• Published 14th Dec 2019
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Altered Perspectives: The Long Way Back - CapNTilfy

The Friendship Games have ended, and the students and faculty of Crystal Prep must adjust to the fact that magic does indeed exist...

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Sugarcoat kept an iron grip on Neon as they reached their seats and sat down.

"How are you holding up, Sugar?"

Sugarcoat heaved a long sigh. "I've been better. What about you?"

"Same, Sugar... same."

Sugarcoat placed a hand on Neon's thigh and caressed it. "Neon. Baby," she said softly. "It's okay if you have to cry."

Neon's eyes widened slightly.

"You comforted me." She leaned into Neon and pecked his cheek, then leaned into him and whispered in his ear as she took him by the hand and laced her fingers with his. "So let me comfort you."

Tears welled up in Neon's eyes. "Sugar... I-I..."

Sugarcoat took her free hand and ran it through Neon's hair. She smiled warmly, and Neon slowly broke down.

Sugarcoat sighed. She needed Neon to break in front of her. She needed someone to support. To distract her from the surreal madness that all had witnessed.

Sugarcoat was still in shock over the fact that magic was real! Cadance was right!

What did this mean for S.M.I.L.E. moving forward? How was this going to oust Cinch from office? Are they going to try to harness the magic or something?

Sugarcoat didn't like having all of these questions, but she would have to address them later. For now, she took solace in comforting Neon.

Sugarcoat smiled, even though Neon's crying was heartbreaking. It felt great to feel needed.

Neon shuddered and sighed.

"Feel better, hot stuff," Sugarcoat asked softly as she ran a hand through his hair.

Neon wiped a tear from his eye. "About as good as I can, considering." He rested his head on Sugarcoat's shoulder and laced his fingers with hers.

"Yeah, this whole situation is fucked up beyond belief."

"That's putting it mildly, Sugar."

"I wonder how 'everyone else' is going to take this," Sugarcoat said as she gave Neon a meaningful look.

Neon shrugged. "I'm just glad everyone got out unharmed." He leaned into Sugarcoat. "Their minds will probably be just as blown as ours," he whispered.

Sugarcoat nodded. "Wouldn't surprise me," she whispered back.

Neon quickly pecked Sugarcoat on the neck, then sat upright. Sugarcoat giggled, then sighed and closed her eyes as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I love you," Sugarcoat said softly as she ran her thumb up and down the back of Neon's hand.

Neon nuzzled his head against Sugarcoat's. "I love you too, baby."

Sugarcoat's heartbeat all but skyrocketed. It seemed surreal that she not only found someone who could get her off good consistently, but someone who genuinely loved her for who she was... not just her body or libido. And in the span of just over a week, no less!

Sugarcoat would've called bullshit if it hadn't happened to her. She didn't believe in anything she hadn't seen or experienced for herself. She had seen it, but she didn't know if she'd ever get used to the fact that magic was fucking real!

It was a lot to process, especially since it threw all logic out of the window. Friendship being magic, a parallel reality...

Ugh, Sugarcoat felt a headache coming on. It was all too much to take in for her. She just wanted to go home, fuck Neon and...

Sugarcoat grinned, then leaned into Neon. "When we get home, we are going straight upstairs to fuck each other's brains out." She grabbed him by the head and kissed him passionately, furiously swirling her tongue in his mouth.

Upon breaking the kiss, Neon chuckled. "Good to have you back, Sugar... good to have you back."

"With a goddamn horny vengeance," Sugarcoat whispered seductively into Neon's ear, then slowly licked his neck. "That was just for starters." She turned to the seat across to her to see two shocked students, then rolled her eyes. "Don't give me those looks, we all know you're going to masturbate over this."

The two students slowly looked back at each other, then shrugged and went about their business.

Sugarcoat turned back around to face Neon and smiled.

"What was it like?"

Sugarcoat raised an eyebrow. "What was what like?"

"That one moment where you and the girls looked at each other. When you all banded together for something other than competition."

Sugarcoat thought for a moment. "It was a sudden, spur of the moment decision. Besides, I don't think any of us would've been able to live with ourselves if we just left them all to die."

"Completely understandable. I doubt anybody in their right mind would want to live with blood on their hands."

"Holy fucking shit!!"

Neon and Sugarcoat jumped, then peeked to see the source of the noise. Sugarcoat rolled her eyes. "I'd expect Indigo to make a random outburst, not Lemon."

"We're all dealing with this shit in different ways, hon."

"Yeah. I know..."

"At least you seem to be doing better now."

"As best I can, hot stuff. As best I can."

Neon leaned into Sugarcoat. "So do we file a report to Dean Cadance or what?"

Sugarcoat snorted. "She saw it all happen herself, there's no need."

"Yeah," Neon said as he rested his head against Sugarcoat's and closed his eyes. "I guess you're right."

"Don't get too comfortable, babe. I think we're almost there."

"Too late, Sugar," Neon said dreamily. "I'm already comfortable."

Sugarcoat smiled warmly and ran a hand through Neon's hair.

"Now I don't want to get up."

"You're going to have to, whether you like it or not."

"I don't. Just five more minutes. Pretty as you are please?"

Sugarcoat snorted. "You'll have more than enough time for that when we get home and you know it, you smooth talker," she said, booping Neon on the nose.

"Aww, now why did you have to go and press the magic button," Neon asked playfully.

"Because I want you to press my buttons all night tonight," Sugarcoat said alluringly.

Neon barked a laugh. "Looks like I'm not the only smooth talker around here."

"Of course not," Sugarcoat said with a grin. "If I wasn't, we wouldn't be fucking."

"Fair point."

The bus slowly stopped in front of Crystal Prep.