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Altered Perspectives: The Long Way Back - CapNTilfy

The Friendship Games have ended, and the students and faculty of Crystal Prep must adjust to the fact that magic does indeed exist...

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Epilogue: Journey's End

Lemon stood still as she tried to absorb the implications of what just happened.


She had just met Rarity!

"Hello? Lemon?"

Lemon didn't know the first thing about her!

"Lemon Zest!"

Lemon blinked, then turned to Sour.

"You spaced out on me there," Sour said with a concerned look. "What was that sudden 'what the fuck' for?"

Lemon looked away for a moment. Maybe she was just overthinking it. Coincidences happen, after all. And yet...

"Lemon," Sour said in a singsong tone. "Snap out of it, dammit!"

Lemon rapidly shook her head, then sighed.

"Are you okay?"

Lemon made a sputtering noise. "I've got a lot going through my head right now."

Sour stood up and put a hand on Lemon's shoulder. "We all do, Lemon... we all do."

Lemon nodded. "Yeah... let's get the hell outta here."

Sour snorted. "Took the words right out of my mouth."

Sour and Lemon exited the bus.

Sunny stood up and walked towards the bus's exit. Life was full of trials and tribulations, and there was no doubt in her mind that there would be more pain for her to come. She would meet it head on, just as she had over the past week. Mere inches away from the door, she recalled her parents' words...

"Now you listen here, Sunny Flare," he father said. "Your future is as bright as your name. In fact, that's why we gave you that name."

"It's true," her mother said. "When you were born, we settled on your name because we hoped for your life and future to be a bright, shining light. So bright that it could only be described as a Sunny Flare."

"So if you ever have any doubt about your future, just remember this: your future is, has been, and will always be bright. Don't ever doubt it." he father smiled.

A tear fell down Sunny's cheek. Yes. Her future was bright. It was in her hands, and she wasn't going to waste it anymore. With a smile, she stepped out of the bus.

Sunburst heaved a sigh. He never did like it when the future was clouded with uncertainty. Especially after all that had happened back at Canterlot High. His head was practically throbbing, and he wanted to forget all that he had seen... even though he knew in his heart of hearts that wasn't going to happen.

Sunburst made a mental note to set an appointment with one the counselors at Crystal Prep. It wouldn't surprise him if they were all booked up after the day's madness, however.

With a slow shake of his head, Sunburst left the bus.

Fleur De Verre and Indigo stood up.

"N... Not. Not. O-One hundred. Hundred percent y-yet. Yet," Indigo said slowly.

"Understandable," De Verre said with a warm smile. "At least you got some time to recover."

Indigo nodded, making a throaty noise. "Home. Parents. Crash."

De Verre snorted. "That sounds like a good idea to me."

Indigo smiled, and they both walked off the bus.

Neon and Sugarcoat sighed together.

"I don't know about you, hot stuff, but I am more than ready to hit the hay," Sugarcoat said with half-lidded eyes.

Neon grinned. "Before or after we fuck like we almost died?"

"We did almost die."

Neon barked a laugh and took Sugarcoat by the hand as they both stood up together. "Never change, hon. Never change."

"Not planning on it," Sugarcoat said with a smile as she slowly shook her head.

Neon and Sugarcoat pecked each other on the lips, then left the bus.

Royal Pin sat still for a moment as he listened to the bus's engine. It stopped, snapping him out of his reverie. Reluctantly, he stood up. He was exhausted from the day's events. Once he got home, he would forego his usual talk about his day with his mother and father and simply crawl into bed. Planning for his LGBTQ group would have to wait. His mental health was more important, after all.

As Royal reached the bus's door, he came to the realization that he hadn't checked to see how Neon and Miss Sugarcoat were faring. He would have to rectify that matter first, then be on his way home.

Royal left the bus.

Cadance heaved a sigh. She had a lot on her plate, and it felt like she didn't have enough time to sort everything out. She would have to be more time-efficient in the coming days. She expected phone calls, demands for explanations, reports from Sugarcoat and Neon...

Cadance put a hand to her forehead. It was going to be rough, but she would do anything for the students and staff at Crystal Prep. She owed it to them.

Cadance stood up and cracked her neck. Whatever they were going to do about the magic would have to be done soon. This was an opportunity too good to pass up!

Cadance exited the bus.

Abacus's face returned to neutral expression. It would not do if the students suspected she was up to something. Not that there would be anything they could do about it if they knew, but she decided it was better to err on the side of caution in this case.

Abacus thought back to her father's heyday. All of the people he had in his employ. She wondered if any of his more knowledgeable... 'contacts' were still alive. She would have to find his old book and do some digging around.

Oh, there was much for Abacus to do. Rewards for her to reap. She got the feeling that everything would work out in her favor... as it should be.

Abacus left the bus, and she smiled.

The Friendship Games had ended, and with them brought change. Unbeknownst to all involved, however, it had set in motion a chain of events that would alter more than just their perspectives on life.

Nothing would ever be the same for Crystal Prep Academy, and few would be prepared to deal with what followed.

End of Book One of Altered Perspectives

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Well then... good to see just where everyone's head is at the moment.

Now to see just how the pieces get into motion....

There's an ominous note to end on...

Lovely tour of Crystal Prep's thoughts after their world got turned upside down. Thank you for it.

Ooooh, that was a tantalizing To Be Continued. And seeing that 'book one' made me squee with glee, because especially since the Cinch chapter I'd been thinking that I would love to see the plot idea of Cinch trying to get to Equestria explored.

I always put "Book X of Y" in the main description, so you'll know ahead of time whether or not there'll be a continuation. :twilightsmile:

Also, if you haven't already, I'd recommend reading the first part of the Crystal Prep Chronicles, which is Before the Friendship Games. It may shine some light on any confusion or unanswered questions you may have had while reading this.

[Adult story embed hidden]

Fair warning: since those are earlier works, the pacing is a bit fast and there's a couple of over the top moments.

I hope you enjoy!

Not really, but either way, this stuff is good. Really does follow my view of the Crystal Prep Students in general, which is like they’re good kids and Cinch just, by association and influence, makes them evil.

I'd recommend you read them, I wouldn't want you to get confused later on down the line. :twilightsmile:

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