• Published 14th Dec 2019
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Altered Perspectives: The Long Way Back - CapNTilfy

The Friendship Games have ended, and the students and faculty of Crystal Prep must adjust to the fact that magic does indeed exist...

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Sunburst sat down and sighed heavily. All his life he wanted magic to be a real and tangible thing. He should be happy!

Instead of happy, Sunburst was... well, he was a mixture of emotions. He was afraid because he could have died. Disillusioned because of the pure destruction it wrought and the danger it posed to others. Worried because of the further harm it could cause. That Twilight girl had transformed into something horrific!

Sunburst looked at his cape and nearly scoffed. If it hadn't been such a large part of his life, he would have thrown it off to the side and left it there!

Sunburst thought of when that other girl unleashed her magic. She transformed into a thing of sheer beauty! Those words she had spoken before she threw that device down... what were they again?

Honesty. Kindness. Laughter. Loyalty. Generosity.

Sunburst cupped his chin in thought. It sure didn't sound like a spell being cast.

"The magic of Friendship!"

Sunburst snorted. Friendship as magic would have been a ludicrous idea if he hadn't seen it for himself! It still sounded farfetched, but the evidence was right before his very eyes.

His heart skipped a beat as he remembered standing by and watching Sunny Flare and her fellow Shadowbolts save the Canterlot High students.

Sunburst blinked, then shook his head rapidly. It would take some for him to heal from Sunny's rejection, but at least she seemed to be trying to turn herself around.

Sunburst shuddered as he remembered all of the portals Twilight had created. He still couldn't believe there was an alternate world out there! Did that mean that there were other worlds out there besides the one inhabited by colorful equines?

How many realities were really out there?

Sunburst put a hand to his forehead and sighed heavily. He was going to get a headache if he kept going on and on about all this!

Sunburst stared out the window and wondered what his parents would think.

"And how is this 'magic' going to help your future? What do you plan to do with this knowledge?"

Sunburst grit his teeth. His mother could be so infuriating sometimes!

"Son, you've been wearing that cape for too damn long! Maybe you should get some fresh air."

Sunburst made a sputtering noise. Neither of his parents would believe him, so why should he bother telling them?

Then again, it might be all over the news if word of this got out. Did anyone record the phenomena?

No. Everyone would have been too shocked to do so. It was just as well if that turned out to be the case. The last thing both schools needed was some sort of shadowy secret agency investigating the incident!

Sunburst rolled his eyes. He really had an overactive imagination. This magic business didn't help one bit! He took a deep breath, then sighed.

Sunburst imagined Sunny as that angelic creature from before. How much more beautiful she would look...

No. He had to get over Sunny. True, it hadn't been all that long, but the comfort of the feelings Sunburst still had for her felt just right to hold on to.

Should he keep these feelings? Probably not. Sunburst knew holding on like this was unhealthy. But he just couldn't help himself!

Sunburst felt frustration begin to build. Talking to Sunny might help, but it also might make things worse! There was no way he was going to talk to his parents about this, either!

Sunburst nearly banged his head on the window. If only he could turn his brain off for one damned second so he could have peace of mind!

Ugh, it was just one thing after another this week, and Sunburst didn't know how much more he could possibly take!

Maybe he should just take a sick day to take a mental breather. No, his mother probably wouldn't have any of that!

"How would skipping out on school affect your future?"

Sunburst groaned. How many times had his mom given him the "think of your future" or the "you need a plan" speeches?

Way too damn many times for Sunburst's tastes, that's how many! And he would likely hear it again and again until he moved out...

Sunburst's shoulders sagged. This was ridiculous! Just yesterday everything was fine, but now all hell had broken loose! The very foundations of Sunburst's knowledge- no. Everyone's knowledge has been shattered, and the pieces would take a considerable amount of time to pick up!

Sunburst took a deep breath. He needed to calm down. Maybe take some melatonin when he got home. Lie down, go to bed early.

Sunburst ran a hand through his hair. When was the last time he drank tea? That might help calm him down a bit. Seriously, he couldn't remember the last time he was this stressed!

Sunburst sighed as the bus neared Crystal Prep. He imagined laying on a couch, in Sunny Flare's arms. She smiled warmly as she caressed his cheek, then took a hold of his head. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth...

"Dammit," Sunburst muttered under his breath. It was proving to be very hard, letting go of his crush. He had never felt so desperate before. So needy.

What if Sunburst just asked Sunny out again? Maybe she was experiencing a change of sorts, just like he had?

Sunburst shook his head. No. She already said she wasn't interested. If she did change her mind, though, she would have to tell him.

Sunburst's head began to hurt. Maybe once he had some time to himself, his mind would clear up. Maybe.

The bus reached Crystal Prep, and Sunburst couldn't help but worry what the future had in store for him.