on the table!”

Rarity looked at her plate of food before she began to eat.

When Rarity finished eating, she headed for the door. “Mother, Father. I’ll see my friends.”

Cookie Crumbles came out of the kitchen while drying a dish with a cloth. “Ok, Daughter.”

Hondo Flanks stopped staring at the TV and looked at Rarity. “All right, Daughter.”

Rarity looked back at the door, opened it with her magic, and left the house. As Rarity left, she closed the door. She took a deep breath. Why did this have to happen just on her birthday? Why did your parents forget it was her birthday today? She felt like crying. But despite that, she still intended to see her friends. She just hoped that her friends hadn’t forgotten just like her parents.

Coco Pommel was in the park drawing a Happy Birthday card for Rarity. On the card was a drawing of Rarity next to a cake and it said, “Happy birthday, Rarity.”

“Coco Pommel! Coco Pommel!”

Coco Pommel looked ahead and saw Rarity running to her. Coco Pommel hid the card behind her.

“Hi, Rarity. How are you?” said Coco Pommel with a smile.

When Rarity approached Coco Pommel she said, “You know what day it is, right?”

Coco Pommel thought before shaking her head.

Rarity was on the verge of tears. “Today is mine…”

Coco Pommel went to Rarity. “Please, Rarity. Don’t Cry.”

“B-but it’s mine…”

“Don’t cry, Rarity. Please.”

“Today is my birth…”

“Why don’t we go for a walk in Canterlot, Rarity?” asked Coco Pommel. “I’m sure this will cheer you up a bit.”

Rarity looked down. “Better not ...” she ran off. Coco Pommel was surprised, she certainly didn’t expect that answer.

Cookie Crumbles and Hondo Flanks were organizing their daughter’s surprise party in the living room, they were almost done. Until, they heard footsteps. They feared it was Rarity. And it was really Rarity. For a moment they thought Rarity would see the decorated room, but she didn’t even notice and went straight to the bedroom. When Rarity arrived in the bedroom, she pushed her couch closer to her so she lay down and cried. Rarity brought her a jar of ice cream and began to eat. Downstairs, Cookie Crumbles and Hondo Flanks had already finished decorating the party.

“Now we just have to buy the cake and wait her friends come, honey,” said Hondo Flanks.

“Yes. I’m going out now to buy the cake,” said Cookie Crumbles, “and also let Rarity’s friends know the party is ready.”

“What about our daughter?” asked Hando Flanks. “Should I do something to cheer her up?”

“Yes. Stay with her and try to make her feel better.” Cookie Crumbles opened the door before leaving the house.

Hondo Flanks went upstairs to see how his daughter was doing. Arriving at the bedroom, her heart broke at the sight of her daughter crying on a couch while eating ice cream. He went to Rarity.

“Daughter, what happened?” asked Hondo Flanks.

Rarity looked at Hondo Flanks. “Father, nopony remembers my birthday.”

“But daughter, there’s nothing special about today.” Hondo Flanks hated to lie to his daughter, but he needed to make Rarity’s birthday party a surprise.

“Today is a special day indeed!” shouted Rarity through tears. “Today is my birthday!!”

Hondo Flanks didn’t know what to say. He wanted to talk about the surprise party, but if he did, it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore.

“Whether or not, why instead of moaning, don’t we play here in your room, daughter?” asked Hondo Flanks with a smile.

“I don’t feel like playing now, Father,” said Rarity.

“Come on, Daughter. Cheer up, ”Hondo Flanks caught Rarity with the hooves. “Let’s do something you like.”

Hondo Flanks looked around and saw some drawing sheets and also crayons and pencils. He pick it up.

“Let’s draw, daughter,” say Hondo Flanks.

“I’m not in the mood right now, Father,” said Rarity.

“Come on, daughter. This will cheer you up,” said Hondo Flanks. “Don’t you like to draw?”

“I like it, Father. But…” Rarity tried to say, but had been interrupted by her Father.

“I’m going to draw a soccer ball,” said Hondo Flanks. “And you? What are you going to draw?”

“Fahter, I don’t feel like doing it right now.”

“But daughter, I want to make you happy somehow,” said Hondo Flanks. “Come on, just try to do what you enjoy for a while. I’m sure you’ll be happier later.”

“But, Father…”

“Come on, Daughter. Try to cheer yourself up by doing something you enjoy.” Hondo Flanks began to draw.

Rarity wanted to talk more, but decided to give up when she saw her father already drawing. She looked down before taking a pencil and starting to draw. Rarity just hoped it would make her feel better.

After an hour, Hondo Flanks heard a knock. He rose from the floor.

“I’ll be right back, Daughter.” Rondo Flanks left the room. Rarity watched her father before drawing again.

When Hondo Flanks reached the door, he opened the door. The stallion hoped it was his wife, but it wasn’t.

“Hi, Mr Hondo Flanks. We came to Rarity’s surprise party,” said Coco Pommel with a smile. Beside her were Citrus Blush, North Point, and Cayenne. Coco Pommel and North Point held their gifts in their mouths while Citrus Blush Cayenne held with their magic.

“Come in, all of you. Just don’t talk so loud that Rarity doesn’t hear you,” whispered Hondo Flanks.

“Is everything organized for the party yet?”

“Just missing the cake. Go hide, all of you. When Rarity comes downstairs alone, we scream: Surprise!”

“We understand.”

Hondo Flanks climbed the stairs until he reached Rarity’s room. He realized that Rarity had stopped drawing and that the pencil was being held by her magic.

“Who was at the door, Father?” asked Rarity.

“No one, daughter. It was probably just foals who rang the bell and then ran off.”

Rarity believed his father’s words and drew again.

Meanwhile, down below, the four fillies were hiding in different places. Citrus Blush was hiding behind the couch, North Point and Coco Pommel hiding under the table, and Cayenne was using an invisibility spell. Until they heard the sound of the door opening, they saw Cookie Crumbles with a chocolate cake with a candle and placed it on the table, before climbing the stairs to see if Hondo Flanks was there, and he was. Hondo Flanks was drawing with Rarity.

“Honey,” whispered Cookie Crumbles. Hondo Flanks looked back and saw his wife. The mare signaled him to follow her.

Hondo Flanks looked at Rarity. “Daughter, I need to go. See you later.”

Rarity stopped drawing and looked at Hondo Flanks. “Where are you going, Father?”

“I’ll be in the living room watching TV.” Hondo Flanks ran off.

Rarity found it strange and stood up. “Father, why did you run?” she left the room and realized that the house was very dark. Then, she used her magic to illuminate.

“Father? Mother? Where are you two?” asked Rarity worriedly.

Suddenly the lights of the house came on.

“Surprise! Happy birthday, Rarity!” all, except Rarity shouted. Rarity’s friends wore birthday hats. North Point’s was dark blue with stars and moons. Cayenne’s had peppers. And Citrus Blush’s had flowers.

Rarity smiled. “A surprise party? For me? I thought you all had forgotten my birthday, darlings.”

Cayenne came to Rarity in a birthday hat with a blue diamond design. “And how would we forget, Rarity?”

“How can I repay all of you, dears?” asked Rarity.

“You don’t have to repay us, Rarity,” replied Cayenne.

Rarity was curious. “Who came up with the ideia of a surprise party for me?”

“It was from Citrus Blush, Rarity,” replied Coco Pommel.

Citrus Blush approached Rarity. Rarity was much more than surprised.

“Is that true?” asked Rarity. “You came up with the idea of ​​having a surprise party for me?”

“Yes, Rarity.” suddenly, Citrus Blush felt herself being hugged.

“Thank you. It was the best surprise I’ve ever had.” Rarity wept with joy.

“Would you like to open the presents now, Rarity?” asked Coco Pommel.

“Yes.” Rarity sat on the floor to open the gifts.

Coco Pommel gave the first gift. Rarity opened the present with her magic and was surprised when she saw what it was.

“A toy makeup case?” asked Rarity. “It was what I wanted most!”

Rarity embraced Coco Pommel. “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, Rarity,” said Coco Pommel. She handed a card to Rarity. Rarity picked it up to read.

Happy birthday, Rarity. Signed Coco Pommel.

Rarity looked at Coco Pommel before hugging her again.

When Rarity and Coco Pommel came out of the hug, Citrus Blush gave her gift for Rarity. When Rarity opened, she let out a sigh of surprise.

“A jewelry box?” asked Rarity. “I loved it a lot! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, Rarity. I always knew you liked jewelry,” said Citrus Blush.

Next was North Point. She handed it to Rarity. “You can open.”

When Rarity opened the gift, she felt her eyes sparkle like stars. “A lie stylist kit? I loved! Thank you dear. I promise I will play a lot with that.”

North Point smiled before taking a few steps back. The next was Cayenne.

“Here is your present, Rarity.” Cayenne delivered to the present.

When Rarity open, she was surprised. “New clothes? And yet of my size? I loved it!”

Cayenne smiled. Cayenne had chosen the clothes in which she thought that Rarity would like. She had chosen three outfits: The first was a dark pink dress, the second a blue dress with a coconut tree design, and the third a white dress with light blue diamonds.

“Who would want to eat cake?” Cookie Crumbles held with her magic a plate of cake and a kitchen knife.

“Me! Me!” shouted all the friends of Rarity in unison.

Rarity couldn’t feel nothing but happiness. She never imagined that her friends would have made a surprise birthday party for her. It made her feel happy.