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Macro Zecora

I write macrophillia stories.

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Can you make a kaiju version of this story please?!

Incredible work, one of the best macro stories I've ready in a while. Keep up the fantastic work!

Really nice story.
But whats stopping them from getting arrested for this?

This is one of those times where I don't know if I just discovered a fetish I didn't know I had, or if the story was just so hot that it doesn't matter.
Either way good job, I'd definitely read a sequel if one ever came to be.

Not much vore in it

After 5 orgasms I was finally able to finish this story LOL

This is the perfect macro story for me! Destruction, city, macros don't care about tinies at all, buildings crushed and knocked down, massive collateral damages during the fight... All things macro fic should have are in this fic. Glad you focused on destruction, not other things like vore and too many kinky things. Much thanks to you for writing this.

I don't read anthro stories and I happened to read this by mistake, and all I have to say is that it was pretty good.

Plot convenience, fam.

Still. I love stories like this one. Stories that focus less on gore (which isn't sexy) and more about unstoppable power and magic (which is).

Inspiration, away! :trollestia:

No it had a good deal mostly glossed over some near CV lots of insertion glowed over soft vore and a prominent AV at the fair. Not best vore I have read but it was there.

Enjoyed this very much! Wish we could of saw that hot Fivesome the girls had towards the end off-screen.

rubbing her thumb around the aoerila

Around the what?

It was meant to say Areola and I butchered the spelling.

Doesn't Apple Bloom's cousin live in Manehatten?

Babs. She sure does.

“No one cares! She then rolled over on top of Scootaloo trying to gain the upper hand, destroying thousands of shops and homes as they rolled through the busy city. The massive mares continued to roll until they crashed against the side of a large apartment building, which would have come up to about their waists were they standing at full size. The ponies inside had a fantastic view of the giant mares fighting. They were really going at each other too. One couldn’t be blamed for thinking they were having rough sex instead of trying to kill each other, given how much they were pulling at each other’s boobs.

Is that supposed to look like a monologue?

why don’t you let me show you what a real mare can do!”

How could she refuse.

Is that not a question?

I see I missed a few things. Thanks for pointing them out.

Not bad, but I would have appreciated more fucking with Futaloo. Though that's purely just my tastes.

I would love some sequels to this.

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