My Little Rarity: Alternate Is Magic

by Twilight Star

Possibly bad news… or good news? (Edited)

When the day came to Equestria, the sun’s rays went to Citrus Blush’s room. North Point felt the sun on her face and turned left.

 Somepony knock on bedroom door. “Girls. Come have breakfast.”

 But no answer came. The door opened revealing Bright Mascara. Bright Mascara saw the girls sleeping in their sleeping bags.

 “Girls. Please wake up,” asked Bright Mascara.

 No answer came. The mare was already starting to lose patience.

 “Girls! Wake up right now!” shouted Bright Mask.

 The five fillies woke up. Rarity took off her sleeping mask, North Point looked tired yet, Cayenne, Coco Pommel, and Citrus Blush were looking at Bright Mascara.

 “But Mom, it’s early.” Citrus Blush rubbed her eyes.

 “I understand, daughter. But I’ve made your breakfast and of your friends,” said Bright Mascara.

 “Can we at least wash our faces, Mother?”

 “Yes, daughter.”

 They all went to the bathroom, except Rarity who took her brush. Arriving in the bathroom, Rarity saw a row. It was Cayenne who was washing her face and she was on a light brown bench. Rarity, unlike the others, wasn’t just going to wash her face, but combing her mane. When Cayenne finished washing and drying her face with the bathroom towel, she jumped off the bench. The next up were North Point. When it was Rarity’s turn, she first combed her mane, then washed her face and dried up her face. Rarity looked in the mirror to see if she looked good before leaving the bathroom and into the living room.

 Arriving in the room, she saw her friends already at the table eating porridge. Rarity went to the table, sat down and began to eat more carefully so that she wouldn’t get dirty.


 After Rarity and her friends had finished eating, they played in the bedroom. Each one did something, Citrus Blush played with her toy make-up, North Point and Cayenne talked, and Rarity stood on the balcony watching the streets of Canterlot. Until Rarity and her friends heard a ringing bell. The five fillies walked down the stairs, but not entirely.

 Bright Mask opened the door and saw Cookie Crumbles. “Cookie Crumbles! Did you come to get Rarity?”

 “Yes, Bright Mascara. Do you know where she is?”

 “Yes. She’s in the room with her friends.”

 Bright Mascara intended to go upstairs, but seeing Rarity on the stairs with her friends, she stopped.

 “Ah. Rarity, your mother is here,” said Bright Mascara.

 Rarity went to her Mother with a smile to hug her. The friends just watched. When Rarity left the hug, the white unicorn said goodbye to her friends and she and her mother left the house.

 “How was the sleepover, daughter?” asked Cookie Crumbles.

 “It was fun, Mother,” answered Rarity.

 Cookie Crumbles needed to tell Rarity something. But she feared that Rarity didn’t like it. “Daughter, there’s something I need to tell you.”

 Rarity looked at Cookie Crumbles. “I’m listening.”

 “Look, you’ll have a little sister,” confessed Cookie Crumbles.

 Rarity stopped walking. She had her mouth open. Would she have a younger sister? A silence occurred.

 Cookie Crumbles noticed the silence and was worried. “Didn’t you like the news?”

 Rarity looked at Cookie Crumbles. “Isn't it. It’s just… I didn’t expect that i’ll have a little sister.”

 “But are you sad about that, Rarity?” asked Cookie Crumbles.

 “No, Mother. I’m happy,” Rarity replied with a smile. “Imagine how many things together she and i would do.”

 Cookie Crumbles was happy and relieved. “That’s good, daughter. I am happy with that. For a moment, I thought you would be sad, upset or angry.”

 “Of course not, Mother,” said Rarity. “But where is she?”

 “She’s here.” Cookie Crumbles pointed at her belly with a hoof.

 “And when will she be born, Mother?” asked Rarity.

 “In the ninth month.”

 “But it will take too long,” said Rarity. “I wanted to see my little sister now.”

 Cookie Crumbles hugged Rarity. “I understand, dear. But, we have to be patient for her to be born healthy.”

 “How do I know when it’s time for my little sister to be born, mother?” asked Rarity.

 “Well, I’ll start to feel some pain,” said Cookie Crumbles. “That will mean my bag has burst.”

 “But what’s her name?”

 “Hondo Flanks and I haven’t thought of the name yet,” said Cookie Crumbles. “Would you like to help choose the name?”

 Rarity smiled. “Of course, Mother.”


 Hondo Flanks watched TV. What he watched was a soccer game. On the table near the couch was popcorn and soda. He didn’t have any flags because he didn’t know where they was, but he was cheering, nonetheless.

 “Go! Go! Go!”

 On TV, the pony player managed to score. Hondo Flanks began to celebrate.

 “Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal!”

 Hondo Flanks heard door slam shut and he look back. Cookie Crumbles and Rarity went to Hondo Flanks.

 Hondo Flanks smiled when he saw Rarity. “So, Rarity? How was the sleepover at your friend’s house?”

 “It was fun, Father.” smiled Rarity.

 “Daughter, has Cookie Crumbles told you the news yet?” asked Hondo Flanks.

 “Yes, Father,” answered Rarity. “She even said that I can help choose the name.”

 “Well daughter, can we sit down?” asked Hondo Flanks.


 Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles sat together on a large couch and Rarity on a small one.

 “Do you two have any idea for the name yet, Father?” asked Rarity.

 “Not yet. That’s why we want your help, daughter,” said Cookie Crumbles. “Do you have any idea of ​​a name?”

 “No. But I’ll try to get a name idea for my little sister,” Rarity replied. “Can I meet my friends to tell them this news?”

 “Of course you can, daughter. But, do you know where your friends are now?” asked Cookie Crumbles.

 “They were at Citrus Blush’s house, Mother,” answered Rarity. “But if they aren’t there anymore, I’ll try to find them.”

 “When you have a name idea let us know.”

 “Sure, Mother.” Rarity went to the door, opened it, and closed it when she was away from home.

 Rarity intended to go to Citrus Blush’s house to see if they were in her home. She wondered how her friends would react to the news.


 Rarity knocked and saw Bright Mascara. “Is my friends still here?”

 “No, Rarity,” replied Bright Mascara.

 “Do you know where they went?”

 “Yes. They went to the park to play.”

 Rarity smiled. “Thank you, dear. Well, I’m going. Thanks for letting me know.”

 “You’re welcome, Rarity.” Bright Mascara closed the door.


 Citrus Blush and Coco Pommel played on the swing while North Point and Cayenne played on the sand. North Point and Cayenne were playing to fill the whole bucket with sand, while Citrus Blush and Coco Pommel swayed in the swing carefully so as not to fall off the swing.

 “Guys, do you all known what will have this week?” asked Citrus Blush.

 Coco Pommel, North Point, and Cayenne looked at Citrus Blush. “Yes. It will have Rarity’s birthday.”

 “So, remember. When the day comes, let’s have a surprise birthday party for Rarity,” said Citrus Blush.

 “But is it at her house or ours?”

 “It will be at Rarity’s house. I already talked to her mom and dad to buy the decorations for the party and the gift. Have you ever bought gifts for Rarity?”

 “Yes, Citrus Blush,” said the other fillies in unison.

 The fillies heard footsteps and saw Rarity running towards them with a smile. “I arrived.”

 “Hi, Rarity. How did you know we were here?” asked Citrus Blush.

 “I went to your house to ask if you and the others were in your home, your mother told me that you and my friends came to the park,” replied Rarity.

 “What would you like to do?” asked Citrus Blush.

 “I’d like to play on the swing, Citrus Blush,” replied Rarity.

 “I’m playing right now. Can you wait?”

 “Yes, Dear. Of course I can wait.”

 Coco Pommel stepped off the swing. “You can play on the swing I was on, Rarity.”

 “As much as I want, I can’t accept it,” said Rarity.

 Coco Pommel was confused. “But why not, Rarity?”

 “Because I don’t want you to stop playing on the swing because of me,” Rarity replied. “That would be very selfish of me.”

 “It won’t be selfishness, Rarity. You can use the balance. I won’t be bothered.”

 “I understand, darling. But I insist. You can keep playing on the swing. I’ll play in the sand.”

 Coco Pommel was sad that Rarity didn’t want to use the swing. But she understood. Rarity was very generous and always thought more of others than herself.

 “Okay, Rarity.” Coco Pommel sat back on the swing to continue playing.

Rarity decided to sit in the sandbox. “Dears, I have good news.”

  The friends stopped what they were doing.

  “What’s the good news, Rarity?” asked North Point.

  “I’m going to have a little sister, North Point,” replied Rarity with a smile.

  A silence occurred.

  “Are you going to get a little sister?” asked Coco Pommel to be sure before smile. “How beautiful. What i’ll be her name?”

  “I don’t know. I have no idea for a name. I would like to all of you to give me name ideas for fillies.”

  “I have a beautiful name idea for your little sister,” said Cayenne.

  “Really? What is it?” asked Rarity, all happy.

  “Sweetie Belle. Sweetie because your sister will possibly be cute, lovely and sweet. And Belle because she will be beautiful.”

  Rarity’s eyes sparkled and she put her front hooves on her cheek. “It’s a beautiful name! I loved it!”

  When night came, Cookie Crumbles and Hondo Flanks were waiting for their daughter until they heard the door open. They looked at the door and saw Rarity.

  “Mother, Father. I’ve already decided what my little sister’s name will be,” said Rarity.

  “Really?” asked Cookie Flanks. “What name did you decide?”

  “Before, I wanted to warn you that the idea was from Cayenne,” said Rarity. “The name that she said was Sweetie Belle.”

  “That’s a beautiful name, daughter!”

  Rarity smiled. “Yes. It’s a beautiful name.”