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I write macrophillia stories.

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Oh, this is going to be good.

I was not expecting the MTG reference at all.

The level of cheesy exposition is just right for the sort of movie this is spoofing.

I like the way this is playing out. The fact that Trixie knows she's in a fictional setting (and one that's tailored to make it even easier for her to be a huge destructive monster-goddess) so she assumes that everyone she sees is an illusion, but she still figures that absorbing them and making them a part of her is better than thoughtless smashing, and not just because they add to her size in the process. It gives her the sort of 'playful bad girl, but not EVIL' personality that I love in a giantess.

The original work was done by avante92. It was edited to be SFW by Knarfdarf

So, the action movie styled story beats are fine, and all, but they keep killing my arousal. Let's hope Trixie really gets going later.

Well, after Trixie laid it out, I felt a little silly about my comment on the last chapter. :twilightblush:

That said, as far as megalomaniacal power fantasies go, I've still seen much worse.

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Comment posted by Americananomaly deleted Apr 10th, 2020

Damn, am I lucky I stumbled upon this story. I don't know how you did it, but this was an absolutely fantastic read! Great work! <3

a macro story that doesn't just undo everything at the end, a rarity alongside a happy ending

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